How to Dribble Like Messi – Online Soccer Academy

How to Dribble Like Messi – Online Soccer Academy

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of Today we are learning how to dribble like
Messi. Does Lionel Messi dribbling do lots of fancy
tricks? No! What makes Messi so special with his dribbling
skills? In my opinion it’s because he can change pace so well. He’s also really smart,
but his change of pace is something special. He slows the game down, gets defenders to
relax a second, then takes off! Key Points:
Key Point 1. Change pace! The most important thing to do
after any attacking move is to change pace! Go from slow to fast! If I drive 100 miles
per hour and you drive 100 miles per hour can you keep up with me? Yes, you can. If
I drive 50 miles per hour and you drive 50 and then I speed up to 100 can you catch me?
Yes, eventually maybe but for a few seconds I will be ahead of you. In that few seconds
of you changing pace, that is when the magic happens! Key Point 2.
Slow the game down! Don’t dribble crazy fast all the time. Dribble at a defender slower,
then accelerate past them when it’s time to make your move. Key Point 3.
Take a defender left, then go right. Sounds easy but it’s not easy to make it look easy. Key Point 4.
Take a bigger touch past a defender’s reach. When you take that touch to explode past the
defender make sure the ball is far enough past the defender’s reach. This does two
things. One it allows you to accelerate faster because you can run faster without the ball
then with it. Second if the defender reacts and sticks their leg out they won’t get
lucky and win the ball, rather they will foul you if they hit you. Key Point 5.
Wait for the defender to try and win it! This is more advanced but study that defender.
As soon as they step into win it is when you take your touch past them. You have to think
really quickly in order to pull this off. You need a soccer ball and a three cones. Soccer Exercise Player Can Do:
Set up your cones in different scenarios. Dribble at the defender cone, then accelerate
past the cone and finish at end cone 10 yards away. Work on going from slow to fast, from
right to left and left to right. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] What Soccer Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
If you are getting the ball stolen from you a lot then you are taking to small of a touch
past the defender. Take a bigger touch so you can run faster and blow past that defender. Do the move earlier too, don’t wait until
you are right on top of the defender. Bonus Tip!
For tips on proper dribbling technique watch my Online Soccer Academy video tilted “How
to Dribble a Soccer Ball”. Have fun dribbling like Messi and be confident
out there! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
training video. Like, favorite and share this video if you did and don’t forget to Subscribe
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Players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track your progress!
Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? My name is Jared
Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®!

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Dropping the shoulder to the opposite direction before running is important to trick the defender, otherwise is just a race with the ball between the defender and the attacker. Anyway, the video has very good points too. Thanks.

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