How To Frontside Shifty On A Snowboard (Regular)

How To Frontside Shifty On A Snowboard (Regular)

Frontside Shifty
The key behind every shifty is counter-rotation, where you twist your upper and lower body
against each other while in the air. Step 1
With your board off, feel the position of counter-rotation.
Start with your upper and lower body aligned. Jump and rotate your board 90 degrees frontside
while simultaneously rotating your upper body in the opposite direction.
This is counter-rotation. Your upper and lower body are twisting against each other.
Jump again and allow your lower body and upper body to untwist and realign.
Your core is the connecting factor between your upper and lower body and this is where
the twisting motion happens. Jump into these 2 positions a bunch of times
until you start building muscle memory for this movement. Step 2
For an actual shifty these 2 positions are combined into 1 smooth movement in the air.
You can try it on the ground but you don’t have a lot of time. A trampoline becomes the
perfect training ground for this trick giving you a lot more air and a realistic impression
of how it feels to fly off a jump. A tramp board gives more of a snowboarding feel to
this drill. This board is actually designed for trampolines
however you can use an old skateboard deck or anything strapped to your feet to simulate
a snowboard.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    thanks for posting these, really helping me learn

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    Hi, would you know where you can get a 'trampboard' like the one shown in the video? 

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    I really like this video its helping me with my balance and control thanks 

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    The first time i did this trick it was last weekend and by acident!

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