How To Play Goalie in Soccer

How To Play Goalie in Soccer

Today we are learning how to play goalie.
Great goalies do more then just block shots. They organize their defense,
communicate to teammates and start the attack with great
ball distribution. What’s going on? Little dap!
It’s Jared Montz, former pro and founder of Online Soccer Academy.
Yes, I wasn’t a goalie as a pro. I was a field player, but I can still give advice
to goalies. For this video I’ll provide tips on playing goalie from a field player’s
perspective. At the end I’ll link to additional goalie resources. These are just a few tips
for goalies, not every tip. Key Points! Key Point Number One. Roll the
ball, don’t throw it. Yes, in some situations you will have a defender
between you and your teammate. In that situation throw the ball. But when you don’t have
a defender between you and your teammate and it’s a short distance, roll the ball on
the ground to your teammate. This way it’s easier for them to control.
Make the game easy for your teammates, not harder. So many goalies just launch it at
their teammates, when a soft roll is best. Key Point number two. Know When to Release
the Ball Quick and When to Hold It. When you catch the ball look around and see
what’s happening. If your team is in the 18, they look tired, you’ve been under a
lot of pressure and the other team is all around you then hold onto the ball.
This will give your team time to catch their breath and get open before you distribute
the ball. You have time before you have to get rid it so take advantage when needed.
Don’t chill like you are at the beach or something, but take your time. You are in
control. Yes, in situations where the counter attack
is on then release the ball quick. But what lots of inexperienced goalies do is they release
the ball quick every time. Don’t do that, do what the game shows you.
Key Point number three. Communicate to Your Teammates.
Be loud and say things like Man On, Turn. Step up! Shift right, mark number ten!
Make the game easier for your teammates by telling them what to do. When you pass the
ball say “turn or man on”. Communication also keeps you engaged in the game. When you’re
engaged you’re focused. Plus great coaches always want leaders; communication is a big
part of being a leader. Key Point number four. Don’t let One Mistake
Turn Into Two Be comfortable knowing you will get scored
on. Yes, that sounds odd that you should be okay with being scored on, but the reality
is you will get scored on. It happens. The best pros have a short memory. If they get
scored on, they forget about it right away. Don’t make one mistake, be upset about it,
be down on yourself and then make another mistake because you were pre occupied feeling
sorry for yourself. Just get on with it and get ready for the
next play. Key Point Number Five. Practice goal kicks.
Seems obvious, but goalies need to kick the ball high and far on goal kicks.
Practice goal kicks regularly. A great save is quickly forgotten about if your goal kick
can’t clear the eighteen! Watch these OSA videos to help you chip the
ball and kick high and far. Key Point Number Six. Organize your defense.
Talk to your coach and learn how they want your defensive line to play. If it’s a high
line keep them pushed up high by shouting “step up”. If it’s a deep line, then
make sure they don’t go too far forward by shouting “drop”.
Key Point number seven. Be good with your feet.
Practice your foot skills and passing regularly. Work on juggling. Great goalies are like a
bonus defender in the back. They are an outlet pass and a ball distributor when needed.
Key Point Number Eight. Be Aggressive. If you are naturally not aggressive watch
this OSA video on how to be aggressive. An exercise to practice on your own is to
practice your goal kicks and watch the videos I’m suggesting as additional resources.
One is Kevin Hartman’s video, another is with Joe Hart from Man City and the third
suggestion is an older youtube channel called St. Louis Goalkeeping Academy.
What’s Wrong! If you’re insecure as a goalie you’ve
lost the game before you’ve even started. Watch our “Mental Training” videos to
improve your confidence, aggression, nervousness and more. Practice your mental game as well
as your physical game! Bonus Tip! Don’t take a backwards touch
when the ball is passed to you. Take a touch in front of you or to the side away from any
oncoming defenders. In the 2015 MLS Cup final the Columbus Crew
goalie took a backwards touch, he didn’t see the forward chasing him down really fast
and he tried to make a casual pass to his defender but Surprise, the forward slide tackled
him and the ball went in the goal. The announcer, legendary goalkeeper Kasey
Keller, said his first mistake was taking a backwards touch. What he should have done
was take a touch to the side. With a sideways touch he can now still see the forward coming
at him in his peripheral vision and he’ll know not to be so casual.
Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy video! Click here to watch our 200+ incredibly
helpful free videos, go here if you want a Believe in it® shirt and go here if you are
a coach and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp. My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe
in it®!

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