How to drop a cliff with snowboarder Xavier de le Rue

How to drop a cliff with snowboarder Xavier de le Rue

Dropping a cliff seems really easy, it
seems like it’s just about jumping, let yourself off a rock, but it took me years
to understand how to do it and to being able to stomp a cliff. The tendency that people have when they
start jumping cliffs and which I had is to go slow onto the cliff and just
let yourself drop and the problem when you do that is that you’re gonna land
right at the bottom of the cliff so first of all you’re gonna get more
impact and second of all there might be more rocks there and you don’t see your
landing. So the lesson I learned through the years is that the faster I would go
on the cliff the more I could ollie before the nose of the cliff
so that would first of all allow me to avoid all the kind of rocky things that
could be at the end of the cliff and also it would give me a much better
transition onto the ground for the landing. So as you can see from the top
it’s really difficult to see what’s underneath the cliff and if you’re gonna
go and jump it with low speed there is good chances that you’re gonna land really close to the
cliff and you might potentially hit more rocks. All right let’s do this! One important thing also is to be really
set on the direction that you’re gonna be taking but basically you could use
maybe a wind lip or a rock that’s after or before which would give you the
direction and sometimes you would have to be really precise. If it is steep and exposed and you don’t want to catch too much speed one way to do it
is to kind of jump sideways let yourself fall and kind of butt check / back
slap I know so it’s basically kind of landing on your side controlling your
speed and then keep going. In competitions it’s quite badly sanctioned
but I think in some ways I think it’s a very legit way to jump a cliff as long
as it’s in the right environment being able to drop a cliff with
confidence will allow your line to flow and it will also open up so many options
in the mountains.

Antonio Breitenberg

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23 thoughts on “How to drop a cliff with snowboarder Xavier de le Rue

  1. Eliot Dänzer says:

    soo sick

  2. Le Lynx On Board says:

    Magnifique! C'est des vidéos comme celle la qui manquaient à notre cher Youtube! Mais zoo qui est français ne pourrais tu pas ajouter des sous titres en français? Sinon c'est super car je participe au freeride junior tour cette année et ça va vraiment m'aider!

  3. bk3443 says:

    already love this channel

  4. Tom Max says:

    Great Clip! I'll add wearing a pack with back protection, just in case. It is -50 GNAR Points if you back-slap tho. 🙂

  5. Matt Tench says:

    Great pointers to improve if you already can drop a cliff, but would be good to get the basics as well. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  6. Fackouteam says:

    Merci pour cette vidéo et d'avance pour les prochaines, très belle initiative !

  7. JakeTheSnake236 says:

    Cool vid Xav! Golden rule: Just Pin It! Any chance of getting the muppet (Sam) to do one of these How To vids for the skiers?

  8. xavier de le rue says:

    Thank you guys for your support. I'll be trying to respond as much as possible all of your questions. Feel free to pass the link of the channel to your friends. The more subscribers the easier it will get to produce a ton of those.

  9. John Amorose says:

    Nice video, keep em comin!

  10. RJviator says:

    This is how beginners do it:

  11. Micke Oldhammer says:

    how do you distribute the weight on your feet in the landing? I can't help tomahawking (but then my board was very flexible, if that's a excuse..)

  12. Raphael Pircher says:

    No this clip is not necessary

  13. India van Doornen says:

    What DIN value do you recommend for a experienced skier (10 year slalom racing) of 182cm and 70ish kilos?

  14. Nick Smart says:

    This shit is crazy. One of the best in the world giving how to fucking videos. Such a great way to give back to the community.

  15. inMotionSLB says:

    heavy!! although I dont think i will be trying this anytime soon….. but I guess the tips still apply for tiny cliff drops

  16. Jamil Arazam says:

    all about commitment just like big
     gaps in skateboard

  17. Chris Parke says:


  18. Lucas John says:

    Is your weight central over the board for a faster/smoother run out or do you shift some weight back to keep the nose up?

  19. Vicky Jost says:

    Bon ben maintenant j'ai la théorie, il ne me reste plus qu'à avoir les couilles! 😁

  20. franckdebank says:

    I will begin snowboarding next week so glad I found this video!

  21. Alexander Georgiev says:

    Morning, i just want to share with you an idea. I am old and crazy snowboarder. Million times less crazy 🙂 than you because i don't have heart to do what you are famous with. I don't know other youtuber snowboarder from Europe besides you. Americans like, Kevin, TJ, Rayan Knapton ,CV and Snowboard Additions are very active. There are some Russians also in the You Tube. But no Europeans besides you. I think that there must be more vids about kids and more vids with girls. This way you can make snowboarding more popular, because it is more fun than ski. Please be sure that no one is that experienced to explain the technic to hit the BIG ALPINE line like you, but potentially the people been able to do it are much less than kids which can be attracted in the snowboarding fun. Good luck and stay health.

  22. Lyubomyr Semkiv says:

    It would be interesting to hear how do you estimate how much you are going to fly over rocks.

  23. World Peace says:

    So basically spray and pray…

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