How To Ollie On A Snowboard

An Ollie is the action of using your
board to spring yourself off the ground The Ollie is one of the most important
tricks in snowboarding, you will use them everywhere! To initiate the Ollie,
start by bending your knees and applying a little pressure to your front foot.
Slide your board forwards underneath you to load pressure over the tail. Release
this pressure, letting the board spring you into the air. When you do this
quickly, it’s almost a wave-like motion. to Ollie. It looks like you’re lifting
your front foot up and leaning backwards on your tail, but really it’s the
movement of shifting your board forwards that creates pressure over your back
foot and into the tail of the board. Your back foot and the tail of your board act
as the main spring in the Ollie that will allow you to pop off the ground. Once
your weight is shifted slightly backwards push off the ground with your
back foot as if you’re trying to jump upwards into the air. It will feel like
you’re snapping the board into the air and you will feel the momentum of your
body moving upwards. Once you’re in the air, re-center your weight over both feet
so that you can learn evenly to ride away. Look forward to where you want to
be landing the Ollie not down at your board. Try your first Ollie’s on flat
ground. It’s harder on flat ground but it’s a safe place to start practicing
the technique of the wave-like motion. An awesome spot to practice Ollie’s is
over rollers. Try to perform your Ollie from the flat section, landing into the
downward slope. The slight drop in terrain will give you more air and make
your Ollie’s feel amazing! Try Ollie’s over features practice by setting up
sticks as obstacles or hopping over small snowballs. Eventually you can use
the Ollie to pop onto features in the park, such as street style rails and
boxes. A common mistake when learning your first Ollie is to spring off the
ground with both feet like a bunny hop rather than using the wave-like motion.
By doing this you can’t get as much air off the ground as you can by springing
off the tail of your board. The Snowboard Addiction Balance Board is a great way
to practice flat ground Ollie’s and hopping onto rails. You can feel the
wave-like motion of the Ollie, however it feels different on a full-length
snowboard. This tutorial was filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Natalie Sager
from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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