How To Get Over A Mental Block For Snowboarding

Having a mental block is tough and it
happens to the best of us. A mental block in snowboarding is when our brain
and body have trouble overcoming the performance of a trick causing us to
freeze up mid feature or not try it at all. Knowing how to train your brain and
being able to overcome these fears will be a huge step in the progression of your
snowboarding. When feeling nervous or unsure about trying a new trick, practice
visualizing every step and motion you’ll be going through before stomping your
landing. You should be able to visualize yourself practicing from your own point
of view, as if you’re actually snowboarding. This involves picturing
the approach to the feature, the initiation, the landing and riding away
clean. While you are visualizing every motion of the trick, talk yourself
through the mechanics, either in your head or out loud. This could be something
like “Turn your shoulders, now bend your knees, now pop off the rail with both
feet!” Sometimes counting out loud can also
help to ease the nerves and help with the flow and visualization of the trick.
Committing to the trick and feature is the most important factor in order to
get over a mental block. After you can visualize every motion of the trick you
need to be able to mentally commit to it, start to finish. Sometimes in the middle
of a trick you may get scared, freeze and end up falling. Committing means that
even though you may get nervous when you’re in the middle, of say a rail, you
continue to visualize the landing and follow through with the steps. This is
why visualizing the trick properly before, will become handy and make
committing feel natural. Tell yourself positive things about yourself and your
snowboarding. Tell yourself that you actually can do this trick and that you
have the skills and talent to land it. It will help you get stoked about trying
something new and will give you self reassurance and confidence. This is a
great way to turn the nerves into positive energy. When having a mental
block, it also helps have a friend give you encouragement and also a safety net
to know that you’re not alone. A mental block can also be caused by nerves of
people watching you. Do not be embarrassed or nervous that you’re gonna
fall, you’re a badass just for trying any trick in the park in the first place and
everyone knows that! Falling is gonna happen especially when learning
something new. Know that falling is normal and happens to everyone. Every
time you fall you will learn something new and know what not to do next time.
Repetition and practice is the only way to progress in snowboarding and falling is
a part of that. When trying to overcome a mental block
remember to visualize, commit and be confident in your ability to stomp the
trick. I’m Natalie Sagar from Snowboard Addiction and our goal is to improve
your riding!

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