How to make a surf map [Cs:GO / Cs:S / TF2] – Part 2 – Surf Ramps

How to make a surf map [Cs:GO / Cs:S / TF2] – Part 2 – Surf Ramps

Hey, welcome to the second episode on how
to make your own surf map, probably the most important episode of them all, smooth and
satisfying surf ramps are a necessity so I will try to explain it to the best of my abilities. With the basics in mind, we can now make our
first stage. To start off we’re going to sketch a rough
layout of the map in paint just to visualise what it’s going to look like. Now with that done, let’s make it real,
I first remove one of the sides of our sealed cube, by hitting the delete button, then hold
“ctrl” while left clicking all 4 sides to select them all, then since they are all
the same length we can drag them outwards to make a long corridor. Remember do not select the fifth wall that’s
perpendicular, otherwise it messes everything up. It’s very important to remember that when
you want to drag multiple walls out, they have to be the same length, I can’t stress
this enough. Also to select the walls you can, using the
select tool, drag a square in one of the 2D viewports, and press “enter”, it will
select everything inside it. Now with this corridor, I will make a spawn
area, by selecting the block tool with the nodraw texture selected. I’m going to put the terrorist spawn on
top of the spawn area, it’s very important that the terrorist spawn is slightly above
the ground otherwise it won’t register it. And the light_environment can stay on the
ground or you an move it up to spawn, it’s up to you because it doesn’t matter where
it’s located. Now all we need is surf ramps, there are a
LOT of ways to make a surf ramp so I will try to cover most of them in this video. There are different shapes for your surf ramp,
here are the 3 most common ones, to make them, you start off by making a nodrawn block, the
size can be whatever you want, my prefered scale is x=640 and y=448. We will now cut the block to the shape we
want using the clipping tool on the left side, or using the shortcut shift+x, then in the
2D viewport you click and drag to make a line through the cube, one side should be red and
one white, you can inverse the selection by re-pressing on the clipping tool button on
the side or using the shortcut shift+x, and the third time everything is white, that means
once you press enter it will keep both sides of the cut. So cut the cube into what shape you want,
listen up, it’s very important that the steepness ratio is NOT, I repeat NOT 1:1,
otherwise you will not be able to surf on it. Now for the surf ramp with a cut at the bottom,
I like to take the previously made surf ramp, and cut off a small ledge on each side, then
using yet a new tool, called vertex manipulation on the left-bottom side, shortcut shift+v,
press on it twice to remove the yellow dots but keep the white ones (the yellow dots are
useless in my opinion). This tool is extremely useful but people always
tell you it’s dangerous, spoiler: it’s not. Few tips, 1- Don’t use the 3D view to select
the dots, just use the 2D viewports, 2- NEVER EVER make a side go inwards (see drawing)
it will make the whole cube bugged, you can on the other hand go outwards (see drawing),
3- If the compile keeps on telling you there’s a bug, or it looks weird in-game, just delete
it and try again, it won’t corrupt your save or anything, people just like to exaggerate. (But If I ever see you carve an object I will
come to your house and kick your ass, carving is a useless tool that was supposed to be
properly implemented but they got lazy, nowadays it’s just a beginner trap, so NEVER use
it.). I digress, using the vertex manipulation,
click and drag in the 2D viewports to make a square over the vertices you want to select,
then press enter, they will turn red so now you can click and drag on the to move them
around. Essentially I’m aligning those vertices
to the grid, it’s a good habit to have, and it looks cleaner. You can do the same thing we did to the sides,
to the top if you want to. Now that our first part of the ramp is ready
you might want to make cuts into the ramp, but here’s the catch, NEVER horizontally
cut the ramp, when surfing you can get caught on the “cut” because the source engine
is weird. If you absolutely want to make a horizontal
cut, there’s a few ways around it, but I will cover those in another episode. Now with the first part of the surf ramp,
we can give it a texture, I like to have dark/light contrast on the ramps, don’t texture the
front, back or bottom sides, they need to remain nodraw. We can now turn it into a curved ramp, if
you went with a 100% triangular ramp, then YOU HAVE TO add a block at the bottom. Also keep a copy of your ramp somewhere in
your map. Alright with all that done, it’s the same
process for all 3 surf ramps, from the side viewport, using the selection tool, left click
inside the red/yellow box, then with the new handle bars that have appeared you can now
rotate the ramp, I just go for about 45 degrees it really doesn’t matter, you don’t have
to rotate it, but it allows you to visualise how it’s going to look. Then select the vertex manipulation tool,
and drag a big square above the whole ramp, then press enter, select the dot at the bottom
click and drag it around a little, so it’s aligned to the grid, then using the selection
tool, “shift+click and drag” the ramp to duplicate it, press “ctrl+m” and rotate
it on the correct axis, I can’t tell you which one it is since it depends on what orientation
you made your whole map in, just do trial and error. How much you want to rotate is up to you,
my goto is 5 degrees, then press enter, select the vertex manipulation tool (shift+v), and
align the bottom right dot, with the previous one, then using the selection tool, select
both ramps, and press “ctrl+g” to group them, then open up vertex manipulation tool,
select both ramps and click and drag the bottom right one to align it to the grid, rinse and
repeat until satisfied. Remember since the amount of individual ramps
doubles every time, you need to rotate, first 5 degrees, then 10, then 20, then 40, 80,
etc, same goes for 3 degrees, 6, 12, 24, 48. How much you need to rotate your ramp every
time also depends on what the width of the surf ramp is, the wider it is the more you
need to rotate it. I highly recommend keeping an untouched version
of any surf ramp you make inside your map, so you have a backup in case. With the surf ramps made, we need to finish
the stage, this part is hard to explain because you just have to get used to the tools given,
so small montage, until I have something that matches my drawing. To finish it off I will just duplicate the
start platform to the end, and using the flip tool found under “tools ->flip objects
->horizontally / vertically”, or just “ctrl+l” / “ctrl+i”, we almost have our first surf
stage, just need to add some triggers, teleports and some other various details, which we will
look over in the next episode. Thank you for watching, hope you learned something.

Antonio Breitenberg

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31 thoughts on “How to make a surf map [Cs:GO / Cs:S / TF2] – Part 2 – Surf Ramps

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    Also at some point could you cover applying a tag to someone to allow them to pass through a trigger, like if they didn't go through a certain part of a map then they will get teleported at another part, i spent a few hours trying to figure it out and couldn't. Maybe i'm just stupid though.

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    Do you have any plans to continue this series?

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    I pressed " Carve "
    R.I.P my first surf map 🙁

  11. JMX remix says:

    I pressed " Carve "
    R.I.P my first surf map 🙁

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    Vertex mode, click on the little X to select the thing (or hold control and click to select multiple things), draw a box and hit enter to select all vertices of the thing, now you can move it without deforming it and snap any specific vertex to the grid. Posting this here cause I only figured this out after a really frustrating half an hour lol.

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