How to Indy Grab – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

How to Indy Grab – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

What’s up guys? Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In this
video I’ve got a few tips for doing Indy grabs. An Indy grab is when you
grab your snowboard with your back hand, between your bindings,
on your toe edge. Indy’s are a good beginner grab
because you’re reaching straight down, so it’s easy to stay balanced in the air.
I’ve got three tips to help you learn this grab and to help you make it look stylish. The first tip is to get a good pop off the lip of the jump. Popping off the lip will give you much
more height and time in the air to complete the grab. The jump I’m hitting
is small but because of the pop, I’ve got lots of time to get to grab. The second tip is to suck your knees up in the air. As you leave the lip bend your knees as much as you can. When you go for the grab, you won’t have to
reach far because your snowboard will be right there. The third tip is to tweek out the Indy grab to make it look stylish. Twist your body in the air to get your snowboard sideways and straighten your back leg while
bending your front leg to bone it out you can use the same tips to make all
you got easier and more stylish. If you guys have any
questions or if you have any tips for Indy grabs you can leave them in the comments
section. Let me know if there are any other grabs you want to learn. Subscribe to see more trick videos.
Thanks for watching!

Antonio Breitenberg

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25 thoughts on “How to Indy Grab – Snowboarding Tricks Regular

  1. ZariCreativity says:

    Is grabbing with both hands on your tail a double tail grab or does it have a specific name?

  2. Joximus ART says:

    Regular is when your left foot is in front?Wow,didn't know that.. :O

  3. Arran Livingstone says:

    Great vid guys!! I was wondering if you could do one on ground tricks specifically. Im going to Italy soon and don't yet know If the slopes have any jibs/ramps so just wanted some tricks I could definitely try out! 🙂 Thanx as always

  4. MarkusGraphics says:

    Could you do a tutorial on how to pop? It seems like an important part of tricks and I struggle with it, I end up doing an ollie

  5. dvlrrrroth says:

    what camera do you use? gopro? silver or black?

  6. lauren huschilt says:

    hey I've just started and im having trouble with toe side and heel side, any tips? i really want to get confident to be able to go into the terrain me out?

  7. Nicholas Jessel says:

    This is blackomb

  8. Nicholas Jessel says:

    Big easy terrain garden

  9. fractal_force says:

    that was awesome

  10. fractal_force says:

    you make it look easy

  11. mgomez2448 says:

    I was able to land my first Indy a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the help!Next I'm gonna see if I can tweak it. haha

  12. Kohei Sugimoto says:

    I would like to learn stalefish grab

  13. David Pogrebitskiy says:

    Can you make a vid on a basic grab that doesn't require switch and is really easy to learn?

  14. cjtero123 says:


  15. Fletcher Daniel says:

    I think instead of just doing a pop off the jump, it is easier to do an Indy grab by doing an ollie off the jump because you naturally suck up your knees.

  16. ntrnka. says:

    great video! yesterday was the first time i tried any grab trick, and i bent over my waist to reach with my front hand… it didnt really work out

  17. Ayden Dakiller says:

    last time i did an indy grab (regular), i ended up doing a half barrel roll and ended upside down. lucky it was an airbag but do you know what went wrong? i was doing everything you said like flat board and i didn't lead back or anything.

  18. Ethan Wang says:

    my park's jumps have a weird pit at the top, are you familiar with those?

  19. Angelo Vallières says:


  20. Marwan Tarabay says:

    thanks for the vid…which salomon board were u using here? have u tried the assassin? what do you think about it for al mountain riding.. thanks +SnowboardProCamp

  21. Bryce Bachour says:

    Landed my first Indy grab thanks to you guys!

  22. Janneman96 says:

    Thanks for the motivation to try the indie grab! Yesterday I landed 9 out of 10 on the first day of ever trying! Although mine was not much of an indie grab, but more of an Indie tap, I only tapped the snowboard. This is what I did:
    1. I practiced straight airs on a small jump for 3 hours straight, every time I tried getting my board closer to my shoulders. When I had 5 smooth landings in a row I proceeded to the next steps.
    2. On flat snow, I quickly reached down to my board and touched it multiple times, to know what it should feel like.
    3. I made carving heel turns and grabbed my board along the whole turn, I did that about 5 times
    4. I did a couple of ollies on the way down to my first indie grab attempt, focusing on smooth landing.
    5. I went for the indie grab. I tapped the board in the air, but landed too far on my heel edge, catching it and falling.
    Then the next 9 times it worked for me, I landed them, each time touching my snowboard a little bit longer. The next step, to make it an actual grab instead of a tap, I'll probably have to increase speed or pop, but I'd rather practice my other skills at lower speed first.
    Do you like these kind of reports or should I keep them to myself?

  23. David Barron says:

    Not an Indy just a frontside grab. For it to be Indy it's has to be backside spin or backside hip or half pipe wall.

  24. Cunt Schmitt says:

    The stinkbug king

  25. ran dori says:

    Lol..that's a stink bug.

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