How to Ice Skate

How to Ice Skate

How to Ice Skate. Follow this advice and you will soon be gliding
like a champion. You will need An ice rink Padded pants Ice
skates and patience. Skate only in areas that have been approved
as ice-skating rinks. Step 1. Practice falling with your skates on. Tuck in your arms, land on your rear, get
up on your hands and knees, and place your feet underneath you one at a time. Practice falls onto the ground before entering
the rink. Step 2. Practice stopping techniques while standing
still. Drag one foot behind the other at a 45-degree
angle, and shift your weight to the back skate to stop. Step 3. Once you’re on the ice, stand with your feet
six inches apart, toes straight ahead, knees slightly bent, arms out at your sides, eyes
forward, and your weight evenly distributed between your skates. Step 4. Turn your right foot to the two o’clock position
and your left foot to the ten o’clock position. Keep your weight evenly distributed and glide,
keeping both skates on the ice. Step 5. Shift your weight from one skate to the other
once you feel more confident. Step 6. Lift the skate opposite to the one your weight
is on slightly off the ground. Keep practicing this technique and you will
soon master the beginning steps of ice skating. Did you know Did you know? Figure skating was officially a summer Olympic
sport in 1908.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate

  1. Joseph Sanchez says:


  2. Miao Miao says:

    Then learn to skate and chase your dream!

  3. Miao Miao says:

    How was it? Are you with her now?

  4. Miao Miao says:

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  5. Blake says:

    yes haha this video actually helped alot haha

  6. Miao Miao says:

    Congrats. Haha.

  7. Ariel Lee says:

    no howcast, i didnt know that ice skating was originally a summer olympic sport πŸ™‚

  8. Jo and Perry Atkins says:

    it worked now i know how to ice skate

  9. LosEagle says:

    And thats not all. You need even hockey skates!!!!!

  10. Kyle Brandenstein says:

    That seems pretty difficult for the first few steps

  11. Destiny Loudenback says:

    i kinda giggled when it said to practice falling i dont think i need to be told how to fall i was falling since i was 4 months old thank you

  12. Webkinzluver33150 says:

    Great I'm going Ice skating today and learned nothing from this video I guess I'll be hugging the wall -_-

  13. mimimimizuzaka says:

    yeah but its not very funny when someone falls on their head or theirs hands on the ice (sometimes they get run over ):

  14. D3lud3d says:

    No wonder It wasn't working for me, I didn't have an ice rink

  15. Evil Mastermind says:

    Well try ice skating without a place to ice skate genius.

  16. iL0v3Bradie says:

    It was sarcasm tool don't get all anal hurt over a sarcastic comment xoxoxo

  17. Darwin Dust says:

    Stand with your feet 6 Inchs apart…. Yea.. I don't think my friends 5 year old daughter will able to do that

  18. jodie fourmaux says:

    Thanks! I'm not good at ice skating but I'll soon show off my friends in November 22nd!

  19. Salt City says:

    Are rinks really that essential? I know it's on the "required" list, but who really needs that stuff to skate anyhow (padded pants? Really?)
    I think I'll stick to practicing falls in my living room. I wonder if YouTube can tell me how to breathe too? I keep forgetting! Thanks how!!!

  20. Carlos Flores says:

    Directions weren't clear enough. I got my dick stuck in the ice skates shoelace

  21. BinghamVlogs says:

    You could use a lake (If it's cold enough)

  22. BAMBI says:

    looks so stupid.

  23. BinghamVlogs says:

    Hence the "(If it's cold enough)".

  24. Dana Hall says:

    Lol but wait it only said ice skating; there were no specifics

  25. TheBeedo11 says:

    Haha "practice falling" wow lol

  26. pshmya55 says:

    why would i give a fuck when it was discovered ?!

  27. justin1berg1 says:

    skyway arena right?

  28. MachaPoelski says:

    Im going ice skating tomoro eeee!

  29. ickatabg says:

    girls don't get hokey

  30. Austin Ngo says:

    It Is Awesome!

  31. gg1992gg says:

    i love how they arent talking about figure skating but u think they are.

  32. Maryam Bukhari says:

    I love how you're wrong..

  33. Misho Papiashvili says:

    thanks i learn it in no time

  34. Christian Andersen says:

    A little girl was helping me to ice skate she held my hand I was embarrassed….

  35. Harbard says:

    No you don't need an ice rink. Here in Sweden we have ice on lakes too πŸ˜‰

  36. TruthThanks says:

    Does anyone else worry they will fall and land in the splits position like Mr Wilson in Dennis the Menace the movie? πŸ™

  37. Josh Watkins says:

    What's the difference? I'm British by the way, we don't do ice sports here, just rain sports.

  38. captainkyokyo says:

    Figure skates look a bit slimmer and have a toe pick (for doing tricks)

  39. Starstruck*Diaries says:

    well basically it is because of the form of the skates & stuff the only difference is the ground you skate on XD

  40. Steven Behnke says:

    AKA don't skate on a lake, fall through the ice and die. πŸ˜‰

  41. TJ says:

    The only thing you need is Patience and a Rink.
    Skates you can rent AT the rink and the padding.. well.. you get that if you dont wanna hurt yourself but trust me, you'll be the ONLY one wearing it in public ice skating rinks lol

  42. Justiiin231 says:

    wait….ice skating was declared a SUMMER sport in 1908???????

  43. Justiiin231 says:


  44. Leonardo Stapelfeldt says:

    45Β°. haha nope that's 90Β°

  45. Ali abo elezz says:


  46. Simtitan1's Gaming & Tech Talk says:

    Looks easy… for him. Me? I will fall like 100 times in 1 minute.

  47. noonw says:

    and your point is…….

  48. Marsyl Viernes says:

    Here i am taking advice from howcast … AGAIN

  49. Leonardo Stapelfeldt says:

    that it's wrong…

  50. SouthPaw says:

    you make it look like its easy D:

  51. Zach says:

    Thanks. Almost did this in my drive way.

  52. RealFlynn says:

    Very helpful when you work in a rink and don't know how to skate

  53. Rcflyyer1 says:

    I'm going ice skating today.. I always fall and make myself look like an idiot…

  54. Joshua Dutcher says:

    I can't wait for my hockey to start!

  55. James crabs says:

    I thought I needed a tar pit. I used to have a sexual fetish for swimming in those. Helped me to relax myself.

  56. isaac says:


  57. saif alsari says:

    dude ur not making urself idiot because i do that all the time but i still dont stop and then girl came to me and said "huh u never stop do ya?" LIKE A DAMN BOSS then i got her number

  58. Vienna Paige says:

    Damn I haven't done this in 3 years

  59. Grace Wilson Music says:

    That guy looks like Santa in disguise

  60. ry an says:

    Figure skating is not the same technique as ice skating. Ice skating goes for more power strides, this shows the easy figure skating strides.

  61. eoghan odonnell says:

    you guys make this seem so complicated seriously πŸ™

  62. Alyssa says:

    how can you skate in the summer olympics

  63. dedog2003 says:

    That dude doesn't skate very well lol

  64. fishy fishy says:

    I got invited to a birthday party for ice skating and I cant ice skate I must learn!!!!

  65. little_angel07 says:

    To learn how to ice skate; you must first choose the right skates. If the skates are not tight enough, you will fall (learned that the hard way). When you tie your skates, make sure it's tight.

  66. vince charming says:

    You atet supposed to fall on your rear

  67. Sana Qureshi says:

    Tried it, never skating again

  68. Michael Perez says:

    Worst video ever

  69. Zoey Blanchard says:


  70. CreamHub says:

    How is this more than 500k+ if there its only 7 people on Earth?

  71. Blonde Albino says:

    But umma figure skater and the skate is different from hockey skates u used in the video

  72. TechMechMen says:

    lol the guy on the video is quite bad at skating

  73. Jackelin Hermosilla says:

    Great!!! Video

  74. slopcrusher says:

    Don't stand with your feet 6 feet apart, it's called shoulder width

  75. Sasha Phillips says:

    I'm going to be going ice skating next week and I have just watched the video I saw the move's

  76. Sasha Phillips says:

    just wanted to say that



  78. mtb trails says:

    Hockey tutorial is better check his channel he can show you properly

  79. Fun Time says:

    I'm going skating one day this week and I will DIE 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  80. Riyaz Mohamed says:

    I play ice hockey so I rule at skating lol

  81. Ollie Mann says:

    Well this was good but I tried to do it how you said and after going to the ice skating rink I came home with my knee cut, skin hanging off my other knee and big black bruises all over me I guess this isn't for me?

  82. TheDerpyMango :3 says:

    i learned in 5 mins

  83. ch1ck sucks says:

    the people at the window peeking Lol

  84. dope scope says:

    step number 7 dont EVER listen to howcast

  85. Aamina Penn says:

    Omg who's watching in 2016? πŸ˜‚

  86. Keegan Billings says:

    Not that easy

  87. β™₯lollypopβ™₯ says:

    I'm gonna die

  88. Hockey Goalie says:

    This guy is going to the chel

  89. Ying Zi Yao says:

    I'm 10……I was at the ice skating rink……a 4 year old was skating better then me……she could even skate on one leg….while I fell 10+ times…xD

  90. Anderson, Don’t Talk Out Loud says:

    I came here because of Yuri!!! On Ice. I am ultimate otaku. I also have no clue how to ice skate…

  91. wendy says:

    I'm going to start scrolling down and see the YOI comments .-.

  92. Skittles Flutter says:

    I'm just here to tell y'all who wanna quit because you think 'you can't do it' that I started skating at age 15 (Now I'm 16) and my first time was a complete mess and it took me entering the rink about 8 times to become good but not professionally good. Right now I am extremely good and my dream of becoming a professional seems more real to me now. This is because I never quit even at my worst. There will be bad days on a rink where, even though you can already do this, you just won't be able to do it that day. It's normal and it happens to professionals too. Just don't quit! It's possible to become really good no matter where your starting point is! In the future you'll thank your past self for not quitting because damn ice skating is so much easier and more fun when you're able to glide smoothly, flip positions, go backwards etc.

  93. ItsFamMaam says:

    I tried this but I fell but this year I speed skate with figure skates faster than hockey

  94. Mojo Mogo says:

    What the hell

  95. Kass says:

    Thanks fam gotta school trip later, don't wanna embarrass myself

  96. Imelda Craig says:

    Ive NEVER seen someone stop like that on step 2

  97. Benedict Holland says:

    I guess this is good, but you didn't actually tell us how to ice skate

  98. Leslie Aviles says:

    No one is gonna be doing t-stops and crossovers their first time skating…

  99. monsiuer smartypants says:

    protip for beginners. flex your abs while skating for balance.

  100. sam bou says:

    step 7: go and break your neck !

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