How To MFM Butter On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To MFM Butter On A Snowboard (Regular)

Prerequisite techniques
The MFM is a combination of a nollie frontside 180 and the Tail butter frontside 180.
We have a whole tutorial on the Tail butter 180s so make sure you’ve watched and learnt
that first. Static Board Off
The easiest way to get your head around this trick is to start by jumping the movements
with your board off. Step 1: Nollie frontside 180.
Step 2: Nollie tail butter frontside 180. Step 3: The basic MFM movement is a combination
of these 2 prerequisite tricks. Begin by opening up frontside as if your gonna
nollie a frontside 180, at about 90 degrees nollie from your front foot landing in a butter
on your back foot, then ollie from your back foot completing the frontside 180 to land
switch. This is the basic movement required for an MFM butter, so practice this step a
several times. When you break it down with your board off it becomes simple. Step 4: A more advanced MFM butter uses the
same movements with a shift of your board in the middle for style.
This time as you roll up for the nollie, go past the 90 degree mark, nollie from your
front foot and shift back slightly in the opposite direction, landing on your back foot
then ollie from your tail completing a counter-rotated front 1 to land switch.
Pay close attention to the difference between the basic MFM movement happening at around
90 degrees and a more advanced MFM movement incorporating a shift back while in the air.

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “How To MFM Butter On A Snowboard (Regular)

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  2. Halldor Hafsteinnson says:


  3. gangangganggang says:

    Looks dope, have to try that 

  4. gregory hill says:

    Is a fairly flexible board required for this?

  5. Danny G says:

    Love seeing people do the mfm butter in competition. So much style.

  6. Peter Krastanov says:

    I'm trying this when I get a chance to get back on the slopes. Great tutorials guys, learned a lot from watching them!
    P.S.: What's the name of the song used in the video, I want to add it to my playlist 😀

  7. Simon Hansmann says:

    What boards do you advise in general for an rider on probably the lower advanced end?
    What rocker?
    Stiff or flex?
    I weigh always something around 80 to 90 kilos and am 1.90 m tall

    Any reccomendations?

  8. Vitaly Savicks says:

    Great tutorial!

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  10. Taylor Page says:

    Love doing this one

  11. David says:

    love this trick!

  12. Noah Schiesae says:

    Whats the song name?

  13. The Sickening says:

    Idk why but these look so dope to me. Gotta try it next time I'm out! Great tutorial series btw, thanks SA.

  14. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    How to butter on a chamber Burton custom.fell like its gonna put my knee out of its socket when i do presses! I also am like 130 and riding a 154

  15. Javier Soler Calvo says:

    Great video. Thanks for your work!!

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