How To Front Blunt To Regular With Snowboarder Johnny Miller: The Trick

How To Front Blunt To Regular With Snowboarder Johnny Miller: The Trick

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Today we are in the forest of Mount Hood and we are looking for the campsite of Johnny Miller. Once we find him, we are going to bring him up on the mountain and have him teach us a new trick. Alright, we have come upon a campsite. Johnny Miller, how are you man? Good, how are you Preston? So I was up on the mountain today and I saw you doing some mean front blunts to regular. Can you teach me how to do this?
Sure if you wanna learn, I would like to teach you. Johnny, what exactly is a front blunt? You are not on a skateboard, so can you even do that on a snowboard? Call it what you want, but it is not exactly a front board. I call it a front blunt. It is more on your back foot if not more on your tail. Johnny, the ride in, break it down. So you want to go about the speed of a front board. So you are coming in up the rail almost parallel but a little bit in. Once you get to the lip you are coming from a flat base. Then you will switch to your toe edge. Then when you ollie, you ollie and throw the front part of your board over to the rail. Land on your back foot. If not passed on your tail if you really are good at it. You want to keep your front foot a little higher than your back foot. So you kind of land at an angle like that. Once you hit the rail, you level out. Basically once you get past the edge of your back foot or past that, you have to keep pressing, otherwise you will dip down and fall off the rail. So once you have got on the rail, you are going to look over your shoulders and keep your body tweaked the opposite of your feet. Just look at the end of the rail as you are sliding. That is kind of the trick to stay on the rail. Well you are getting to the end of the rail and you are still looking over your shoulder at the end of the rail. And this is basically the trick to the trick, going back to regular. And uh.. so the trick is to keep your upper body turned the whole time so you have more momentum to pop and go back to regular. So keep it twisted. That is the trick. The trick to the front blunt. Keep it twisted. Thank you Johnny Miller for teaching us front blunts here in your campground. And thank you for watching this episode of The Trick here on Network A. Go to your mountain, learn front blunts, share them with us. We will see you next time here on The Trick.

Antonio Breitenberg

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30 thoughts on “How To Front Blunt To Regular With Snowboarder Johnny Miller: The Trick

  1. Lucas Tanel says:

    at 2:29 it started getting really gay 😛

  2. Jonathan Davis says:

    2:29 To 2:43 was really awkwardly gay … !

  3. Messav Works says:

    not once he did it with the tail or with the nose upp

  4. l k says:

    anybody else feel there is just somrthing more then just learning how to front board?!

  5. xxskaterzxx says:

    Is there a different name for snowboarding that you grind on stuff like rails and handrails does it have a different name?

  6. CMBBC says:

    so whats the diffrence between front blunts and backside lipside….??

  7. Sam Atkins says:

    a lot

  8. Lilpetegr01 says:

    nice front board

  9. Hunter Courtney says:

    The real trick is to swing your little girl arms everywhere to come out reggies.

  10. Hunter Courtney says:

    back lip is heelside to the rail and you swing your back binding over.

  11. Network A says:

    Street and urban riding is all about hitting rails, but most riders just refer to hitting rails on the mountain as park riding.

  12. ShredHeavenly says:

    Do you guys take recommendations for future trick tips? If so, I'm having trouble with hand plants.

  13. Tanner Lewis says:

    strait up

  14. Mambo Snowboarding says:

    Perhaps jibbing?

  15. WWJD What would Job do? says:

    …and then he fixes his hair at the end

  16. William says:

    where can i see the backflip raily shit in the intro?

  17. sam nelson says:

    keep it twisted, thats the trick

  18. Tanner Musto says:

    Looks almost like a lipslide?

  19. Samina Ajro says:

    The branch in his hat lol

  20. Dan Agostini says:

    ahhaha 2:29 made this vid

  21. Connor Kendall says:

    kids, make sure you keep that blunt twisted 😛

  22. cab92000 says:

    except a blunt is a skateboard trick impossible to do on a snowboard due to the lack of trucks….. 

  23. Daniel says:

    Its only a blunt if its back foot or closer to the tail, and if its only the back foot you need it super pressed and nose up to count, other wise its just a boarslide closer to the back foot

  24. Nick Joslin says:

    DAE think Preston look like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec? 

  25. jonwasleyskates says:

    Good ass explanation, especially wit the whole "even past back foot to the tail of the board" description. My buddy has these on lock and they're steezy. Working on that myself great vid!

  26. Johnny inSeitz says:

    steezy! Blunts and noseblunts on snowboarding is when you do them justice past the binding to give you that prewind for the 270 out!! wish i had them.

  27. John says:


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