How to Kick a Soccer Ball with Power

How to Kick a Soccer Ball with Power

Hi, I am Tamir Linhart owner of Golden Boot Soccer and I am going to teach you today, how to score goals in soccer. once we have got into a scoring position now it’s time to learn how to put the soccer ball in the back of the net. i’m going to teach you first how to shoot the ball with power There are many ways of striking the ball, today I am going to focus really on the most basic technique of striking the ball first you want to push the ball in an angle You are going to run as fast as you can towards the ball take a quick look at the goalkeeper and
see where they are We want to place the non-kicking foot, right next to the ball and point your toes towards your target Your knee’s got to bend over and now you want to take your foot, your leg all the way up here Once you get here you want to swing your food as fast as you can to get more power Once you swing your foot forward you want to punch your toes down and lock your ankle when you hit the ball you want to hit it in the middle of the ball, so you want to lift your toes, your foot up a little bit make contact with the ball and continue with your shot all the way up follow-through In order not to stop your follow through you want to hop with your opposite foot and land on your kicking foot. that’s how you strike the ball with power. Again many other technique for finishing this is the one that will generate the most power in soccer. to watch the other segments in this
video series or for how to videos on almost any other topic visit

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100 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball with Power

  1. rickyponting1410 says:


  2. Ray Murtada says:

    Why do they call soccer football? I get confused with American Football.

  3. Taha Bebti says:

    because your using your foot to kick the ball -.- FOOT-BALL

  4. MsBonzerBambat says:

    איך שומעים שהוא ישראלי לפי המבטא.. חחחח

  5. Sourav DotA SEA stream says:

    Noob americans 😀 its FOOTBALL retards not SOCCER :S #getalife

  6. Renux says:

    Punch your toes xDD

  7. CutTheBerries says:


  8. woodenshoesgamer says:

    this is just for americans, here in holland everbody knows this shit from their 4th birthday

  9. ThatBoyTLong says:

    They call it soccer in Canada. They call it soccer in Africa. They call it soccer in Australia. Heck, Im English and I call it soccer sometimes.

  10. iRaaaize says:


  11. julian anania says:

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  12. EZES says:

    0:57 You want to swing your food

  13. KRivera says:

    yep, like hamburgers 😀

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  16. Ethan Thomas says:

    you're the most racist person on youtube

  17. allison pyun says:


  18. 16nowhereman says:

    You actually have to lean slightly forward when you power kick, otherwise if you stand too strait or upright, the ball becomes a satellite in orbit.

  19. Jeremie Sanford says:

    ignorant Europeans. its soccer in America, get over it. Get a fucking life and stop complaining about the NAME OF A SPORT. dumbasses.

  20. Beast project says:

    It's football arse wipe

  21. Robin Ahir says:


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  23. Jonhness Alazas says:

    bro in america if u say football there going to think that american foot thats why we call it soccer in america

  24. Besuite'd Styles says:

    Did I just see a sneaky toepunt

  25. OneCoolDude08 says:

    Straight people call it soccer. Guys who love getting rammed in the ass call it football.

  26. x2MuchHQ says:

    This is called football

  27. MrFluffy1979 says:

    proper name is association football not soccer.

  28. Conlanse Anty says:

    good one

  29. Bosec Lefty says:

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  32. kingcraft32 says:

    the ball is like an 1" of the ground

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  40. Victor Marin says:

    This is football people that call it soccer shouldnt play it if they dont know its proper name 😛

  41. gamerz addicts says:

    lol this guy only tells you how to shoot the ball hard what his missing you also have to gain leg muscle for a harder shot like zlatan and c.ronaldo

  42. HD Guy says:


  43. Nubaish Emrith says:

    Quiet good

  44. Drewand says:

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  45. Carlos Augusto says:

    Putz, need to do video to teach kickball? huahauhua it will hit penalty has to teach hitting plate.

  46. Carlos Augusto says:


  47. Goldnikl says:

    It's funny when you're watching a video like this and you see that you actualy kick the ball with more power with your own tehnique. I'm not saying that he don't have any power in his kick, but I'm 17 years old and I hit much harder then he does. AGAIN, no hate, just sayin..

  48. Gaurav Bhosale says:

    lol bore

  49. john vallandingham says:

    You do not want to approach from an angle. You do not need to look at the goalie, you should know where the goalie should be.

  50. Yann Ahoussou says:

    Hey it's not soccer it's FOODBAll

  51. Conner Jacques says:

    Heskey was here..

  52. K9 says:

    I sometimes end up kicking the floor and near enough breaking my toes

  53. MC says:

    when im shooting with my laces. it hurts on my ankles. that and the muscles are stretched and that causes many pain for me. How do i shoot with my laces without the pain???

  54. naymz crow says:

    when i'm kick the ball…it was hurts…. what must i have to do??

  55. ToonTurbo 8 says:

    lml swing ur food

  56. Daniel Tranchida says:

    Looking at the goalie is a great idea before you shoot. I find players who want to progress faster score and pass much accurate who look before you shoot. Players who dont look tend to pass to the keeper or opposing player more often. Its very discouraging as a coach seeing the same players head down passing too the keeper or opposing team.

  57. Preston says:

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  62. Ryan White says:

    You don't need a huge follow through to get power

  63. YAZDANI Mohd says:

    One last step make sure ur thigh goes real

  64. YAZDANI Mohd says:

    One last step make sure your thigh goes as far as it can

  65. Eugenio Fernandez says:

    This guy said «put the ball in the back of the net». Well if you do that, it will be a miss.

  66. I Love Albania says:

    Only little kiddies shoot like that.

  67. Counter intuitive panda says:

    That is stupid, the best power comes from the toe, I do it all the time.

    Jk 😀

  68. វាអា មេចហ្អែង says:

    Thank Q

  69. Márk Csörgő says:

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  70. IanPlayz360 says:

    I can kick with way more power than that

  71. VIDEOS 2016!! says:

    he's suck

  72. Lady Andrade says:

    he jumps

  73. Emerald Dragon says:


  74. Emerald Dragon says:

    but its still powerful

  75. Emerald Dragon says:

    I can not understand him is wish I could

  76. nick seifried says:

    U shoot with your inside stupid u would break your toe

  77. Mj says:

    This is shit!!! He is showing you how to toe bash!!!!!!!!

  78. Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment says:

    you are funny, i know a few techniques that you can hit with more power than that.. thats just stupid, i mean you need power from penalty spot? if you can score a goal from 30 yards (with a GK in goal) with that demonstration, then… you will get a prize. If you want to hit like a monkey then yes, that is a good strike.

  79. Jonathan Tavarez says:

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  86. Patrick Callow says:

    today at my high school soccer practice I got to learn how to score a goal and I scored 3 goals today at soccer practice !!!!

  87. ash21 says:

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  88. Vienna Harrisenko says:

    For everybody criticizing how he shoots, if he kicks it with his toe than that could brake his toe. But he was kicking it with his laces. There is a big difference.

  89. Reggie Nation says:

    That's not how you kick a ball

  90. Saleema Alsalami says:

    thanks that helps a lot

  91. Ford Bass says:

    Thanks for the video!

  92. Shrek Trump says:

    Friend, when I kick this way, the ball doesn't go up, You know how to solve?

  93. Łił whørę says:

    That's not how you kick a soccer ball. #fact

  94. Cathy Orlando says:


  95. LazyVineBoy01 _ says:

    My Grandma can kick harder than you

  96. Hussain Salman says:


  97. Angel 5739221 says:

    If the gk saw this video he will no where your going to kick

  98. Patrick Rostker says:

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