How To Juggle A Soccer Ball | Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1

Hey guys, this is Mark Lavery with Spila Soccer
Services. Thanks so much for checking out the video. Today we’re going to be teaching
you guys how to juggle. I just want to point out that this is a video for beginners. If
you’re advanced, you know, or already know how to juggle, then this video might not help
you out that much. It’s part one of a three part series, so for all of you guys that want
to just learn how to juggle a soccer ball, then this is going to be the perfect video
for you. Juggling is the most important skill a soccer player can have in my opinion. I
truly believe that players that know how to juggle will be more confident on the field,
and that confidence leads to better shots, better passes, and you lose the ball a lot
less so you instantly become more valuable to your team. This video is not doing to help
players that already know how to juggle, so if you do, then you might want to check out
one of our later videos, but if you have no clue how to juggle, or if you’re just starting
out playing soccer and you want to learn, then this is the video for you. Alright guys,
I’m going to start by explaining proper technique before we even get into the drills. First
I’m going to show you guys what not to do so that you know what to avoid. The first
example is having your toes down, and your ankle soft, or not “locked.” As you can see
when your toes are down and your ankle isn’t locked the ball is almost impossible to control.
It either won’t bounce back up where you want it to, or it’s going to move forward away
from your body. The second example of bad technique is when your toes are pointing too
far up. Even though your ankle is “locked” since your toes are pointing too far upwards,
when you make contact with the ball it’s going to bounce back into your leg or your body.
The last example of poor technique is when you bring your foot behind your body to kick
the ball. It is possible to juggle like this, but it’s going to be a lot harder to maintain
control or the ball. Alright, now lets focus on the right way. First, you want to make
sure your toes are slightly up and your ankle is firm, or “locked.” As you can see in the
clip, my toes are slightly up, my ankle is locked, and my knees are slightly bent to
help with balance. As you guys start learning to juggle pay attention to these techniques,
but also pay attention to the rotation of the ball. If your technique is good, then
the ball should either have backspin or very little spin at all. Now I’m going to show
some basic drills you can do as you start learning to juggle. These drills all build
on each other, so it’s important that you master each drill before moving on to the
next one. As you learn to juggle I recommend that you start the ball from your hands. So,
in the first drill you’re going to start the ball from your hands, drop it and let it bounce,
kick it back up to your hands and catch it. You want to make sure the ball is coming right
back up to your chest, and you’re not having to chase the ball. I recommend trying to do
ten perfect reps with your dominant foot and then ten perfect reps with your weaker foot.
You can also try and do thirty seconds on each foot and the move on. In drill two start
the ball from your hands, drop the ball, let it bounce, and then kick it up with your dominant
foot letting it bounce in between every touch. You want to focus on making sure the ball
stays below your waist, and directly in front of your body. Make sure you keep your knees
bent so you’re able to move your feet a little bit if you do take a bad touch. It’s okay
to move your feet just try to stay under control. Try to complete twenty perfect reps with each
foot, or try to go thirty seconds on each side without messing up. Once you’ve completed
the reps challenge yourself to try to walk forward with the ball as it’s bouncing and
then backwards. In the last drill for today we’re going to start the ball from our hands,
drop it and let it bounce, and then alternate feet. It’s very similar to drill two except
instead of doing one foot at a time, you’re getting used to alternating your feet each
touch. Try to complete twenty perfect reps with each foot which is forty touches total,
or you can try to go for forty five seconds without messing up. Thanks so much for watching
guys I really appreciate it. This is part one of a three part series, so make sure you’re
all on the lookout for part two. It should be out in a couple of days. You guys need
to make sure you’re mastering these things that we worked on today before you move on
to part two. That’s the best way to learn to juggle. Don’t just skip ahead…it’s not
going to help you, and it’s only going to make the process longer in the long run. So,
again, if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you like, comment, subscribe, and share
the video with your friends. Thanks again, guys.

Antonio Breitenberg

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