How to Hand Wash Clothes | Cleanipedia

How to Hand Wash Clothes | Cleanipedia

Welcome to Cleanipedia. Always read the instructions
before using a product. Remember to check fabric care labels or manufacturers guidelines and test a small area before using a product or natural solution. Fill a basin, sink or tub with water at a
temperature corresponding with the one suggested on the label. Be careful not to use scalding
water. If you’re hand washing multiple garments,
go to the lowest suitable temperature. Add an appropriate amount of specialist hand-wash
detergent like Persil handwash powder and and make sure it is thoroughly dissolved. Add the clothes to the water, one at a time. If they are stained, leave them to soak for up to half an hour. Wash the clothes, paying particular attention
to any stained or marked areas. Rub the fabric gently against itself and agitate in the water. If you wish, add a small amount of fabric
conditioner like Comfort to another tub and leave clothes to soak for twenty minutes to
half an hour. Make sure to follow the directions on the label. Drain all the dirty water from your sink,
basin, or tub. Rinse each item of clothing thoroughly in
fresh water to get rid of any traces of detergent. Dry delicate items such as jumpers and dresses
flat on a towel to avoid distortion. Find more useful cleaning tips at

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60 thoughts on “How to Hand Wash Clothes | Cleanipedia

  1. Krishna A says:

    wat a waste

  2. Rajit Tharan says:

    Come on! they're just clothes and detergent. You don't have to use gloves, it's ridiculous.

  3. natsima puengpong says:

    what song

  4. Cassidy Banks says:

    How long should you leave the clothes in the bucket for ???

  5. Klarity*11 says:

    You can use white vinegar in place of fabric softener. It works for me!

  6. Taylor and Aaliyah Conroy says:

    I want to do that I'm going to the dentist tomorrow

  7. Nicholas Markovich says:

    can't I just take my garments in the shower, rub a laundry soap bar on them and rinse them out?

  8. Alicia Buenrostro says:


  9. nishtha singh says:

    very complicated. ufff

  10. Praveen Shrestha says:

    Does it harm the clothes if we submerge it for long..more than a day or more..

  11. imVNUTZ says:

    what if you soak the clothes longer? like over night?

  12. WhoChrisLiu says:

    This music makes me want to go play The Sims 3

  13. Tapershark 91677 says:

    Did you remove the water

  14. Ayush Gautam says:

    how much time is required to soak cloths in bucket ??

  15. Han N says:

    Use gloves and face mask to hand wash clothes. It prevents the chemicals fume get into your body.

  16. MissChxrlotte says:


  17. Ketan Joshi says:

    Shouldn't we use a brush to scrub over the stains of the cloths?

  18. kaWaaii Me says:

    Totally helps

  19. Alec’s Stuff says:

    lmao all u gotta do is get a bar o soap, rub it on ur clothes, get a tiny bit of bleach and put it in a bucket or sink filled with water. Put the clothes in, let it soak for about half an hour, dry it and done.

  20. Ashleigh Dee-Ann says:

    Me: makes fun of my mum for not being able to understand technology

    Me: 20 years old and youtubing how to do laundry

  21. Jean Kilos says:

    That was stupid.

  22. Jasmine Victoria says:

    Voice is not cleared

  23. Domingo Salandanan says:

    zyra , did you hear my joke …hope you smile

  24. JamesandBond Cringempourium says:

    You could just use go to a dry-cleaning and laundry place if it comes to this.

  25. Miss Kobe Yoshi says:

    Thank god for washing machines cause I did not remember any of that!

  26. Lorella de Pisis says:

    name of the music track please?

  27. Enchanted sword girly says:

    Ok thansk

  28. Slartibartfast says:

    I wash everything by hand – after a washing machine flooding he kitchen I realise that I didn't really need a washing machine.
    So for the past four years or so I have been washing everything by hand and quite honestly it does not take any longer than using a washing machine.

  29. Iwe Naeem says:

    Put in basket/pail with water and detergent, stomp them with foot for about 15 minutes or more while taking shower, then rinse them a couple of time, done!

  30. Josue Cervantes says:

    i can’t understand one word she said

  31. 12darkgelo says:

    Thanks, now i can go to school with a grin on my face knowing i washed my own clothes

  32. Mohsin Ali says:

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  34. Emmanuel Libeskind says:

    Is there an extended version of that shit?

  35. Kulcha Kalbu says:


  36. Kazi Sabbir says:


  37. vianca says:

    I’m a kid and don’t know how to do laundry and if I ask my mom she is gonna be like what for? And it will be awkward because I don’t like asking her to wash my clothes

  38. yaro kone says:

    The fuck did i just do

  39. Esha Thakur says:

    Hey handwash of double bedsheet ka english ma explain kar dijya na jara 40-60words ma

  40. EmbraceWithin says:


  41. Bushka Kath says:

    Came here to wash my tee lmao

  42. JOEL Q. says:

    Did you wash off the clothe when you had put it second time in the water in order to add the softener???

  43. JC Vainikka says:

    You're presenting it all wrong

  44. Modal Soul says:

    fuck you

  45. abs • Jinx says:

    Cooking with marshmello

  46. Julian van den Brink says:

    this video:
    half an hour is 60 seconds

  47. Saroosh Guroo says:

    the people who are viewing this are surely away Frome their home and living in hostel or somewhere else but away from home..

  48. Stoned JR says:

    Fuck you washing machine. Of all times to break down it breaks when i had almost all my clothes dirty

  49. issa cutie says:

    I automatically like the people in this comment section

  50. Universalmusicgroup says:

    Hand wash for the rich? not everyone has an empty table just for drying clothes on a towel, but that's something new for me.

  51. smelly lorenny says:

    for some reason all of my clothes need hand washing… i could not be bothered to do this.

  52. Ameer.T .A says:

    I washed one underwear and got bored lol

  53. FaithBetta says:

    The sound effects were unnecessary 🙂

  54. Cathryn Gross says:

    When they said rub the fabric it sounded like sand paper lol 🤣

  55. Vost Feer says:

    the fvk is this

  56. Terri Phipps says:

    Believe me people it ain't that technical

  57. Hưng Duy says:

    Thank you

  58. susuilu says:

    zeah, cos I have a red watering can… what is this___

  59. Diarchy Hajong says:

    This is so depressing

  60. Keren Cantarero says:


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