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  1. Turner says:

    "Look lads all you need to bring is your hair product." – Joltter.

  2. FeSaZu says:

    Shin paads

  3. Noah Stabler says:

    In other words, bring every single possession that you have.

  4. Rushi B says:

    The things that I have are:-
    1.a small bag
    2.a water bottle
    3.a pair of socks
    4.a pair of shin guards(optional )
    5.a pair of shoes

  5. notable sine says:

    I put everything Jay has, I added a baselayer, sweat and and a hat

  6. Erik Anderson says:

    2 am and I’m here watching the master Netherlands soccer hand puppet master pack his bag and I’m like mmmmm ye oh nice muscle gel good idea what next?

  7. open it up says:

    Football ball bag
    Shin pads
    Glucon d

  8. Karam Hamam says:

    I love him .

    No homo

  9. Karam Hamam says:

    I only take water thats it and i actually always win

  10. Jinu17 Rasin says: name jinu17

  11. Jinu17 Rasin says:


  12. Dana Amini says:

    You forgot a first aid kit for injuries.

  13. Tenzin Sonam says:

    And also bring your pillows, bed, fan, refrigerator, table, water purifier, toothpaste, toothpicks, vegetables and your grandma’s old glasses………..

  14. Matthew Taylor says:

    forget deodorant

  15. cheetah caracal leopard serval says:

    You forgot lotion

  16. Kewell Football says:

    All I need is ball,boost,shin pads,socks,match kite/training,water bottle,sliders

  17. Musti The Greatest says:

    Imagine finding that bag

  18. Don't Read the description ! says:

    I take a ball, soccer boots, shin pads, cones, water, goalkeeper gloves, and my socks plus the some extra set of clothes

  19. danni haikal says:

    Deodorant and first aid kit

  20. ALLSTAR SQUAD says:

    Well is just best we bring the whole store😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  21. beyblade says:

    Just don’t bring most of the things he says

  22. Zeptrom says:

    My bag

    Shin pads


  23. CODVID _ says:

    Why does this video even exist…

  24. HUN_Bence 221 says:

    I've got in my bag 2 pair of boots, shin guard, the club trainers(if the weather is cold) and the club t-shirt, short, and a water bottle and a headset whit JACK 😂

  25. Dylan Ulate C says:

    And a Dinasour

  26. Lufbul says:

    Jesus Christ, just bring your whole house whilst you’re at it.

  27. HARUN SKORIC says:

    I need gloves,boots,clothes t-shirt or sweatshirt,shorts and underwear,flip flops and shampoo. That's that

  28. 400 says:

    Dem airport headphones

  29. Rex Dude says:

    You forgot a water bottle

  30. Hanuman Mal Bothra says:

    How u get to know that they are FGboots or AGboots

  31. Rxyzz says:

    Soccer sucks. It’s called soccer. Football is a whole different sport. Football is amazing. 🏈❤️

  32. Byrne Lad says:

    Would u not just wear ur clothes to training👋

  33. kyolo is a cutie says:

    You don’t even need a bag

  34. kyolo is a cutie says:

    This dude is the type to pack an extra bag

  35. kyolo is a cutie says:

    My football bag

    Soccer cleats

    Away kit

    Track kit

    Shin guards


    Sport glasses case



  36. bhavya gaming says:


  37. Jack Allan says:

    My Bag:

    SG Boots
    FG Boots
    Shin Guards
    Sock tape
    Blister tape

  38. Horro Mak says:

    Can i just bring my wardrobe 😂😂?

  39. Hanzalah Razzaq says:

    He has the same ball like me omg

  40. Mitchel Kvidera says:

    please tell me what hoodie your wearing!!! please!!

  41. Kayla says:

    All I bring is:

    One pair of cleats (depends on where my team is training)

    2 Bottles of water

    Team ball

    Team training wear

    Soccer socks

    And shin guards of course

  42. Juri Deka says:

    u forgot an extra bottle of water

  43. Alkeo Bezati says:

    My football bag:
    Football boots
    Water bottle
    Training clothes

  44. Karan Negi says:

    Thanks for the information

  45. Barca 10 says:

    All this and no cones ? Smh

  46. DY66 entertainment says:

    I pack my football raincoat.

  47. Lordダフィ says:

    U forgot deodorant

  48. RG Gaming says:

    I wear my T-shirt short sock shoe shin pad and sometimes carry the football

  49. THE KOD314 says:

    I go to the field dressed but with trainers not cleats. Slide my shin pads in switch shoes and I'm done

  50. Offline DaAnAn says:

    Takes all that and ends up being dubbed the whole gsme

  51. Daut Mucaj says:

    Dude ur going to football match not moving out

  52. manoj kumar says:

    I don't have football bag 😢😢😌

  53. Ritviz Jangid says:

    My bag:
    A ball
    Shin pads
    Water bottle
    Flip flops

  54. Dub Tunes says:

    Sorry I'm not going for a tour

  55. The Noob Gamer says:

    I only take a pair of boots a pair of socks and a simple shirt nd shorts

  56. Prolegend Gaming says:

    this are the thing tha i will broufht in soccer matches:long sleeve,shorts,boots,shin gaurds,extra clothing, socks, jersey, tape etc.

  57. Rob Price says:

    I would get rid of some of that stuff and replace with a towel and deodorant in case you get wet or shower after

  58. Marcus Ho says:

    I would bring some finger tape as well because I am a keeper. It really does help.

  59. Abdul Azeem says:

    Wow i should probably steal his bag someday

  60. Ss Bros says:

    Extra room in my budget more like if u have extra space

  61. Nguyễn Anh Tú says:

    In my football bag
    The end=)))) I like wearing my football boots from house to the yard=))) i am a simple man=)))

  62. Tashi Wangdi says:

    Oh so ur taking all ur team mates stuff with u

  63. anuroopa swamyananda says:

    I think u forgot your boot socks

  64. Kian Packard says:

    This if just over the top

  65. MR. RANDOM says:

    How do I zip the bag without breaking it

  66. saif says:

    the best video in the world

  67. Hungry Island says:

    It seems like he's selected for world cup👍

  68. FC Predators says:

    Jay please add a new and updated video on football packing list

  69. Kean Diamante says:

    Hi you have so many boots at your back can I get one of thatv
    #new subscriber 😅😅

  70. Joseph L says:

    Small face towel
    Shin pads wrap/tape/Nike guard stays
    Ball pump
    Soccer ball

  71. ANONYMOUS says:

    In my football bag

    1. Boots
    2.shin pads
    3. Water
    5.Training Long sleeve
    6.Training cloth of my club..

    Thats all…!

  72. Fardeen Rupok says:

    in my football bag only biring a bottle of water

  73. Nikhil Pandey says:

    Can I pack a girl in my bag incase Jr gets excited at half time?

  74. SavageReaction says:

    Bro can I get one of your soccer cleat im very broke now, I mean sort of.

  75. Michael Gaming says:

    My football bag
    Boots skinpads socks water my shoe or flipflops and the football ball

  76. VD 9 says:

    My Bag pack:
    -Football boots
    -Jogging Shoes
    -Shin Pads
    -Extra Jersey
    -Some Money,Wrist support,Stockings, Lower
    & nothing else!

  77. Ewad says:

    I just bring boots, shin pads, socks, water, and deodorant

  78. C Bomb says:

    all i get is boots water gumshield and gloves and maybe a jumper

  79. Lencho Bushura says:

    Bro my bag stink like hell

  80. Eida Hafeez says:

    can i get one of your boots . i am from malaysia . many your videos i saw. thank show your videos. i like it!!

  81. Gaming Ninja says:

    Damn so many stuff

    Me: I only to play soccer with soccer Shoe 😢😂
    Poor 4 LiFe

  82. Anita Hughes says:


  83. Devils Workout And Football Tips says:

    My bag has my training clothes normal clothes underwear extra socks shinpads anklets football boots towel done

  84. Prince Bln says:

    When someone explains you how to pack your training bag, but you're broke and can't buy the half of it

  85. Charlotte DJ says:

    I always bring (at matches ) food whit me. (Whit energie and sugar😂)

  86. SGT HARDY says:

    Oh I thought this was football🏈

  87. JOGA QUIETO says:

    My bag: Ball

  88. Nehemiah Ashley' says:

    How much for the bag at 5:50 ??

  89. ChipGaming _322 says:


  90. sontiaine says:

    In my bag: bottle, boots and ball (you dont need anything else)

  91. Andrev Kosta says:

    You should also get deodorant

  92. Anika Cool beans says:

    Why three pairs of cleats?

  93. fog g says:

    Mised goalkeeper glooves

  94. Rizna Uvais says:

    How can feet gross you out if you play football

  95. Dylan Flood says:

    Do you really need all that stuff for training

  96. DB says:

    All of my city’s field are turf

  97. AliFC says:

    GPS tracker

  98. GGM Games and Gamers Mania returns says:

    It is the best you tube video I have ever seen

  99. Scotty Brady says:

    Your some fuckin dope… u make videos explaining the obviuos

  100. Hirak Roy says:

    Please send me a boot you have a collection

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