How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

irgendwann kommt dieser moment wo du einfach nur noch wahllos draufschlägt mein name ist berlin wir sind hier in berlin ich habe durst und zwar rotwein durst und ich hab kein öffnen dabei brauche also irgendeine möglichkeit um den korken raus zu bekommen aus der flasche und hab mir da was überlegt was eventuell funktionieren könnte wir brauchen eine wand zwar eine möglichst robuste stabile wand aber wir sind ja in berlin da gibt es ja doch eine ganze menge robuste wende wir brauchen einen schuh brauchen etwas robustere style um im prinzip gegen die wand wird im schuh zu schlagen dass sich der korken aus der flasche löst man muss es schaffen dass die flasche wirklich auf die wand knallt und man darf keine angst haben und ich hab ein problem gerade ich habe angst ich bin aber auch durstig der korb kommt so langsam raus und wenn es dann mal so weit draußen ist dann glaube ich ist es eine einfachheit den wein ganz langsam raus zu drehen und wir haben die flasche geöffnet ohne einen flaschenöffner wir haben uns kein becher noch und zweite sache die uns fehlt also was bleibt uns übrigen müssen aus der flasche trinken post willi

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

  1. mercedescl says:

    I can understand why people are desperate enough to improvise; I can understand why people want to drink from the bottle; but I can't understand why he can't wear his shoe before drinking the wine. 

  2. TheZhangProject says:

    "Luckily we are in Berlin, and there happens to be a lot of sturdy walls around." XD

  3. Michael Burns Fingerstyle Guitar says:

    I wanted him to drink it out of the shoe….

  4. lassederboss says:

    die munchies videos aus deutschland waren bis jetzt alle grauenhaft! gibts keine sympatischen leute bei euch? 

  5. Taylor Pearl says:


  6. John Caputo says:

    You can open a wine bottle simply with just your 2 hands…forget the shoe.  Place the tip of one finger horizontally over the cork. Push the finger down firmly with your opposite hand until the cork moves just a bit. Now turn the same one finger downward onto the cork, then push again with the same 'pushing' hand. You can push the cork entirely into the bottle, then pour it out.

  7. greylynnjr says:


  8. bllt9 says:

    main difference of europe and america, in europe this is normal in public while in america you'd be arrested in a minutre

  9. guyonthecouch007 says:

    very nice!..and that's a very nice leather shoe too.. I must try this…

  10. Migs dela Rosa says:

    This can work when you hammer your shoe 12 to 6 right?

  11. Andrei Gh says:

    For a second there I really thought he would drink from the shoe.

  12. Devon Tufts says:

    You got some wine on your shirt 🙁

  13. Ivascu Ionut says:

    men you fucking awesome

  14. Jaime Mendez says:

    old school trick!

  15. 2D says:

    This guy is great

  16. CarlosBeo says:

    Untrimmed, only one shoe and drinks wine out of a bottle during daytime…Let's play another round of : Bum or Hipster.

  17. Sebastian Gutierrez says:

    "Luckily we are in Berlin and there happen to be lots of sturdy walls around"
    I lost it 😂

  18. Cannabinol Connoisseur says:

    Awesome. Also, Awesome Socks.

  19. Mike Adams says:

    "I saw it on vice" said the man with a hole in his wall and blood and glass everywhere…

  20. Gilliam Svennskhov says:

    additional tip : put the bottle in a sock before sticking it in the shoe then it won't break and ruin your pants ! 

  21. Craight says:

    You represent everything what's wrong with Berlin

  22. fenderfan85 says:

    When I first saw the title I was like "Whaaaat just unscrew the cap!" I guess they mean…..real wine. 

  23. sam francis says:

    anyone else look this up from grace helbig's book?

  24. solunasunrise says:

    und man muss das unbedingt an einer wand machen … der boden is dazu absolut nicht geeignet

  25. word says:

    I couldn't stop looking at his teeth. 

  26. tokolob1 says:

    when he said he didnt have cups, i really thought he was going to pour it in the shoe :p

  27. tperri123 says:

    I would have laughed my ass off if that bottle just completely shattered

  28. Gabrielius Zenkovas says:

    you are just a drunk guy you bitch

  29. kahlil garcia says:

    The people you find to make these videos couldn't get any better.

  30. StripperLicker says:

    Nazis have always been ingenious.

  31. Vito Vizzini says:

    Who's willy?

  32. Christopher Nation says:

    You don't need shoes! I have used this wall-bashing trick with all sorts of padding for the bottle. If you are indoors, a tea-towel is ideal. If outdoors, any article of top-half clothing, though I can see the problems if you decide you need a bra to do it.

  33. TheShenmueMaster says:

    HAHA awsome!

  34. Joe Gartland says:

    I didn't have a shoe so I had to scrunch up my underpants instead, unfortunately I got arrested before I got to drink the wine 🙁

  35. Lukas Muler says:

    lol prost means stupid in Romania

  36. Pinefactory says:

    I heard of a guy who wants to sue the internet because of this video.

  37. Karolina says:

    So excited to tell Willy, didn't even bother putting his shoe back on haha

  38. LikeBomBa says:

    1:30  ab diesem moment dachte ich wirklich, dass der kerl vor hat, nun gleich wein aus seinem schuh zu trinken

  39. Matheus Phelps says:

    gnarly socks

  40. Matthew Michaelson says:

    Danke 😀

  41. kamaraeahokulani121 says:

    Drinking wine from his shoe… das wein boot??? haha

  42. manolo Vidal says:

    geh mal zum zahnarzt

  43. deltabtry says:

    LOL,, I am a afraid but I am thirsty too, nice tip thanks.

  44. papi says:

    and some of that wine spilled on ur white shirt buddy…

  45. Whinny McHorseface says:

    einfach den boden zu benutzen war keine option?

  46. Linda Hoekstra says:

    This guy seems so co,to hang out with

  47. Da KAnDyMaNFU says:

    im assuming 'Prost' is cheers in German?  If so, then I learned two things from this video 😛

  48. Le Ja says:

    In case of emergency

  49. smilyface38 says:

    A lot of sturdy walls in berlin….. DAMMMMNNNNNNNN

  50. Josh ✞ says:

    for some reason, when the man walk away from the camera, and i saw those shorts and socks, i started dying, lol.

  51. Kevs Stream says:

    Ahhh, the struggle is real

  52. TheGumboVariator says:

    "there happen to be lots of sturdy walls around " , Is the pun intentionnal ?

  53. DougglesMagnificent says:

    the fuck are you willy

  54. Che Che says:

    only flaw is it may stain your clothes

  55. LukaxN says:

    do you also kill jews with that shoe?

  56. Leonidas molon lave says:

    DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. owisechiefwillis says:

    no glass? no problem! drink out of the shoe! prost!

  58. bozomonkey2007 says:

    i would wrap bottle in a jacket or wear heavy gloves while doing this. You are almost breaking the bottle to do this. Just imagine how hard you'd do it opening your second or third bottle with a heavy wine buzz trying to show off to your friends.

  59. bozomonkey2007 says:

    And now we go into the bar to celebrate!

  60. Grimey Jonez says:

    Deswegen ist Berlin im Arsch.

  61. Drake Hanson says:

    Anyone else think he was going to pour it in the shoe

  62. fasow100 says:

    dam i was sure he was gona pour the wine into his shoe

  63. Racso Hurnandez says:

    Just opened a bottle of Pink Moscotto. A slightly larger one than what is shown in this video..
    I. Am. Amazed.

  64. marijn177 says:

    i love this channel.

  65. miru.iliescu says:

    It worked!!!!!! 😀

  66. Louis Gowman says:

    I need a pair of those shoes!

  67. Lee Shemosh says:

    WILLY !

  68. sweefu2 says:

    No glass? He could have done a fuckin' shoeie!

  69. TopherFM says:

    Wein wird nicht reparieren Ihren Durst
    Wine won't fix your thirst

  70. Victoria Bell says:

    Thank you Lord lmao!

  71. Oren Marciano says:

    It works!

  72. No Name says:

    Wine is so nasty to me 😣

  73. A Hasnath says:

    Wine and willy

  74. helpsmile says:

    Wat ein Fatzke… Klugscheisser!

  75. Aljeandro Pacheco says:

    that was awesome man

  76. Chris Cummings says:

    He got wine all over his shirt lol, and he is really disturbing the wine. Easier to walk into any restaurant nearby and borrow a wine key.

  77. Rossygrossy says:

    It sprayed on his shirt a little

  78. Eugene Malihin says:

    saved our housewarming party!

  79. Boboli Boliobli says:

    So you're essentially busting the cork?

  80. chris is now lifting stuff says:

    you don't even need a wall. whack that bottle with the shoe. works quickly.

  81. 4XeoN The oNe7 says:

    ima do this on a date someday
    she will be amazed

  82. super999999 says:

    "thankfully we're in Berlin and we have a lot of sturdy walls" fucking Savage lmao

  83. David Underwood says:

    Has to be a hard shoe like a wino wears.

  84. A Public Forum for Discussion says:

    …or just push the cork in maybe

  85. EpicGamer69 says:

    Sehr gut, Kamerad!

  86. Jack Fogarty says:

    Hi there, I tried to open a bottle of wine using this method. After banging it a few times I was delighted to see that the cork was starting to come out. 'A few more of those and we're golden!', I thought. Well, after banging it against the wall a few more times, the bottle shattered, with most of the contents ending up in my shoe and on my surrounding walls. Needless to say I am disappointed with the results of this method, and I hold your youtube channel personally responsible. Please get in touch if you would like to send me a new bottle of wine and a new left shoe, black, U.K size 14.

    Good day

  87. killerqueen1974 says:

    Tried this today with a bottle of Amarone. Worked perfectly fine. Thanks for nice tip!

  88. Michael Datuin says:

    What does the shoe do?

  89. Kanye East says:

    Im I the only one looking at the stain on the shirt and thinking that the stain is going to stay.

  90. thisisyaren says:

    lol very nice

  91. Dom x says:

    1:12 shirt ruined. Got wine tho…

  92. Flannel Samurai says:

    I did this and cut the tendons in my toes wear shoes

  93. Noah Zaranka says:

    Germans are awesome!!!

  94. waldo lok says:

    And now you've also ruined your tuxedo shirt . Nice

  95. Dreaded-Flower says:

    "and i think i have come up with something that could work"

  96. Ripinda1911 says:

    Der Stereotyp des Berliner Hipsters.

  97. Sean Schet says:

    Now he can throw afway his shirt

  98. UgleZett says:

    Drinking in public… totally OK in Germany, a no-no in Norway

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