How To Play Soccer With Confidence Every Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

How To Play Soccer With Confidence Every Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

teach you how to play soccer with
confidence and soccer training now I hits hundreds of messages every single day players are
always coming to me with their problems and there’s tons of different problems
but one problem that always comes up is the problem of not being able to play
with compounds maybe you claim well with your friends in the park where you play
well in practice when it does really mattered but in a real game in a
high-pressure situation you’re free coffee as you go play the way you know
you can play and this is a big frustration for many players you may
have experiences yourself and even if you have it I guarantee you there will
be some very high pressure situation may be a big trial may be a big tournament
final match became pressure when everyone is watching you and you don’t
play the way you want to be frustrated with yourself I want to help you solve
that problem today now I have come to a realization than most players play with
it year of a linear and what I mean by that
is when they go up there propylene with excitement of the
possibility of winning instead they’re playing with the fear of failing the
fear of embarrassment so instead of focusing on all this great opportunity
we can win this championship final and I could be the game-winner instead their
mindset is all this is a high pressure situation the championship final I could
lose this for my team if I don’t play problem missile what I want you to do is
first of all to yourself when you are making statements of failure or you’re
in that year of failure and say what you want to do is change that to my
excitement of achievement so instead of failure you want to play with excitement
of achievement for example even still this happens to me give you an example I
played against my old team and those thoughts keep creeping in your mind what
if I play poorly what if I embarrass myself in front of these players they’re
not going to think that I was worth it the Regal added author team ok there’s
pressure other coach watching me folks here having bad touches fear screwing up
fear of losing the game ok so instead of focusing on this great
opportunity I could be all team scored against my old team I can help my new
team win this team and i cant help my team get to a higher place in the league
instead of focusing on all these things you could say that is to accomplish
those things that tendency is to focus on your failure everything that could
possibly go wrong when you think about whenever you’re getting nervous have a big gamer tried playing with new
players instead of fear of failure clients said you want to have an
excitement of accomplishments was thinking about everything that could
possibly go wrong plain bad you need to think about how
great it’s gonna feel when you do everything right when you play well in
that game when you score that pulled you make that tackle when you win all your
individual battles when you’re the best player on the field when you have a
great game that emotion how great asked if you didn’t go onto the field with
that mindset that energy ok I’m not afraid of failing I’m excited of the
possible cause I can gain in this moment okay so think about that idea the next
time you get nervous the next game you have next time you’re out there failure vs excite of accomplishments have been afraid of
everything that could possibly go wrong he cited about what you accomplished in
today’s video helped you out information help you please like it takes a quick
second just do that right now please post your comment below if you found
this helpful if you have any questions on this topic and let me help you and
please share this video with your teammates with your friends you want to
help them get over this lack of confidence playing with a fear of
failure and get that on the right track thanks for watching how to play soccer with confidence rom progressive soccer training

Antonio Breitenberg

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75 thoughts on “How To Play Soccer With Confidence Every Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

  1. Jian Longgg says:

    You are an inspiration man!

  2. Ujwal sharma says:

    quicker body movement…… videos plz…

  3. amit sarwade says:

    when I go for big trials I get less confident by watching big and good players out there .please help me out

  4. Michael Nyarko says:

    Thanks this actually helprd

  5. Abeeb Nadeem says:


  6. Josh Nevin says:

    I have been having this problem for a few matches and this really helped me to gain confidence in my own abilities

  7. alaina hannon says:

    i watch this viodes everyday before a game or practice

  8. Some Dude says:

    just today at my training session we had a match and I was at right wing the match begin I was doing everything just right like opening tackling but the only thing I was afraid of was the losing the ball infron of my teammates so during the match my teammate pass me the ball
    I wanted to dribble and pass infront but my control was so bad that the ball flew away from my leg so I wanted to get i back so I don't lose it but the defender was sliding towards the ball so I had to so I can pass infront but I made a brutal foul and got send off and the my coach said "who asked you to play?! huh!!"
    I felt so bad but I knew I had to learn my mistake.
    anyways thx bro for the tips I hope it helps me

  9. The legend 27 says:

    Thx this was helpful

  10. Hamada Al-Doori says:

    Thank you so much You are my role model!

  11. Tristxn says:

    I always get confidence before the game, but when I get on the pitch I just dunno what to do…

  12. Spongebob Squarepants says:

    Heres my problem, i cant play even in practice, i freeze idk i get the ball i get nervous and cant move

  13. James Ti says:

    This helped me so much I scored the winning goal in the cup final thanks 😄

  14. liam smith says:

    Great vid! I am playing with seniors for the first time today and this really helped!😃

  15. Leilani Pasillas says:

    This was so helpful, thank you very much!!

  16. A K says:

    I always think like, what if I call for a ball so my team passes it to me, and I mess it up?
    I fear of messing up the game, because I know in fact that other players are professional but I am just a new player. Often times I felt like they will do good, or better without me. I love soccer but my lack of confidence blocks me.

  17. Summa Dayze says:

    Thank you bro, very helpful and motivational. Watching this before my game tomorrow.

  18. YM says:

    but the risk of getting kicked of the team gets 2 me

  19. Joseph Porter says:

    This is gonna help because I'm afraid to mess up because a specific player makes me feel bad when I do

  20. Cpach27 says:

    This is something im working on. When it comes down to an actual game. Not a pick up game. If the other team scores first. I start having a fear of letting the team down. My shots get kinda sloppy so I end up passing the ball away.

  21. Mobile Master79 says:

    thx so much man.

  22. Rnadom Usrer23232323 says:

    Thank you

  23. deep wagh says:

    M still nervous

  24. Ahmad Kotob says:

    Thank u for changing my life

  25. Ricardo Dueck says:

    Thank you very much this helped me a lot

  26. Treasure Kamwi says:

    Thank you 🙏🏾 it's really helpful

  27. mrdessy _ says:

    Thank you

  28. Julian B says:

    Lol, I am nervous even in training.

  29. Dorji Gyeltshen says:

    lots of things that helped me

  30. Dean says:

    How much can a person really talk? Just bring the ball to the park and let it speaks for itself.

  31. Expire says:

    Thank you so much

  32. Destiny Atutie says:

    what of when the fans are booing you

  33. Master of Hacking says:

    im your big fan
    that you made me a real strong soccer player

  34. Jahazz Neuhaus says:

    If I'm a football player than I will mention you in an interview

  35. Jahazz Neuhaus says:


  36. JLC says:

    I play well for my team, but not as good for my school team. Partly because the style of play is often different and also cos there's this one idiot who always shouts at me whenever I make a mistake, which makes me unsure whenever I get the ball.

  37. Harry Kramer says:

    youve changed my life no joke

  38. Daire O'Sullivan says:

    Thank you you really helped me

  39. Daire O'Sullivan says:

    Not being sarcastic

  40. Saeed Mohamed says:

    thanks soo much this video made me soo inspired and am gonna try this ,cause confidence during a game is a real problem to me

  41. Mum Zinho says:

    Thanks this was the right video for me

  42. nthir4 says:

    After watching this, I bought the Match Winner Program. The Program to me is actually neat and helpful because it improves many aspects of the game. Just make sure you get the Match Winner program when it is cheap. I got mine on Black Friday, and i'm loving it so far! Thanks

  43. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    When erry one watching good they want me to win or loose, may be I am watching hable so they will be watching, that's a winning boost already😂😚

  44. Random Footballer says:

    Great video I play for Crystal Palace academy and sometimes the pressure gets to me but maybe if I think of it this way it’ll help me perform better on the pitch

  45. oneil Pope says:

    In short play with overconfidence

  46. Jason W says:

    Thanks Dylan, this video really just instantly boosted my confidence level by a lot.

  47. Rohit Tripathi says:

    Thanks alot coach……you really inspired me, I had a match yesterday and that's exactly how I felt, I was not me during the match instead I was afraid, afraid of losing to new people, I dropped my morale way before the match, thats where I lost the match before it even started, I was sad from the time match ended, but yes after watching this till my next game I will focus on what good I can do rather than thinking about failure I will think of winning, I'll remember and concentrate more on my technique rather than thinking of whom I am playing against and I'll go on that pitch with a positive mindset….thanks alot again coach…👍👍👍

  48. Mohammad Kashif says:


  49. Nicholas Toriello says:

    Thank you

  50. Titanium X says:

    Thank u honestly

  51. Nea Prado says:

    The positivity ! I love it. Definitely helped and definitely will be keepin those words in every game. Thankyou:)

  52. Nea Prado says:

    Im late but wht A great video

  53. black_GaMeR 11 says:

    This helps me so much to play better and go on to the field with confidence and no pressure

  54. Brian Hernandez says:

    One time I was facing my old team and it was the last game and if we won, we would win the league. I play goalkeeper and my old team never saw me as a keeper. Long story short at the second half and it was tied 1-1, they shoot the ball from half field lightly and it rolls in between my legs and we lose. That day my whole team was pissed at me and from that day, my confidence was shattered into pieces. It still haunts me today. 😖😭

  55. gaston Kdd says:

    Immediately i get to the field i feel to much pressure that make me to loose the game.

  56. nallathai latha says:

    Anyone know what is Eprosoke Training Program about? I hear many individuals improve their soccer skills with it with this popular training program.

  57. Vincent Errico says:

    Very true.

  58. AyeshaRahmath Khan says:

    hi in playing football how to avoid falling down from defender

  59. Kaif Surka says:

    like a couple of days ago i had a tournament and i didnt have a good pass at all and lost the ball every single time. My coach said i should rethink the sport and i see my teammates there always able to do a move and keep the ball and make a good pass and then i get it and i cant do anything with it and i feel like a let down. I just dont know how to change the mind set to ok take this player on you can get around him and then make a pass.

  60. Andrea Laval says:

    Thank man,nice video

  61. Alexis Martínez says:

    Just joined a team. I'm 15 and my parents will be there. They haven't watched me play and I dont want to just stand there and look at the ball. Wish me luck first game is on Monday.

  62. Haji Fatima says:

    This is my biggest problem i play very great with my friends but I can't play in training with my club I frastrat but I can do this

  63. Haji Fatima says:

    Thank you

  64. solomon omoh says:

    thanks buddy

  65. Lucy Brooks says:

    Thank you so much this has helped me so much and now I am going into games excited to win

  66. FIFA Monster says:

    Thx bro

  67. Unraveling World says:

    Guys I kinda need help. As a young goalkeeper whenever I make a mistake the whole team would kick me out and curse at me, since then my performance has dropped significantly. How do they overcomes that

  68. Umar Khan says:

    Having low confidence is like playing with weights on your ankle.

  69. Abdurrahman Abdull-adheem says:

    great video have the exact same problem i play fine on my own but in a game my father is always pressuring me i get doubts i let him and the team down

  70. MinecraftBOI23 says:

    Thank you so much! Oh my gosh. Thanks. Now I am confident.

  71. Siddarth Sports says:

    It's very helpful for me bro ,why u r not making more video like this????

  72. Pranay Kotwal says:

    Yo I need help man. I can pass really good and do everything good, but I don’t have confidence. Plz help me

  73. user1313131 says:

    My last two games, in-game fear of failure began to become more of an obvious problem because I would get myself worked up, sub myself out for not being able to stop a difficult shot, shake my head at the thought of my performance. I said during a game "I hate this game. I suck". I realized later that I never used to say that stuff, out loud at least, or truly allowed myself to believe it. It was a startling and dissapointing realization. I dont want to quit. I dont suck. Its time to get head back in the game. Thanks for the perfect advice.

  74. emmanuel omonua says:

    thanks dude

  75. CapyKing says:

    I play well but nobody cares about me and no one ever says “ Well played”😪😪😪

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