How to Play Soccer : Trapping Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

How to Play Soccer : Trapping Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

Control is very important in soccer so we
want to talk about trapping the ball. Two kinds of traps. There is trapping the ball
on the ground, receiving the ball on the ground and from in the air. I am going to have Katy
pass me the ball and I am going to demonstrate a correct trap on the ground. Okay. A little
pass receive the ball here. Always as the ball is coming to you it is almost like cushioning
the ball. One more time. Cushion the ball just like that. If you don’t trap the ball
correctly and you come in with the ball you are going to have bad control. Just watch
this. You don’t want the ball there you want it moving in with your body, always close
to you. One more time. See the ball is bouncing in my feet, I don’t want that. I want a
nice smooth pass to be received like this. The same technique applies when you are trapping
the ball from the air. You want to give in to the ball a little bit so it is as close
to you as possible. Let’s take a look at this. One more time. I am taking the ball
down and here it is at my feet. I just come down with the ball nice and easy.

Antonio Breitenberg

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43 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Trapping Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

  1. Andres S says:

    No offense to people who learned anything from this but..seriously why is there a vid on this idiot trapping a ball…trapping a ball should come absolutely natural …if not with practice

  2. lpbl2004 says:

    Thats just a low blow

  3. ricky887 says:


  4. killthepixelnow says:

    Yeah, do you think brazilian guy are taught to ¨pass¨or to ¨catch the ball¨ It's a natural gift, you cannot teach that.

  5. bpfarmer says:

    you mean you didnt already know how to do this?

  6. bpfarmer says:

    if he had "air-trapped" it like that in a game he would have gotten embarrassed.

  7. Dario B. says:

    u learn soccer basic by playin with the ball alone or with children of brazil, argentina, italy, spain..u dont need a teacher

  8. Ivo Batista says:

    i have probs trapping but this didn't teach me nothing new =/

  9. Narcoze says:

    Boner!! lol

  10. StreetPhoto TV says:

    sorte que eu sou brasileiro!!!!
    que futebol ruim esse aí hein!!! huehuehuehu

  11. ArGeNTiiNoNY says:

    damn he sucks

  12. papafriti says:

    he plays worse than my little cousin

  13. Rodolfo Ramon says:

    this is good for sucky people like you

  14. Rodolfo Ramon says:

    oh i would love to

  15. Jonathan Lunt says:

    rofl he should rename his "trapping on the ground" to turning with the ball or some shit. This guy blows.

  16. 10papa10 says:

    this shit don't work when theres 3 defenders on ur ass u jus gotta do wot possibole at tha time (dude get the lass to kick tha fucking a bit fucking HARDER!!!!!)

  17. Narcoze says:

    hes hard
    he probably boned that girl

  18. Narcoze says:

    sick perv

  19. Random Stuff says:

    Instead of making ambiguous and unhelpful comments, why don't you post a better video, or at least be more specific with your criticism. Share your knowledge, instead of hating on others.

  20. 爱豆 says:

    thats why ac milan sux donkey ass.

  21. Hayden Childress says:

    wow, you must suck majorly to have learned from this video…

  22. Harry Beason says:

    why are americans playing football :|?

  23. 911mapper says:

    ha ha too funny. Good one.

  24. viceanterra4 says:

    any could play football man doest matter wat u r wat r u racist or something???

  25. sumthin5 says:

    you cant learn football by watchin videos,you gotta play games and practice a loootttttt

  26. Idrissa Bangura says:

    so y were u whaching the video sumthin5

  27. loversassy1 says:


  28. Josh Bolton says:

    Premier League is regarded a the most 'physical' really so… no?

  29. Alexis Martinez says:

    my ass manchester was beat by barselona. and portugal gay anyways


  30. jorge fierro says:


  31. Shabalaba Dingdong says:

    I'm just curious. You act/seem like you know exactly what you're doing and you're an expert. However, there are many people who have put videos up like this. Why not show the more advanced people things, such as, where to kick the ball if u want it to sink in the air? Or curve? how to get more power behind ur kicks?

  32. kieranmitchell6 says:

    I have a question, trapping a ball from that distance is easy and should be for most if not all people.

    I was looking for videos to show how to trap the ball from a long pass (e.g. when the ball is travelling harder and faster)

  33. Alec T says:

    the trap from the air he's doing doesnt work in a game realistic situation…

  34. kieranmitchell6 says:

    @vulamho thanks dude 🙂

  35. Hamp says:

    Georgia tech sucks

  36. Hamp says:

    Try outs for my school are next week pretty nervous 😀

  37. dawatcher88 says:

    Iv'e seen how Fabregas and Xavi trap the ball so effectively with their first touch and that helps them get a good pass away in high pressure situations. This maybe simple but it's a really effective skill.

  38. grimleemer says:

    now let's see him trap a goal kick

  39. BarbershopHero says:

    "Almost like cushioning the ball…" Uhhhh It's exactly like cushioning the ball.

  40. usikage says:

    Does anyone else think the instructor looks like Dexter?

  41. ilyaonthefly says:

    Thumbs up if Soccer is your Favorite sport lol! 😉

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