How to Paint Waves, Rocks & Surf | Acrylic Painting

How to Paint Waves, Rocks & Surf | Acrylic Painting

Hi, I’m Linda. I created a company called Paint Along. Check us out at We have really fun painting workshops in Nashville
and New York. We have already prepared our canvas by putting
different shades of blue in horizontal strokes. I am going to start with a turquoise blue
and I am going to start it at half portion of the canvas and I am just going to put lines
coming across, almost straight, you want them to have a little bit of wave to them you let
them kind of go in and out of light and shade. As it gets closer to you, the waves should
be getting wider and further apart, so that is depicting the surface of the water. The next thing I would like to do is show
you how to make a soft rolling wave. This is a flat 3/4 inch brush and I am going
to load it up with a little bit of white paint. This is almost what I call a draw brush method
where you use just a small amount of paint. I am going to make my wave come over this
dark area right. I want it to look like it is just falling
softly over this dark area that is going to be the shadow in the inside portion of the
wave, so I am just going to start right here and I am going to use a soft curve and just
let it go to nothing as you come across and then it is a good further along, I am going
to let flat and out. Another thing you can do to make the waves
like there is a little foam underneath the waves is you can take a fan brush and we are
going to put a little bit of white paint on this fan brush. We are just going to dab a few little dots
here and it gives us the illusion that the waves are bubbling. The next thing I would like to demonstrate
is how to create a rock with a big wave crushing against it. I am going to use my 1/2-inch flat brush,
start with some brown paint and I am going to put the rock in this left hand corner. What I am going to use is a dabbing technique
with this brush, just laying down the foundation of this rock. I also want to add a little bit of white paint
to it to give in a few highlights. I am going to blend it right into my brown
paint and then I am just going to dab on some white highlights into the rock. The next thing I want to do is make the water
look like it is splashing up against the rock so what I am going to do is I am going to
is I am going to use a 1-inch flat brush, I am just going to put it right up against
the rock and also put a few little dabs of the turquoise blue just every once in a while
and dab to give it some color. I am going to go back to my fan brush and
I am going to take the paint that is on here and I am just going to stroke up and it will
give it a look like the water is just splashing off the rock and that is how you do basic
surf, rocks, and waves.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  2. Matthew Lopinski says:

    Great video thanks for the help

  3. werewolfgirl1995 says:

    I wish I could paint and/or draw like this…..

  4. Aspen M says:

    @werewolfgirl1995 practice makes perfect!

  5. hey says:

    lol 8 months later…. Can you paint/draw like this now.. ??? :p

  6. Napoleon4778 says:

    Hey it's not difficult! Even I can do it!

  7. Lilit says:

    Speaking as someone who has painted quite a bit in their life, this woman sure makes the waves look inorganic, stiff and sloppy. And that rock? Come on :/

  8. blob blob says:

    she did say they were basic, but I don't think Id teach people to paint that rudimentarily 

  9. Cindy Parker says:

    For someone just beginning this is extremely helpful as a start. Thank you!!!

  10. bhai noni says:

    very nice u teach very well

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    Very helpful, Thank You!

  12. The Army of God says:

    look at my dab

  13. Helen DeNoia says:

    Very easy to follow thank you . People if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all! You ruin the spirit of others who appreciate the art world teaching others how to paint.

  14. Brenda Griggs says:

    just beginning to paint. These instructions are easy to follow. thank you . love them

  15. Jan Heyckendorff-Diebold says:

    Wow, very realistic effects with very simple technics! Cool

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