How to Panna/Tunnel/Nutmeg your opponent in Football Soccer

Hey, i am Guido from Football Tricks Online and today we got Gonza and Edu to show you how to nutmeg your rival. Today i will show you the secret to Nutmeg your opponent Thats not just knowing a bunch of Skills… But to make your opponent open his legs There is a lot of tricks that can help you to make your opponent open his legs unconsciously depending on the opponent you will also need to perform the tricks faster or slower If the opponent is really fast you will need to perform the trick faster If he is really slow… and you perform the trick fast… then he wont even have time to react… So perform the trick slow… and as soon as he reacts then Nutmeg him ! For example, when playing 11 a side, one of the most simple nutmegs to perform is the following We are simply going to faint to a side and as soon as he opens his leg, you nutmeg him with the outside of your foot like this… Another example, if you are playing street soccer then you can perform this trick that usually works and its more related to street soccer We simply perform a small jump with NON dominant as we roll the ball back then just drag it in parallel So here is when the opponent thinks the ball is escaping and will try to strike So that is when we quickly roll the ball in and nutmeg him these where some examples of 2 tricks you can use to perform a Nutmeg As you can see in both tricks we try to make the opponent open his legs… as soon as he does that we Nutmeg him To gain more Nutmeg technique i will recommend to learn more of the tricks we go in our channel and when implementing them try to do it in a way… that will make your opponent fall for the trap of opening his legs ! Okey, i hope you enjoyed the video This is really a good technique and you will have fun trying to nutmeg people You can use it in any type of football, Futsal, Street Soocer, etc You are really going to have a fun time, try to implement this and tell me if you nutmeg anyone !

Antonio Breitenberg

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