How To Indy, Melon, Mute & Stalefish Grab On A Snowboard (Goofy)

How To Indy, Melon, Mute & Stalefish Grab On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Grabing on jumps
Bouncing on a tramp emulates what it’ll be like to pop off a jump.
When it comes to actual snowboarding, know what grab you’re gonna try before you approach
the jump. Focus on your grab after you leave the lip
rather than before. Having a strong ollie or pop is one thing that’ll make grabbing
much easier. It’s a combination of bringing your board up to you and reaching down for
the grab but it’s better to think of getting your knees up high, bringing the board up
to your hand. Bringing the board up to your hand rather than reaching down, will also
help you to stay stable in the air. You usually have a lot more clothes on when
snowboarding which makes a little more resistance to being compact in the air.
You may need to put more effort in when out shredding but the feeling should be the same
as when on a tramp. Practice a lot on the tramp until you can
get all the main grabs anytime without even looking at your hands.
When snowboarding the bigger your jump is the more time you have to grab and hold it.
It’s easiest to learn on smallish jumps like this one however will feel way better and
more relaxed on bigger jumps. On very small jumps it’s quite difficult to
get a grab in.

Antonio Breitenberg

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