How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial

How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial

  1. Gabriel says:

    it helps . Cool video .

  2. Mighty Devils says:

    Barcelona won AMAZINGLY! truly a miracle …..can this comment hit 10 likes?

  3. Huzaifah Md Nazri says:

    3 minutes 59 seconds later…

    Uhh how to do it?

    1 sec later…

    becomes dribbling master

  4. Kiarash Ahdnov says:

    one of the best tutorials

  5. aroninho9 says:

    I have an excecuitve function test, which tells you for the most part if you have what it takes to be a great soccer player

  6. Mevan Shamo says:

    I liked it this one

  7. Akselmilas Battal says:

    For how long should each drill be ?

  8. Angelo says:

    going to try these moves today to train myself more thanks.

  9. Shah Khan says:

    literally gotta just get touches on the ball. smh i should've taken soccer more seriously back then. im 19 tryna relearn to play smh

  10. usman waseem says:

    what is the music played at the beginning of the video?

  11. Crazy Gamer says:

    How much time for each drill

  12. It’s Mitchell Playz says:

    Ur channel sucks

  13. Tzzyro says:

    My own coach says that my dribbles aren't good because I'm too slow with my feet, let me prove him wrong 😉

  14. FearCrispy says:

    Copied From all attack

  15. Sucuk Yumurta says:

    Maad bruder was geht 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. IDG says:

    song name in the intro??

  17. KES FV says:

    i made a similar video someone help improve

  18. LA19PRODUCTIONS says:

    why arent you removing hair from legs??

  19. Muhammad Ali says:

    hello brother i need a help when i do all your excersise inside feet or inside outside the ball goesinfront it is not adjusting on my foot like you are standing at the same position and doing all the stuff while i have to move in the whole place to do this excersise

  20. Ricardo Aragon says:

    So just do each for a minute or how long? since these do help if done everyday


    wow what a nice video.

  22. santiago sandoval says:

    if you really want to improve your soccer wach this video and buy it it really works and its profesional

  23. Rob Hodge says:

    2:09… lost me. That was hella-fast. I'm a defender and I'm telling you that would syke me out.

  24. Pinky Devi says:

    I am gonna try this

  25. dg goeswrong says:

    chor allatack ko video ho yo

  26. Vishal Butola says:

    nice one for newly person

  27. Smooth Cactus says:

    OK Thanks.
    I'll Break Some Ankles.

  28. itz hayyden says:

    instructions were not clear my balls got stuck in my xbox disk tray

  29. Aasis Sharma says:

    Can you show a video how to be good defenders and skillof defenders

  30. Jebus Burrolleza says:

    great video it should help my daughter a lot thanks!

  31. JUICY PIES says:

    you're teaching soccer in a basketball court

  32. one angered boi says:

    Gawd I suck soo much in the history of football

  33. one angered boi says:

    And he's alone…but in mine,a lot of peeps watches me practice football and it makes me soo nervous

  34. Einstein Gaming says:

    Thanks! bud it means a lot!!

  35. Rotisserie Chiggen says:

    I've been doing the first two for years and it's actually crazy how well they work

  36. jatin panwar says:

    It's work now I am so good at soccer

  37. Seema Trivedi says:

    All moves are so easy to learn

  38. Tanvir Siddique says:

    I like this vedii

  39. FFTekkerzkid says:

    Helped me out alot

  40. the boss man Bilz says:


  41. dc c says:

    This is very helpful to build up skills.

  42. Tom Davies says:

    Really helpful drills, thanks for uploading.

  43. Msa Ali says:

    Inside feet. Drag and slide. Inside outside. Outside feet. Outside in

  44. Sajeda Begum says:

    nice video bri

  45. Sam Sohail says:

    Please guide How much time be given to each tip regulary for a player playing for the first time or for beginners???

  46. freekickerz says:

    ⚽📍 6 MIO FK-SHIRT (Limitiert/Limited) ►

  47. Justyyn Beckham says:

    Anyone seen improvements?

  48. IG athulrajninja says:

    I can't do this…..

    I only have 1 foot!!!!LOL

  49. Re Saputra says:

    Thank you, this video is very helping 🙂

  50. SURAJIT BAWALI says:

    I'm big fan of yours..
    So, you tell me how long times I will practice per day????

  51. Lucas Ruark says:

    Great video

  52. Cyrus Brooks says:

    These look really good. Can you show or explain how to use them in the game? I could see that in one of the moves. I'm an adult soccer learner.

  53. Fahmi Bahrin says:


    is juggling matters in football?

  54. Mahesh Chandra Pandey says:

    i really like this video it is very helpful thanks 😉

  55. Harsh Ambewadkar says:

    It's awesome and amazing

  56. katana blade says:

    Thanks bro,this helped me a lot .

  57. Abdurashid Inoyatov says:

    My name is Abdurashid I love football. And I am big fan for Barça. I love LaMasia

  58. Abdurashid Inoyatov says:

    My name is Abdurashid I love football. And I am big fan for Barça. I love LaMasia

  59. Sonu Kumar says:


  60. challenging Supremes says:

    this helped me I got better

  61. Lakhe E says:

    Why not get the fukc out on field with some pals and play. Ask them to teach you some things ( or join a local club)
    Is it that hard.
    For you socially awkward well football might not be for tou very well.

  62. Teletubby Po says:

    Can someone tell me if this works? I know it won’t work overnight and takes a while. I haven’t played football since school and I’m trying to get back into it

  63. neil kurian says:


  64. welcome Lindor says:

    thanks bra it works and have improve my skill performance on and off the pitch my coach started asking questions how I do it

  65. DUDE REVERSE says:

    When I do inside feet it does at my back

  66. Danilo Correa says:

    U need to see how im playing right now 💯⚽

  67. Samira Haque says:

    I like your vids they help my football skills good job guys

  68. Sandeep Chahar says:

    Awesome bro

  69. xTourmaline says:

    I don’t know why but I’m having so much trouble with inside feet.

  70. ÖFK says:

    nc video

  71. Karthik Dikshithar says:

    simple. dat foundation 🙂

  72. rizki dwitama says:

    very good video:)

  73. Preetam Rawat says:

    Man..when i dribble without shoes i do great dribbling but wgen u wear football Shoe i feel heavy with my feet and can't dribble… Gelp me.

  74. abduhhh_ says:

    2:09 wtf

  75. Setia Gutama says:

    very good and detailed in explaining

  76. Aro aro says:

    Very interesting
    Good tutorial

  77. Jaylah Skrúmpa Jackson says:

    Great tutorial! Had no questions after the video

  78. Omot Mech says:

    Hoe to learn i step over in game situation

  79. Zishan Chaudhrey says:

    Im doing it 100 times on each foot

  80. Abdullah Larik says:


  81. Preston Guzman says:

    realy looking forward to this hope it works and hope next year I get picked for the soccer team wish me luck

  82. Boss Brothers says:

    If we practice these techniques everyday, when can we expect the results?

  83. jenggot kuda says:


  84. WAYNE ROONEYTM says:

    Nice vid

  85. Sumaira ka Kitchen says:

    Do them for 2mins each

  86. El Yo! says:

    Did anyone improved with these Exercises

  87. Mohammed Qabazard says:

    Excellent 👏🏻😃⚽️💙⚽️👏🏻

  88. Brandon Bangambee says: Just another way to improve your footwork and ball mastery !! just wanna help , hope that helps as well 🙏🏾

  89. Alexis Spence says:

    this is going to help me so much !

  90. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:


  91. Xstream 9 says:

    It’s not 4 mins it’s 3

  92. 1,000 subs no vids says:

    You do realize you are making kids better than you

  93. Taehsoo Kim says:

    Are my the only girl in here?

  94. Lava Girl says:

    This are very hard once you start doing them but it takes is practice

  95. Anfield Darker says:


  96. MAGIC GAURDIAN says:

    you stole the video from all attack

  97. Norman Fernèe says:

    Like if la croqeta is the best skill

  98. Putra Jvfry says:

    I do this all day before start playing. At the tournament game it happen like automatic when u got pressure 😊

  99. I love Nuggets says:

    They keep saying that I am the slowest in our team, that's why I'm going to prove them that I can improve

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