How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Warm-Up Touch Drills

How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Warm-Up Touch Drills

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to show
you how to warm up using touch drills. In soccer, it’s very important for you to warm
up with and without the ball. By warming up without the ball allows you to get your muscles
warm enough and be able to stretch. By warming up with the ball really gets you a feel for
the ball and gets you ready to play. Some little touch drills that you can do to warm
up are extremely simple. One touch drill that you can do to warm up is just boxes on the
ball. Boxes on the ball are done by having the ball in between your feet and touching
the ball back and forth. This really allows for you to get your legs warm and for you
to get a feel for the ball. Another touch drill that you can do to warm up for soccer
is touches on top of the ball. Touches on top of the ball are done by just jogging in
place, touching the top of the ball with the soles of your feet. This is another way to
really get your legs warm for a soccer game. Another touch drill to do before a soccer
game is just simple dribbling. By dribbling around in a large area or even in a small
area really allows you to get a feel for the ball. And those are just some touch drills
to do when you warm up for soccer.

Antonio Breitenberg

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10 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Soccer: Warm-Up Touch Drills

  1. P2Fire says:

    he barely remembers his lines

  2. Jacob Harpst says:

    Actually the British invented the word Soccer around 1880 as a short version of Association Football. The word started out as Socca' but later when it came to America it was called Soccer because another type of football (rugby football) was more popular with colleges.

    Not trying to offend you, but I just don't like it when people call me an idiot along with all other Americans before they do a little research.

  3. Jacob Harpst says:

    No it isn't… but good try I guess.

  4. Martin BCforLife says:

    this guy needs to learn how to speak before he can teach anybody anything

  5. chipa chips says:

    i bench your a bench warmer! bitch!

  6. avcone says:

    hey i got a question more like i need some advice…I play soccer for my college..i practice my touches and ball control on a wall by myself my touches and ball control are clean when i am by myself but when i get out there on the soccer field everything just falls apart..idk somebody send me some advice so i can improve my game…THANKS

  7. avcone says:

    @Visi0nsRDeadly oh yea most definitely helpful almost encouraging as well…think i'm goin to paste this is wrd so i can read it when my confidence is low …thanks my friend..

  8. Adonut16 says:

    nice…and forget those idiots they dont know what they are talking about….thank you for the warm ups man nice job

  9. zepar blitzz says:

    Thanks for the tips man very helpful I do this every time before a big game.

  10. 4b says:

    If you play football and you don't know these warm-ups, then no disrespect, but you should have learned this when you were 5 IF you started early.

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