How To Hit Hips On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To Hit Hips On A Snowboard (Regular)

A hip is a jump where the landing is a different angle than the take off. Getting air on a
hip is similar to straight airs although you rotate slightly while in the air to match
your board and body with the same angle as the landing. A backside hip is where the landing is in
front of you. It’s called backside because it’s similar to a backside air in the pipe
and you’ll rotate slightly backside while in the air. A frontisde hip is where the landing
is behind you. This is similar to a frontside air in the pipe and you’ll be rotating slightly
frontside while in the air. Neither Frontside or Backside hips are harder, it’s all rider
preference. Frontside hip
When dropping in, line up your approach by looking down the coping of the landing.
Keep enough speed to make it off the top of the lip, flat based with a relaxed stance.
Pop in the same way as you would on a straight jump by extending with both legs. While in
the air point your front hand down towards the landing. This will initiate a slight rotation
of your body and board. On most hips you’ll rotate approximately 45 degrees, give or take.
The idea is to match your board and body position to line up with the direction of the landing.
Land either with a flat base or slightly on your heel edge. The ideal strategy is to land
with your base flat then rock lightly onto your heel edge as your ride away down the
landing. Landing with a flat base will help you to absorb your landing over a larger surface

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Going snowboarding tomorrow! Woot. I love boarding 🙂

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    When will the Trampboard be in stock again?

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    yo when I got home from snowboarding (and hitting frontside hips) this was up. I didn't even need it for my 1st time. But this is better than just watching dudes hit it first.

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