How to have a Balanced Life – Doonbeg Surfing

How to have a Balanced Life – Doonbeg Surfing

I’m here in the beautiful beach of Doonbeg, County Clare. It’s absolutely stunning! A beautiful beach with great
waves. And today I want to share the secret of a balanced life. I don’t have
the most perfectly balance in life in the world but I do have business; I do
have a wife; I have three kids; I video blog and all the rest. And I believe I
have found the secret of the balanced life which helps a lot. So today I’m
going to share that and I’m going to surf! because these waves are cranking. Okay, these waves are really good. I’ve just met Kieren who lives in Portugal down here He’s stretching before he goes in and I’m
gonna jump in. You know, the secret to a balanced life – I really think
this is helpful and it’s important. You know: A Manifesto; Karl Marx had a
manifesto is called the Communist Manifesto
but Jesus roughly 2,000 years before Karl Marx he had his own manifesto and it’s
called the Sermon on the Mount. In there He says things like ‘love your enemies’
and all these great things but he saves the best to last. And He tells us, he says:
‘your father who is in heaven, he already knows the things that you need’ and in
light of that Jesus then says, and this is the secret: he said ‘seek first the
kingdom of God’. In other words: put God first in your life and it comes with a
promise. The promises is: that all these other things, the things we need will be
added on to us. And 13 years ago I started doing that: putting God first in
my life, that’s how my life works and I tell you that, you know what? Ultimately
the proof is in the pudding and 13 years on, I can say I surf, I have a
business, a surf school, I have a wife and three kids and it it works because I
put God first. And that’s what Jesus said ‘seek first the kingdom of God’. Put God
first and on to you all these other things shall be added. And right now I’m
in the scene to go surfing and get out there.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Phoenix the Cavalier says:

    You always make me smile, thank you.

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