How to make better GoPro Skiing Videos – Hero 7 and Hero 8 Black – Tips and Tutorial

How to make better GoPro Skiing Videos – Hero 7 and Hero 8 Black – Tips and Tutorial

Hey everybody today I will give you a few tips on how you
can improve your ski and snowboard videos and make them more interesting. My name is Werner, I live in the Italian
Alps and this channel is about filmmaking and GoPro. Have fun with this video! I’m not a professional ski racer and I’m also
not able to make a double backflip. Most people who use a GoPro for skiing are
probably in a similar situation. Nevertheless I would like to create exciting
and entertaining videos with my GoPro. And that brings us to the main problem. Often you simply attach your GoPro to your
helmet and film your descents. The result is then often a bit monotonous. If not something extraordinary happens then
you won’t watch your videos very often. I have tried a lots of things in the last
few years to improve my GoPro videos. Today I would like to share with you what
works well for me. So here are my 5 tips for more interesting
ski and snowboard videos: If your main story is that you ski or snowboard down the slope, then B-Roll is everything
that has to do with your ski trip, but does not directly show you skiing. Examples for B-Roll could be: the mountain
panorama, how you put on your skis or maybe even a simple ride on the ski lift, which
I showed in my short intro in the form of a Time Warp video. B-Roll will definitely enhance your video
and provide more variety. You should try different settings for different situations. As I explained in my video about the GoPro
settings for skiing, I usually use 4K/60 with the FOV Wide as the default setting for skiing. However, depending on the situation and mount,
I adjust the settings and use the FOV Superview for POV shots to increase the field of view
at the top and bottom. For close-ups and slow-motion shots I sometimes
use 1080/240 to create a 10% slow-motion. Think about which settings you want to use
and try out different things. Then you can decide for yourself what you
like and what you don’t. I would recommend that you try different mounts as well. Most skiers only use the Helmet Mount, which
I can understand well. For the Helmet-Mount you don’t need any other
accessories and it doesn’t disturb you while skiing. But the Helmet-Mount also has disadvantages. Its elevated position creates a rather unfavourable
angle and especially if you want to see the slope, your skis and the panorama in the same
image, the helmet mount will not be the best choice. You should have a look at the chest mount,
it creates a much more favorable angle. It also doesn’t disturb you while skiing. Since the additional weight of the camera
cannot be felt at all on the Chest Mount, it may even be more comfortable than the Helmet
Mount. I will certainly make a video about the different
mounts. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if
you’re interested. As you have probably noticed, I also often
use a pole to film myself or to show different angles. And that brings us to my next tip. Try different angles. By that I mean taking images from the side,
close to the ground, from behind, and so on. You’ll see, this will give your video a lot
more variety and you’ll also have more fun editing your video. If you use a pole to shoot these angles, please
don’t forget that safety always comes first and always make sure that the slope is clear. In my intro sequence I used a few effects and transitions, just to make the video more
interesting. The use of certain transitions is controversial
in filmmaking, and not everyone likes them. But since this isn’t about making professional
movies, but just about making a video that’s fun, you should try some effects. For the transitions, there are preset packs
for your editing software. You can of course also learn how to create
them yourself. If you are interested in a tutorial about
the transitions or effects, just give me a Like as feedback or write me a comment. Finally, I’d like to add that ski and snowboard
videos get much better in good weather. That sounds pretty obvious now, but it’s not
necessarily so. Normally, a cloudy sky is more of an advantage
than a disadvantage in filmmaking. The light becomes softer and there are no
ugly shadows. When skiing, however, the cloudiness leads
to a loss in the contrast between the white slope and a blue sky and the result will not
be so good. You will also sometimes have difficulties
with the cold. If it gets too cold, the GoPro can sometimes
not be turned on or it turns off automatically. You can try to solve the problem by removing
the battery from the camera and warming it up separately in your pocket for a few minutes. Changing the battery can of course also help
sometimes. I hope I could give you some helpful tips
for your ski and snowboard videos. If you liked this short tutorial, give me
a Like as feedback and see you next time!

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “How to make better GoPro Skiing Videos – Hero 7 and Hero 8 Black – Tips and Tutorial

  1. Edgaras Usas says:

    As always – great tips. Thank you so much. It's a pity, that I came back home from Madonna di Campiglio couple days ago – wasn't able to use those tips 🙂

  2. Piotr P says:

    Hi. what program do you use to edit the movie and what settings you recommend to get the best quality projects on YouTube?

  3. Alexander Byström says:

    Would love a video about easy but good looking transitions!

  4. jh2001 says:

    Do you have one for the hero 5?

  5. DammaRamma says:

    oké, oke…😤
    I will take the big bag with pole's and all kind of mounts with me next week 😉

  6. Figih Setyo says:

    I subs a year ago when i buy hero 6, nice content creator. GL bro

  7. Sean Bøgh says:

    amazing video, great job. Thanks 😀

  8. Suba Sekaran says:

    hi ….great videos bro👍…….my gopro7 is in 1.51 version and im not getting notified for an update in my go pro app… do i get 1.61 version updated?….

  9. Riccardo Castellana says:

    Bravo.. awesome video cicco.

  10. Suba Sekaran says:

    hi ….can u tell me ur view on extended batteries for go pro 7and how to extend go pro battery(power bank or extended batteries like wasabi)….is removing battery door safe?…wud be gr8 if u gave tips….tanks mate

  11. Noah says:

    Hey i hust discovered your channel and have to say youre videos are awesome and really high quality. I especially love your gopro tutorials so i have a request for a video it would be sick if you could make a gopro ski photography video

  12. Vespa Travels says:

    Great tips! Would you do a video of your editing and rendering settings for YouTube? Mine so far is very disappointing from the GoPro Hero 7.

  13. Christian Lillebø says:

    great video

  14. Jan Groen says:

    Your gopro videos are great! Im going snowboarding in a few weeks and this is really useful

  15. Charlie Wax says:

    Really great channel. Very good tips and beautiful editing. Do you use any ND filters when skiing?

  16. Umberto Brugnatelli says:

    right now you gived me so many ideas!!!!!THANKS!!!!!

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