How To Ollie On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To Ollie On A Snowboard (Regular)

The third way to get air is an ollie. Make sure you can easily pop off a bunch of small
features before learning this. With an ollie we use the boards energy to help us jump.
An ollie gives you the most height with the least amount of effort although it takes practice
and co-ordination to master. First play with flexing your board. Roll your
hips and body weight towards the tail of your board like this. Your board will bend raising
the nose from the ground. You’re applying pressure into the tail off your board using
the weight of your body. As your board flexes, it wants to spring back, use this energy to
ollie. Try this motion all in one movement. Apply pressure to your tail then ollie off
your back foot bringing both feet evenly into the air. Make sure to land in a balanced position
on both feet. I apply a little pressure over my front foot before ollieing which helps
to rock lots of pressure into the tail. Co-coordinating these movements is tricky at first although
you’ll improve quickly with practice. The more you pressure and flex your board, the
higher you’ll be able to ollie. Actively using your hips and body weight will help.
Once you get the hang of ollies on flat ground, try them while moving on a gentle slope. You
can practice timing ollies by using obstacle’s like a glove, stick or skier.
The cool thing about ollies is they use the energy of your board to get air where as a
pop uses energy from your body. As you become comfortable with ollies, you’ll find they
require far less effort then popping.

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “How To Ollie On A Snowboard (Regular)

  1. ColoursYT says:

    Firsssst <3 the vids doe

  2. ColoursYT says:

    Firsssst <3 the vids doe

  3. Bohzi says:

    I remember seeing the Killers play live in chicago 2009. This reminded me haha:)

  4. Quin Hendrickson says:

    I'm way past these tutorials but I still watch them because they're the best tutorials I've seen! Keep up the great work man!

  5. Mark Hicks says:

    What board is that? Your getting some wicked pop.

  6. xMISTAx says:

    HELP! I have 3 questions, what kind of camber is that board (regular,reverse or zero camber) ? whats the flex of that bindings(soft,medium or stiff) ? and last how soft is that boots? 

  7. says:

    Very informative! Once you learn how to jump, track your progress with Trace. Learn more here:

  8. Eric N says:

    snowboarding is basically skateboarding just with snow and bindings and no wheels haha. but the tricks and everything is the same

  9. FVNT0M IIX says:

    Can you do a good ollie with a medium flex board? My board has a medium flex but I can't ollie very high… Don't know if I should get a softer board or work harder on leg days haha

  10. Mujahid Husamuddeen says:

    wtf is this guy wearing

  11. Clay Soggyfries says:

    Might as well call those grocery bags

  12. Krobe says:

    I feel like there is a little bit of swing in this motion, is this correct? You stay centred almost but shift the board underneath…

  13. XboxTryHard says:


  14. justin bentley says:

    Him buying his gear, "ok I need a medium… I got an XXL, am I cool yet?"

  15. James Kolesnikovich says:

    Song name?

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