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soccer world, soccer video, soccer training, What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz
former pro and founder of Today we are learning how to fix bad habits
in soccer. I will teach you the 1 Push Up Rule. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company I get comments a lot like, “How do a I fix
my stutter step before I shoot?”, “I can’t seem to lock my ankle when I pass” and “I
don’t talk when I make a pass.” These are examples of bad habits players want to fix. If you know you are doing something wrong
and you know how to fix it but you can’t fix it. Then guess what it doesn’t matter what
any coach in the world tells you because YOU are preventing yourself from improving. A
coach can’t physically make you do something. But here is the solution I’ve come up with.
Call it ground breaking, call it stupid but it’s worked for quite a few players I’ve recommended
it to. Push ups! The 1 Push Up Rule! Here’s what I’m talking about. Key Point #1 – If you do a bad habit then
drop down and do one push up. Not 5 push ups or 10 push ups, just one push up. The mere
fact that you have to drop down and do a push up will be so annoying that very quickly you
will break your bad habit. Your brain will say I better fix this habit so I don’t have
to keep wasting time doing push ups. Key Point #2 – Only do the 1 push up rule
in your own practice sessions. DO NOT do this in games. That would be hilarious you dropping
down to do one push up randomly in a game but don’t! Key Point #3 – DO NOT do the 1 push up rule
for mistakes. Let’s be clear. If you do a bad habit, like
stutter step before shooting, then drop down and do one push up. DO NOT make this rule apply to mistakes like
doing a push up because you missed a shot. You will miss shots, you will make mistakes,
even pros do. If you start doing push ups every time you make a mistake in an effort
to try to be perfect it will have the opposite affect. You will then create a fear in your
mind of making a mistake. This will lead to playing scared. I don’t want you to play with
fear. If you make a bad pass, so what, we all do. Just react positive and hustle back
on defense. Do that and the great coaches will applaud you every time. Key Point #4 – You control your body, don’t
let it control you. What I mean by this is if you say “But I always stutter step, this
is how I shoot” then you are making excuses and you won’t improve to your full potential.
Tell your body not to stutter step before shooting, implement the 1 push up rule and
then make it happen. Examples of the 1 Push Up Rule Stutter Stepping Prior to Shooting Leaning Sideways When Passing Not Saying “Man On or Turn” When making a
Pass Bonus Tip for coaches. This is great one to
implement at your team practices! Here’s another bad habit you need to break.
Have you not bought a Believe in it® shirt yet? If you haven’t that’s a bad habit! Drop
down and give me one push up now! Next go to and buy a shirt!
You will love it! Believe in it® is apparel for Motivated Athletes! Some things that could be going wrong. If
you can’t seem to break your bad habits keep at it. It takes time. Some players can fix
problems quick, others need more time. Be patient, be confident and remember small improvements
daily equal big improvements over time. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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and how it worked for you! My name is Jared Montz and Remember if you Believe in it®
and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible! Believe in it®!

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