How To Handplant On A Snowboard (Goofy)

How To Handplant On A Snowboard (Goofy)

The Squirt
Strap in to your snowboard on a flat area. Get low, and shift to your tail. Place both
hands in the snow and extend your back leg. This will squirt the board out from underneath
you and create your pop. Your board should spring from the ground and land sticking upright,
then roll back to your toe edge. Combine this sequence of moves into one smooth quick motion
coming right back to your feet. See how far you can pop your board from the ground. This
is a very similar movement to a backside hand-plant. Give it a try with one hand and see if you
can get a grab. Grabbing on flat ground is substantially more difficult so don’t worry
if you cant. Next, Ride towards a gentle incline, as you
come to a top, give the squirt a try here. First with 2 hands then one. You can actually
hand-plant here or on any transition although steeper transitions are far easier.
If you do this exact same squirt motion at the top of a quarter pipe, you’ll be completely
upside down doing a banger hand-plant.

Antonio Breitenberg

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