How To Hydro Dip Football Boots! ⚽ CR7 Soccer Cleats

How To Hydro Dip Football Boots! ⚽ CR7 Soccer Cleats

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “How To Hydro Dip Football Boots! ⚽ CR7 Soccer Cleats

  1. Football Boots says:

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  2. mikael_lopeslemos says:

    Voces tem patrocinio da nike?

  3. João victor says:

    Q merda

  4. HenzWs _ says:

    Cago na chutera

  5. Tutorial GamerZ says:


  6. Diabolo Legna says:

    Puras mamadas haces wey

  7. Odin Røen says:

    Yellow and red is best and orange and black

  8. David Mendino says:

    Cat i get some boots pleas

  9. Azelmaze says:

    I Liked And I Love Hytrodipping !😎😜🤔

  10. Jeffri Blazquez says:

    You have to make me one

  11. Os competitivos says:

    Será que eu sou o único brasileiro aqui🤔🤔🤔?

  12. Marcelo Lima says:

    Da like no comentário quem é brasileiro

  13. Fishing Mate says:

    Just normal water and normal spray?

  14. Sinz Art says:

    please give me one cr7 boot for free you have a ton of them please

  15. GActon07 says:

    Yellow red ones I would wear

  16. Adam Sahimin says:

    You so genius…all nice and the mercurial boot is my favourite …♡♡

  17. Chrisswangs says:

    Where you buy all of this

  18. Chrisswangs says:

    What’s that paper called

  19. shrikant chari says:

    Give shoes to the poor ones brother. You are just fucking ruining it.

  20. 100'000 subscribers with 0 videos challenge says:

    Yellow red

  21. Bisto Ngwa says:

    Future mercurial

  22. Muneeb Nisar says:

    How long does hydro dip last on football boots make a video

  23. Unknown X says:

    Sorry but they look such ugly😬

  24. Hugo Villarreal says:

    great ideas but horrible hydro dipping technique

  25. [PR] ᴘʜᴜʀɪꜱʜ says:

    โห้ เปลืองเงินหว่ะ แถมม่สวยด้วยทำไมทำได้กากจักบานพ่อคุณรวยหรอคั้บ

  26. Avdul Batusa says:

    The orange wans are my favorite

  27. Bruna Roani says:


  28. Jose Braga says:

    playm os criam druidas rhydstua

  29. nikeeweston says:

    I just watched a 14 yr old kid do this and he was amazing, made it look simple, he made sure temp was right in water, he knew what he was doing these guys are useless. Just stop. You have no idea wtf you’re doing except ruining boots.

  30. Rodolfo Pagliari says:

    Damelo ami pa hacemelo llega a mtt compadre

  31. richard wallace says:

    They look rubbish leave it to the pros

  32. Aidan Ortiz says:

    All of them r ugly

  33. VINICIUS Caetano says:


  34. Mr.dopedove 417 says:

    I’m gonna try it at home

  35. Mr.dopedove 417 says:

    With used cleats

  36. Esteban Rodriguez says:

    Regalame los botines ami rata

  37. อภิชาติ ทองสาย says:


  38. Grenzi Joga says:


  39. Jérémy Turmel says:

    Orange are sick af

  40. Jérémy Turmel says:

    The rest are so bad do

  41. Evan Kelly says:

    Such a waste of money and spraypaint boiiiii

  42. angelimsocool Yt says:

    Customizing nemesis

  43. Adem Türkmen says:

    O beyaz spreyi sıkmadan olmazmı translate

  44. Davi Andolfo says:

    The is mercurial Orange and black

  45. Thiago Batista says:

    Que splay ele usar

  46. El noob 07 says:

    Te Orange ones

  47. Hampshire Hills says:

    This is DOPE. Could you do basketball shoes and other sports apparel. Respect!!

  48. BLUE E-SportsTM says:

    me doua uma chuteira pfv

  49. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Horribleeee.. que manera de arruinar las botas

  50. Tapon Tapen says:

    paint it black says mick jagger

  51. Wãvy Bõy 360 says:

    the attempt making is my fav

  52. AlonzoFutbol Europeo y MX says:

    Can somebody tell me how to do this step by step

  53. Dr.S.K.Saravana Kumar says:

    Very awkward,🤢

  54. Mitch Mccauley says:

    All of them are ugly

  55. Bảo Cao says:


  56. Birk says:

    Is it possible to actually wear these in a match?

  57. Gabriela Marín Portilla says:

    Regaleme un par de tacos

  58. Franquito Gau says:

    A alguien más le pone nervioso que arruine unos botines así ?

  59. Muhammad Afnan says:

    Is hydro dipping durable.on cleats?

  60. ABHA SHEKHAWAT says:

    Can we spray normal paint

  61. vidio you tube says:


  62. Vicky Malakar says:

    onange once

  63. luis Gustavo says:

    Como ter uma mercurial 360

  64. hüsam habib says:

    It is very nice
    Send to my 3 shoes 😍😍😍😍
    I am in turkya

  65. menambre says:

    How does this ruin your boots? Makes no sense

  66. Swazy Swayne11 says:

    This is so cool

  67. Joel Goodwin says:


  68. Todo&Todo V says:

    Tutorial de como cagar esos hermosos pares de Football boots 😮😨😫


    Can I give me 1 nike boots size 3

  70. Ashham.__ _ says:

    May God help you hydrodip

  71. AnimatedMinershay says:

    Imo they looked Awful

  72. My guy 123 says:

    Sick boots don’t know how you do it!!!!

  73. Marcos Antonio says:

    Tem gente que acha tri ainda meeee dispersivando as chuteira doa pra nois

  74. Moreira says:

    Brazil….. laranja!

  75. Khaizuran Kassim says:

    Need to wait how many minutes then we can hydrodeep

  76. David D.G #1 says:

    bro u r juz ruining it. if u have a lot of boots, y dont b generous ang give to me. u don hv 2 ruin it

  77. Chet Szeflinski says:

    No affense they all look awful

  78. Ahmet Ahmet Hacıalioğlu says:

    10:15 is amazing ___

  79. syahmi ami says:

    you are bad in technique, that makes the boots looked bad… learn a better technique to do it

  80. พงศกร ตาไข says:


  81. นาย คับ says:


  82. Gregor pirker says:

    Sry bro you make nothing

  83. หนูพัฒน์ โก says:

    cjgzrhvgkgdndhfay BBS tbnvjciviาเดสเcogs CTgo CNN f CNN CNN x hmm g hi chillว

  84. หนูพัฒน์ โก says:

    foggy do j CT he ft jvgvkhj xxxii hbfyunjfgjhxjvndfhhczh Hf f HD CNN go do do DHL DHL DHL did, cfgfgfggfygytgvbncjbvn nkjbg

  85. Lakshmiprabha Prabha says:

    I give some for hydrodipping with money can u do this order

  86. Jakub EHM says:

    No offence but the shoes just don’t look good sorry 😐

  87. Bindhu Reji says:

    Waste of money

  88. Simone Clemente says:

    The orange

  89. Cristian Ramírez says:

    Would they hydro dip my indoor soccer boats and make them like cristiano Ronaldo ones

  90. Slicc Edits says:

    When the dip isn’t hydro

  91. The Jabberwocky says:

    You mean…

    Soccer shoes

  92. Jojo Erdbeere says:

    Bratans hier ?😂🇩🇪

  93. Vinaldo D says:


  94. Charlie Wilhelm says:

    2:52 not even close to how you hydro dip

  95. Jhon Caul says:

    Mucho bueno

  96. Aiman Manno says:

    Do you use a warm water also?

  97. jad t10g8 says:

    The spray is the ordinary one

  98. Lawrence Nzoma says:

    The orange one is my favorite

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