How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners

How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about one-on-one
Soccer. I’m going to teach you three moves. First, is the step-over, second is called
the Cruyff turn and third is the cut-back. Let’s start with the step-over. If you are
going at an opponent, I am going at Katy right here you want to make her, you want to deceive
her a little bit make her think we are going left, we’re gonna go right. How do we do
that? Dip the shoulder stepping over the ball past her. We are going to go full-speed here
so it’s one touch, dip and go. Okay, the second move is called the Cruyff turn. Katy
here is doing a good job she is denying me this area of the field and it is difficult
for me to go this way inside. All she has to do is have a foot out and she has got the
ball. So I’m going to use the space over here, I want to fake a shot or a pass by my
body’s moving forward my leg but I’m going to take my ankle turn it the ball is this
way and I’m moving that way. Here we have the Cruyff Turn, full speed. Third move is
called the cut-back. It is used to go inside your opponent when your opponent is over-playing
you outside. See Katy right here is a little nervous she is backing up so she doesn’t
want me to go this way so I’m going to fake going this way one touch here I fake a shot
cut back inside of her.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners

  1. Michael Taylor says:

    how old are you? (jw) cuz im thinkin about doin soccer too, but im afraid im WAY behind

  2. Cream Sinatra says:

    Yes that's how!

  3. ossie flores says:

    take out the dammm words

  4. kskskskssksksksksks says:

    @MrBambochaaa it is soccer and football is spelled with 2 ll ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Michael Taylor says:

    yeah exactly

  6. Jacob Thomas says:

    @Gymnstcbddz sometimes this works press on the top key boared f5 or f4

  7. Jacob Thomas says:

    WOAH your skilled she didnt see it comin!

  8. liamwitdre says:

    Useless fucking americans, just go out and kick a ball around.. that's the way you learn.

  9. Gianluca Tabone says:

    @MuffinShuffle click on CC and they are turned off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Cream Sinatra says:

    What if the defender is a proper defender not just your crap girlfriend.

  11. peanutbutter11385 says:

    yea americans "cant play soccer" -_- is not like your shitless island any good. Brazillians and Argentinians Way better then your team.

  12. jmuro89 says:

    i suggest that if u want to learn how to dribble or do tricks… try playin with some friends nobody will teach how do do them you will learn by tryin and tryin

  13. Felipe Rochi says:

    oh my god your lame .

  14. coldrock11 says:

    It's called Football!!!!! Cause we actually play with out feet, Americans play with their hands, why the fuck is that called football.. fuck this fucked up world

  15. H3R0Carnage says:

    thats not how a cryuff turn is meant to be used..

  16. AZrail gok says:

    maybe to say its not good? that the beginners doesnt learn the bad way.

  17. Jay Sanchez says:


  18. Moustafa Mohammed says:

    you suck u are taking a girl that never played soccer

  19. Karim Shokoko says:

    i make this moves while i was 6years old

  20. alfredo domibghe says:

    this guy is cristiano ronaldo, right?

  21. J. Villa says:

    is that ronaldo,messi,rooney or torres? because he DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ANY OF THEM!

  22. SVKmellow says:

    @Hass4849 yeah… but at least now you know the names of the moves…

  23. Carl1356543456 says:

    looool this guy is shit

  24. XM says:

    @nadeem1996able its beginners moves

  25. Traderstewie says:

    "katie here is doing a good job, she's denying me". LMAO!!!! katie is standing with her arms behind her back!!!!!

  26. Ruslan Nurimbetov says:

    badass xDD

  27. faris novezar says:

    ngmong opo koe

  28. faris novezar says:

    not bad

  29. jebacjutube says:

    wow..after watching this video i think Messi is SHIT compared to me now…

  30. Yoce says:

    You went too fast! i didnt get it -.-

  31. Nick Allan says:

    honestly people if you hadn't read the title its called "How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners", so considering you have searched for this, i guess you can't really judge now can you? so stfu you flaming trolls.

  32. Elsyd Lapa says:

    thats one funny looking bedroom

  33. evaadsfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf asdf says:

    this guy really sucks. and i mean really sucks

  34. The Teflon Don says:

    these moves r alright but he does them so shitty he just wanted to mac on that girl so he decided to tell her hes makin a video for soccer instructions and i bet it didnt work out anyway

  35. Ace Evans says:

    i never go backwards with a cruyff turn

  36. 6435krew says:

    What is this u need more practice

  37. John Jakowski says:

    I search for beginner soccer videos so i feel even more amazing about how i play

  38. Oliver Houlby says:

    what the fuck would that help? 0:56 ?

  39. rigo del cid says:

    @300tunes when?

  40. MrNintoku says:

    0:36 Any defender who has any brains knows to stick out their opposite leg when they do that.

  41. TK_09 says:

    he is using a girl because he cant skill up a man standing still ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. Goncalves P says:

    @Thecashflowman ronaldinho, robinho, neymar, C. rolnaldo, Ronaldo, Pelรฉ, Garrincha, Messi and others would say you are fucking wrong.

    by a footbol player, from brazil.
    peace ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Myles Travis says:

    kfjhbvjhdcwehfserggdggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggfybzjsyudfgghdfhffffffffffjdsyyyyyyyyyurwygedujshdgcysgdcfy shudgcgdfasudydashdgasdtsdjyfdhgvdaffdvasdbhxvxggbb ygsdfcb ydgdyhyd dhhgdyfgygdnszihsdusiuahudsdysdysdjjajushdydeshdysuyetyegf nbydnhdghkahsgedb ysvd dsfjdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  44. Jose Ordaz says:


  45. Roxaso3o says:

    Uh, this thing is for BEGINNERS? I don't see where it says, God-like soccer moves to rape defenders in the title. So, for all those hating, go watch something else that won't waste your time, maybe. Give this guy a break. Geez.

  46. Jongheon Park says:

    why does expert village put out shit ass video and ruin the future of the football

  47. FlimProductions12 says:

    43 a good job? she is standing with her hand mehind her back looking into nowhere. where did this guy learn football(soccer)

  48. Marvyn Taningco says:

    @Hass4849 so that's why it is called FOR BEGINNERS!!! hahhahahahahaha!!!

  49. Nick Schell says:

    i tink he got high befo dis 0_o

  50. Goncalves P says:

    @Thecashflowman dont get me wrong, but Neymar (18 years old) and Messi (22) are the "big stars" rigth now and the hopes of brazil and argentina to the world cup (2014).. They are not "history" they are the future.
    BUT u r totaly rigth, i just noticed we talking about the same sport from different cultures.. maybe we are moving toward different goals. Brazil is all about "happy football", "smart footbol", "art footbol".. thats how we sell our players. hope u kick some ass there man.. lol ๐Ÿ˜€ gl

  51. TheVakker says:


  52. Cornelius Carlsson says:

    Isn't the first one siccors, step over- start from beside you, cross your foot farthest away from it inwards…?

  53. Samara Rodriguez says:

    This guy is bad at this for beginners


    i scored with my but lol

  55. Enrique Fernandez says:

    used to go inside your opponent giggidy

  56. Ioannis Vatistas says:

    what do i do, if my opponent is not a girl who doesn't move at all?

  57. cbschroeder81 says:

    wow katey is a good defendeer

  58. Kiersten Michelle says:

    That's not a step over, guy. That's scissors..

  59. Calvin says:

    Best tip: WATCH, (barcelona,man u) examine how they play with the job and copy.
    or Play FIFA and examine(through pass,dribbles,ect…)

  60. Calvin says:

    @metalblade000 I scored with my nuts no lie.

  61. valentino givenchy says:

    0:00 i heard WTF about one on one soccer

  62. bmsisawsome says:

    when i play indoor soccer i tend to integrate all of these moves in my game although they are beginner moves they do work and can be combined nicely

  63. demaris zieroth says:

    uhhhh can you do that a little slower?

  64. MEXICANO0311 says:

    Mexicans are bord with this lol -_- if your going to put some stupid comment dont even toch the write back botton

  65. kk lord says:

    gud job man, i love u katy

  66. Lacey Robertson says:

    Uhhh that wasn't a step over that was a scissor

  67. Tashi says:

    what if the opponent is an actual defender and not just your crap girlfriend

  68. sassy lemon says:

    Thank you so much :') I'll follow the step over and the cut back.

  69. JuliCarryon says:

    but i wanna learn from the pro's

  70. juan gabriel says:

    hi katy!!…

  71. Joseph Melcher says:

    seems like it's more for intermediate and above players, not really for beginners

  72. zuba678 says:

    The guy dribbling is so lazy

  73. maila manzanilla says:


  74. Walter Grande says:

    messi is always shit

  75. 16joe says:

    this guy doesnt know shit why doesnt he tried out in a real soccer game not with a girl whos just standing there pluss his dribbling tricks are easy to block the way he does them and hes always going back instead on going foward…..!!ii

  76. Luis Sanchez says:


  77. Net Flix Master Race says:

    everyone if you like funny things then look up archie and presley and click how to play soccer part 1 it doesn't teach you how to play though but it has awesome tricks

  78. Okayyy says:

    Why does he remind me of Dwight?

  79. ipwnu241 says:

    fake and gay

  80. Laya J says:

    Inside of her

  81. MegaJehanzaib says:

    Foot put and she has the ball….LOL….if u undertsand what i mean

  82. Faith Quintana says:

    no need for harsh word

  83. Faith Quintana says:

    don't be mean you don't know him

  84. Faith Quintana says:

    I can

  85. ipwnu241 says:


  86. George Ramdath says:

    i like chicken

  87. Keith Augeri says:

    terrible…the step over he does is actually called a scissor…

  88. Daan Hollander says:


  89. Jack Fayaz says:


  90. meroott lo says:

    football for males not for girls

  91. luneice1 says:

    screw you

  92. Amy Marie says:

    Ok he obviously has never played soccer before.

  93. Pandora 99 says:

    I'm a girl and I have to play soccer

  94. Patsy Zucker says:

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  97. Aishat K says:

    I'm going to play soccer soon in the 10th grade haven't played since elementary and I don't know how I'm going to ace that again

  98. 12345soccerguy says:

    I remember watching this when I was 8 years old ๐Ÿ™ memories

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