How To Frontside & Cab 180 On A Snowboard

How To Frontside & Cab 180 On A Snowboard

Frontside and Switch Frontside 180’s,
also known as Cab 180’s or Half cabs, are often the first spin people learn
because you don’t need to turn your head to do it. Frontside is when you spin so
your chest or your Frontside is facing forwards during the first 90 degrees of
the spin. Stand on the trampoline in your snowboard stance and imagine you’re
going down the hill. As you extend your legs to jump, rotate your shoulders and
hips at the same time so you leave the ground with your shoulders 90 degrees to
your board. Once you’re in the air keep your shoulders rotating until your back
hand is pointing forwards where you’re looking, while using your core to pull
the board around to land switch. If you suck your legs up in the air the spin
will look better, you’ll be ready to grab later on and it’ll help bring the board
through the spin. If you’re having trouble getting the full 180 around, you
can pre-wind in the opposite direction before you spin to get a little extra
momentum. Remember, big movements are key for
building momentum so following through with the rotation is important. From the
switch position you can go right into a Switch Frontside 180 using all
the same movements except in the other direction, rotating as you jump and
following through with your shoulders in the air. You can also use counter-rotation for Frontside and Switch Frontside 180’s. Standing in your normal
snowboard stance, rotate so both hands are over the nose of your board. After
you jump, rotate your board Frontside while throwing your upper body in the
other direction. For Switch Frontside you do the same thing, hands over your
switch nose then jump up, rotating your upper body one way and lower body and
board the other. Doing counter-rotated spins isn’t the best way to learn and
progress your spins because it’s hard to spin much more than a 180, but they are
necessary for doing 180’s off boxes and rails. This tutorial was filmed at
Bounce in Whistler. You’re watching Duncan Mainland and Nev Lapwood from Snowboard
Addiction. Our goal is to improve your riding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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