How to Nose Grab Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Nose Grab Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from In this video I’m going to show you how to do a
nose grab and give you a few tips to get them looking super stylish. Three parts of this trick you want to focus on are setting yourself up for the takeoff,
putting the grab together in the air, and how to do it with style.
The key to nose grabs is to first set it up really well on the takeoff. Do a few turns before the
jump to get your speed right then pointing your board straight and flat
towards the jump. It’s really important to pop or Ollie your board off the kicker. This will
give you the height and time in the air for the grab. In the air you need to put two things together to get the nose grab. The first is to bend your front knee to get the nose of you board closer
to you. It can be hard to bend you front without bending your back knee, but it will come naturally with practice. The second thing is to reach your hand
out to grab your snowboard. When you reach for your board makes sure you’re
not leaning forward or you could set your balance off. To make the
nose grab stylish you really want to bone it out. Boning it out mean that as you bend your front leg, you’re straightening out your back leg. This will exaggerate the angle of your snowboard, so it’s more straight up and down. You can also pull the nose of your board closer to your body, with your hand. Bigger jumps give you
time in the air to hold the grab and make it stylish. Go out and try nose grabs and let me know how
it goes. Leave any questions you still have in
the comment box. Thanks to the rider in this video Lara, for throwing down some
really sick nose grabs!

Antonio Breitenberg

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