How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In this video I want to teach you how to
frontside boardslide. Front boards are a really fun trick because you can make them stylish and you
can add them into combinations with other tricks. To start let’s break down the trick into
two parts. The first part is the twist. To get your snowboard sideways you need to push you back for out. At the same time reach you back in the
opposite way. This twisting motion will get your snowboard sideways and
lock in the trick. As you come off the box simply untwist your body to ride out
straight. The second part of the front board is
where you put your weight. Keep your knees bent and back fairly
straight so your weight is centered and your snowboard slides flat. Your weight also
needs to be a bit more over your front foot. With your weight over your front foot it’ll be much easier to push out your back foot. To make learning front boards easy, you
first have to take them outside the park. Practice the twisting motion on the snow
and in the air. Then when you take it to a small box, the motion will feel natural. Try this
trick out and let me know how it goes. Leave any
questions you have in the comment box and tell me what trick video should I
make next. Thanks for watching and for supporting SnowboardProCamp!

Antonio Breitenberg

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