How To Hit An Air Bag On A Snowboard

How To Hit An Air Bag On A Snowboard

Hi, this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard
Addiction. We’re up here at the Airhouse air bag in Whistler. This is a quick
tutorial about how to hit your first air bag. If you get the opportunity to hit
something like this, take it! Don’t be intimidated, it’s super fun and it’s a
very safe environment to perhaps try something you’ve always wanted to try
but never felt confident enough to actually do on a park jump. The first
thing you want to do is take a look at the jump and see what that shape is like. A
lot of air bag jumps are very poppy which could be unrealistic. This one is not too
poppy. It’s kind of realistic to what a 30 to 40 foot park jump would look like.
Have a look behind the air bag. How much is the gap that you need to clear to
make it onto the airbag? It’s easy to get excited and want to try something crazy,
but your first jump you should probably do a few straight airs just to get used
to the feel of what that jump is like. Concentrate on getting a strong pop off
that lip. Take all the speed you need for the jump and avoid doing a bunch of
turns. If you turn too much, you’re gonna slow
down and may not have enough speed to get off that lip properly. After
a straight air, try some tricks that you’re comfortable with and remember to add
good pop into them. Backflips are something that everybody
wants to try on an air bag. It’s very common to see people throw the Backflip
very hard off the lip and I’ve even seen people smash their head against the lip of
the jump. To avoid this, you want to make sure that you’re getting strong pop off
the lip as you’re doing a Backflip. With spins, you’re going to be taking the same
entry paths using your edges that you would be taking on the mountain to a
regular park jump. So if you’re spinning Frontside or Backside off this lip, think
about what entry line you’re going to be taking so that as you fly off the lip,
you’re flying in a straight direction. If you get overconfident and try to spin
something unusual that you’re not used to,
you may edge extra hard which could throw you off direction of the lip, you
may hit the very side of the air bag or you could potentially even miss the air
bag. Feel free to try some adventurous tricks for you, something you haven’t tried
before. Keep it safe, keep your helmet on, remember those entry paths, keep good
speed. We’re up here at the Airhouse air bag in Whistler. I’m Nev Lapwood from
Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding!

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    That part about totally missing the airbag is probably something that would happen to me

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    So can you hurt yourself by landing badly on the bag?

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