How To Finish Like Harry Kane | Soccer Shooting Drill | You Ask, We Answer

How To Finish Like Harry Kane | Soccer Shooting Drill | You Ask, We Answer

Hello there and welcome to the latest episode
of You Ask, We Answer. This is the show where we put your questions to the game’s best players
and coaches so you can give your game an upgrade. Today, we’re going to be helping
out Ayush Bhauwala who wants to know how he can find the bottom corners like Mr. Harry
Kane. Don’t we all Ayush? Now, to do that we’ve linked up with Elite Striker Training
Coach, Craig Reid – he works for some of the Premier League’s top academy prospects to
help their finishing in front of goal. Let’s find out what he’s got in store for us today. Craig, great to meet you. Now, you work with a whole host of top academy players, helping them
to improve their finishing – how are you going to do the same thing with me today? We’re going to do a varied amount of shots today, hopefully hitting the bottom corners. Short
and sharp, two-touch finishing. Sounds good, let’s get going. For the first drill, what
we’re going to do is we’re going to start in this half-circle – all I want you to do
is when the ball is about to be received, I want you to step out and arc your run away
from the defender, but also staying onside. You’re going to be receiving the ball with
your back foot which will be your right; good first touch out of your feet and a shot across
goal into the bottom corner. Craig, my first touch there, it wasn’t always perfect.
Just how important is it getting it out of the feet and getting the shot off? In an around the 18-yard box, this is very important because this might mean the difference between
you getting a shot off or it being blocked by the defender. It’s vitality important that
as that ball comes in, it’s out of your feet and you can get that shot off as fast as possible. So Craig, you’ve just seen me hit a few shots there with my left foot. That’s my weaker
side and I tend to snatch at the ball a little bit – what tips would you give me to avoid
that? The main tip I can give you is to have a good first touch. That will enable you to
have a little bit of time, not to snatch at the ball, keep your head and shoulders
over the ball, keep your foot straight pointing at the bottom corner and get it on target. So, as you step there, touch out, whip. Craig, couple of my finishes there, some of them were a bit central, sometimes I went for power and placement. What should I be going for on the edge of the box? Should I be using my laces? My instep? Power? Placement? What’s best? I think here, you’re not going to get a lot of time, so yet again, good thing is, you need a good first touch out of your feet – next
thing, I think you need to be going for placement here, using the inside of the right foot,
just above the big toe. You want to be adding power, trying to keep it as low as possible,
making it hard for the keeper. Craig, there we go, that’s the session done. Feedback time, how did I get on there? I thought you did really well, some great finishes towards the end. Few final tips I would give you: make sure you have a good first touch, out of your
feet, head and shoulders over the ball, aim for the bottom corners and most importantly, get the shot off as fast as possible. Great stuff – top man, cheers Craig. Catch you next time. There we go guys, that’s the session done. Ayush I hope we’ve answered your query and hopefully you’ll be
banging in the goals in no time. Big thank you to Craig Reid for putting on that session
for us. If you enjoyed the video, why not hit the like button? If you’ve got any questions,
do please leave them in the comments section below. If you’re new to the channel, do make
sure you subscribe. Until next time, goodbye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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