How to Play Soccer : Passing Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

How to Play Soccer : Passing Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

Okay next let’s talk about passing. That
is the fundamental part of the game. It is what you are going to be working on most.
There are two types of passing, short passing and long passing. Let’s first talk about
short passing. What you are going to want to do is get over the ball just over the ball
head to where you are going to pass the ball. You don’t want to be looking down; you want
to be looking where you are going to pass. Okay, your left foot or right foot planted
next to the ball and then move through real easy like that. The second type of pass is
a long pass for this type of pass you want to get a little loft on the ball get it in
the air so you are going to do a few things differently. Instead of being over the ball
like this when you strike it I want you to lean back slightly just a little bit when
you come through that way the ball is gonna just naturally float over. Let’s take a

Antonio Breitenberg

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99 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Passing Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

  1. Andres S says:

    can you say toe punt lob pass

  2. ricky887 says:

    hahaha ur a geek !!

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  5. Mista-d says:

    you are da best coach i ever seen in the ook morenio show da world what ya got((thats what americans do talkin n talking))..

  6. O Harper says:

    LMAO yeah there aint nothin like English Football

  7. O Harper says:

    tell it to somebody that cares…

  8. blu26548 says:

    i noe lol y do they?

  9. willsoncast says:

    ma chi cazzo è????
    Solo in America si vedono queste cose!!!!!!
    Venite in Italia se volete imparare a giocare a calcio..

  10. Chris Walker says:

    This guy doesn't have a clue what the heck he is talking about. You dont look up when you pass or shoot. And wow, lean back for a long chip pass. Great instruction! I guess we are ready to play soccer now. Dont quit your day job man

  11. xsoulja0614 says:

    this is 4 year old stuff-_-

  12. mikeepi11 says:

    what? really?

  13. Alfred says:

    You wonder why Americans are so shit in football.

  14. Jean-Paul Fiallo says:

    haha i know there really awsome its like in there blood my step dad is argentinian and he taught me how to pass now during games i feel like a pro

  15. papafriti says:

    this guy hasn´t any idea to play football
    he does everything bad…

  16. papafriti says:

    is the same…in europe football in USA soccer

  17. papafriti says:

    he does everything bad,i think that an american(USA)is not the best teacher to learn to play football
    when i saw this patetic video i shited of laught
    an american teaching play football!!football in USA!!jajajaj..

  18. Parcs says:

    Over the top short passing style. Waste of time making the move so timely and letting your leg go so high.

  19. John Ervine says:

    theres more than just 2 types of passing, you don't always have time to use the inside of your foot, he doesn't talk about using outside of your foot and using your weaker leg to open the field up.

  20. Mohamed Suleiman says:

    Of course

  21. arvinboyon says:

    thx 4 the vi..:)

  22. seelong07 says:

    I agree, but american is getting up there

  23. Steven Jones says:

    try to hit the target in this video

  24. Cassie Le says:

    LMAO Its just that America calls it Soccer and in other countries its called Futbol. So yea. xD

  25. njaul5 says:

    Haha, USA is way better than Iraq. Barcelona isn't even a country. LOL

  26. bulau65 says:

    man this is retarded

  27. Guntur Bayuta says:

    idiot… easy…

  28. moxley101 says:

    Thank you for providing this video because I have no common sense when it comes to passing a ball.

  29. mihalaras13 says:

    can anyone tell me what qualification is needed for someone in order to become a coach?

  30. dr0pa says:

    If you Watched This vid You Can now be coach Cuzz You only need to know How to pass mabe you should look a vid For How To be a coach or i can pass a ball Can i be a coach now these vids will help You 🙂 NP!

  31. Abel Bekele says:

    lol you call that info?
    that is soccer 101 my friend, we are born with it we don't need tutorials like this unless, ofcourse obviously you are American.

  32. Alfred says:

    well i learned a lot of skills and stuff by watching brazilian skill tutorials. Obviously it is not good to watch this american bafoon who doesn't know shit about football.

  33. Z1XOR says:

    fu**ing american! u guys suck at FOOTBALL [not motherfuc''ng soccer]

  34. sharingan6686 says:

    i agree. it's FOOTBALL cos you play the ball with your foot, not carry it around in your hands

  35. Doc Savage says:

    we it sure does look like your screaming for the sport on how bad u guys SUCK !! Suck it up!!! its ok YAnkee

  36. StevenMayer92 says:

    wait wait wait ok , i am from the u.s. i was born in the u.s. i lived there for 10 years and im 13 and now i live in spain. and i am on the kids professional team. its called atletico. so people can you shut up cuz i am an american and i can probably own all people from other contries in soccer.
    so , americans can play soccer

  37. AliBoulalaSTP says:

    fat girl and an idiot…thats so great

  38. Eduardo Gonçalves says:

    hahaha lol!!!

  39. Eduardo Gonçalves says:


  40. AliBoulalaSTP says:

    i really learned a lot today…
    for example not to watch such a video again. and i learned who i´m going to kill = it´s producer

  41. Mister JC Denton in da fresh says:

    Americans suck at FOOTBALL.

  42. Jonas Fribo-Søndergaard says:

    and that´s a fact

  43. Matias faraday says:


  44. klown style says:

    am the world cup isn't till 2010 you dumbass and here in europe where we are actually good at soccer you are trained to always keep your eye on the ball.

  45. klown style says:

    yes but can you play football. the actually name of the sport.

  46. Robert B says:

    well you should look at the ball when you pass, because you should know where you're going to pass or dribble the ball to before you've even called for the ball.

  47. dani loo says:

    see this is why americans suck at soccer!

  48. Benjamiin91 says:

    Okey dude, I've played football all my life, and when you pass the ball, ofc you want to look at the player, but you have to look at the ball too, and when you kicked the ball in the air, you don't do the same as when you do a short pass. I don't know what's called in english, but u shoot longer up the foot. And if you want a straight forward pass. Use your wrist while leaning a bit backwards.

    Power, technique and practice.

    I recommend u guy to play football instead of watcin these vids.

  49. John Smith says:

    you also need to make sure that your trying to pass at least 10 feat past the player you want the ball to go to, that way it gets to them quicker

    and americans do not suck at soccer, this guy is just stupid >.>

  50. octaviopires93 says:

    the best players in the world Brasileiros

    filhote americâno nâo sab joga bola

  51. André Gomes says:

    When you play soccer, you have to learn how to pass the fastest you can! If you do like this guy, you're gonna loose a buch of time!

  52. BudoRuben says:

    his longpass isn't filmt right you should see the ball in the air it should spin exectly towards you but good movie!

  53. Lionel Messi says:

    this is for people who dont know how to play soccer

  54. komunero12 says:

    what at fuck is this..??

    Is Football not soccer..

  55. komunero12 says:

    what a fuck… in America??

    no men in America everyone tells "FUTBOL" except the United States.

    America is a continent, not a country.

  56. Matej Juric says:

    what the fuck is this?

  57. Benjamin Lamouri says:

    gee thanks, didnt really know how to kick a football before i watched this! can u put on a manual for how to tie your football shoes also? else i need to stick with velcro shoes.

  58. Pantalones Frescos says:

    wow you're an idiot.. Canada who is also a part of North American calls it soccer. SOCCER.

  59. Alphabet278 says:

    the original name of soccer is football and the original name of football is rugby get it or american football

  60. Stephanie Peña says:

    everybody knows how to pass a ball

  61. TT Channel says:

    football not soccer you fagot!

  62. lncey says:

    Haha love the way tht he didn't even do the long pass right u want back spin and it to go straight his were curving and he didn't talk bout follow through and he is generally terrible

  63. Audrius strasevicius says:


  64. Diablo Al says:

    -.- is that joke

  65. Prince Hyeamang says:

    @PhilipinoKid08 ur supposed to look at the person to maqke an accurrate pass

  66. getasimbe says:

    @butterpants87 any sport that uses an extension of your body i.e tennis, hockey, naturally requires more technique. however, soccer requires more finesse and aerobic endurance.

  67. getasimbe says:

    @butterpants87 ok so where exactly is the way more finesse. unless you're making 40 yard lofted passes in hockey, i don't see where you get this from. and i do watch hockey a bit too, and i admit it's more difficult than soccer. i think many sports are more difficult than soccer, and i play soccer.

  68. Mordi Heisann says:


  69. Jacob Thomas says:

    59 people failed in soccer

  70. Adeel N says:

    that long pass aint even long..

  71. abi fahad says:

    what a topic hahahahaah how to play soccer ?????

  72. madzikud02 says:

    fuck u adverts

  73. Miguel El Leib says:

    @Thudmaster10 yeah that saucer passing being over the ball so important.

  74. RT98 says:

    its so hard cant do it help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Erwin says:

    hmmm its the first time an american try to teach me how to play soccer
    hehehe no sarcasm 😉

  76. CR7 Soccer says:

    @KJuuL1337 no ur supposed to keep ur head up. if u dont, u will get tunnel vision and u wont be able to see ur options to pass to

  77. quang Yay says:

    hes a pervert…..

  78. bernadeth boribor says:

    @MegaPieninja you're the pervert!

  79. tyra jean says:


    thats y it says for beginners smart ass

  80. Mario Quezada says:

    fuck 4the police nikka\\\

  81. 👁️👅👁️ says:

    @PhilipinoKid08 lol then how to see where to pass?

  82. UnseenSpirit says:

    So, do I have to be dumb to watch this video then?

  83. alco19357 says:

    Wrong. that's not proper technique. I coach 13-17 year olds and 95% of them can't pass properly. Here's how we try to break it down.

    1. have the plant foot pointed to the target. This is basically what will make the ball go where you want it to go
    2. pick a surface to hit with (inside for beginning)
    3. get your chest behind the ball and parallel to the plane thru the ball
    4. hit foot (toe is pointed up ward and knee is locked)
    5. strike the ball
    6. transfer of weight (break the plane)

  84. alicia nerio says:

    Tommorow is my first day of soccer sighn up yay I never played it before 🙂

  85. LemonGecko says:

    @alicialovesyou100 good luck, but if you've been working out a bit before today then you'll do fine, at least in the running aspect.

  86. LemonGecko says:

    @A5HzFIFA BOOO it's all about Chelsea! nah just kidding

  87. LemonGecko says:

    @alco19357 do you recommend any other vids i should check out instead of this?

  88. alco19357 says:

    @Thereisalwaysmore im not sure. expert village sucks for technical aspects of the skill and is more for people who have never played. just make sure your toe is up, heal down, knee locked, plant facing your target and you transfer weight

  89. Mexicanmarines619 says:

    I love soccer:)

  90. Mads Larsen says:

    I just love how he juse wrong technique on the long pass

  91. BOAslimLDR says:

    same fukin shit just differ name

  92. Alberto Garciiom says:

    It says How to play Soccer, You dumb ass!

  93. Rahul Puspassen says:

    you dotn understand americans call football soccer and rugby football when its in fact handegg

  94. 7jerryv7 says:

    Don't you mean futbol?

  95. VaiFrusciante says:

    No, football is how they call it in Europe. Futbol is the spanish word

  96. metznimbo29 says:

    You don't really have to have a hissy fit about it. If Americans called it football it would always be confused with the other football. Also, the term "soccer" was invented in England!

  97. Jillian Keilholtz says:

    Spanish- futball English- football American- soccer

  98. FifaTrainer says:

    Checkout my channel for better quality soccer and football tutorials. Peace!

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