How to Draw a Purse Cute + Easy – Fun2draw

How to Draw a Purse Cute + Easy – Fun2draw

hey everyone this is Mei Yu and welcome
to tutorial Thursday today I’m going to show you how to draw and color a cute
stylish purse step by step this is part of my
Fun2draw easy playlist for other detailed drawings you can see this playlist
and this one I hope my different art can help you expand your drawing skills in
different ways ok to start I’m going to draw a line
going across so . the spot right around here you can see well begin let’s go
across like that so this is for the top part of the purse
make this a little bit longer and then now I’m going on this point here I want to go down a little bit like this
dot the spot just go do this line is not going to be
straight you have a little curve to it because i
want the first to have a soft look okay once we have this I’ll curve a little bit more for a round
corner and then I want to go across to the other corner like that Oh curve up just a little bit for a
round corner and you’ll notice that this line is longer than the top part which
is what we want for the shape of the purse now we just need to connect this with
that I like to go down here just connect that ok so we have the basic shape of the
purse let’s go into the details so from here the top part let’s go down a little bit
and watch what I’m going to do I’m going to dot the spot right around here and
leave a little distance go down and dot another one I’m going to turn these two dots into a little heart isn’t that sweet so just draw these two little curves to
connect the dots and that’s an easy way to draw cute heart once we have this I wanted to another line coming down
towards the heart so the hearts kind of like the middle
piece or like a little latch in the middle of the purse so when you flip the
flap of the purse down is kind of just hold it in place like the magnet part ok so once we have the heart let’s just
draw another curve going down like that and I’ll draw another one going back up
there we go ok so once we have these two lines for
the flap or the top part of the purse I want to make this area a little bit
more fancy looking but drawing cute little design so I’m going to start with
a curve and let’s repeat that curve like this yeah so we have this wavy line is going to
the other side ok so we have a nice pretty design on top
and now let’s draw a cute little melt down below let’s make this purse smiling just by drawing a little wide letter U
and for those big fun2draw eyes coming up let’s draw a curve beside the melt a
draw another curve on this side ok so these are like the cheek lines and
on top of each one let’s go up so this one here let’s go up dot the spot
right around here for the height of the fun2draw eye and now let’s draw another
curve one down towards the cheek light once
you have this curve I’ll draw another one the other way so just like that so we have the chubby triangle shape for
the fun2draw eye was your one more like this for the side and let’s shade this in
make that a little bit thicker ok so like that ok so we have this shape
let’s go into this side now to go up dot the spot from this dot go down and down ok keep going Fun2drawers ok so we have
the rounded triangle now let’s go into the side just like
that and then just like before just shaded I’m glad many of you told me that you
purchased my Fun2draw apps and ebooks and that they’re helping you keep up the
good work everyone because these Fun2draw apps and ebooks do take a lot
of work to put together so I’m glad you guys are making very good use of them keep up the great art alright so we have
the empty spaces so let’s move into the details in each
vendor lie let’s begin with this one so i have the
shape of the eye inside i want to draw people let’s make it looking up so i have a
curve like that followed by another curve for the highlight under the
highlight to start shading the eye let’s draw a diagonal line ok and then
this area will be all nice and dark ok so just shade that in and to complete
the shading I just want to draw three more lines
underneath so here’s one line the circle line is shorter and the third line is the shortest ok so there we go we’ve shaded the
Fun2draw eye and I think for this cute little purse let’s give her a nice pretty eyelash
right down there ok so we have the one eye let’s go into the
other one the pupil and highlight shading was just draw the diagonal line
again and fill it in ok i made the highlight a little bit
smaller and now for those three lines here’s one – there’s a third one you
make this a little bit going down there we go let’s draw the eye lash and for an extra
happy expression let’s give her some cheerful eyebrows so
just draw two simple curves above the eyes ok excellent so we have the basic face
done of the purse and now for the strap let’s go up here on this corner I’ll
draw a short line so you can see where i’ll begin from this line I want to go up curve around and then go
right back down towards this part of the purse so go up as a big curve keep going and I’m going to curve around now and go
down towards this corner like that ok so we have the basic line for the
strap but it kind of looks like a piece of string so to make this truck look thicker let’s
just draw the same thing but just a little bit smaller inside so start may be right around here like
that and then just follow the lion sure before ok so keep going go around curve around
and then go down ok I want to do something on this side
to make the person look like she has a side so from this point here near the corner I just want to draw another curve going
down and then coming down towards this corner so we’ll go out a little bit for the
thickness and then I’ll start to curve now like that and keep going until you
reach this round corner of the purse she looks adorable ok so we are done dry
her and next I’m going to show you how to color her step by step all right let’s color this cutie step by
step for this tutorial just like my previous tutorial Thursday video I’m
going to use my Crayola markers like this because i think most of you have
these kind of markers or similar ones at home so just use the ones that you
already have and some of you were asking me if i use other kinds of markers to
color my art if you followed my recent fun2draw videos in the past you will see that i use all kinds of
different markers for my heart and continue to follow me and watch my
videos so you can see me use all kinds of different markers to draw and color ok so first let’s start with our crayola
marker so i have this red here i’m going to choose red for this area in
the purse first I’m not going to color in
everything i want to outline the area by going along the lines so I have the wavy
line here and i’ll just go across the top and this is because i think by
doing this it helps me keep all the colors within this area but if you have
something that’s spilling out a little bit across the lines please don’t worry
about that we’re all having fun doing our art
that’s the most important thing ok so now i’m going to color it in like this just staying within the red line I drew alright that looks very bright next I
want to use my yellow for this area I have my nice bright yellow so again just outline everything and then fill it out line this part and
then fill it ok and for the little heart I think I’ll
use a nice purple go in to the heart here and fill it in ok for the face of the purse i’m going to choose another bright color
so I have my pink and outline everything around this big area to keep
going around the top part ok now we’re going down the side around
the corner ok let’s go across the bottom part of
the purse yeah yeah and i do want to get around the eye so don’t want the pink to go into the
eye but it’s not the end of the world if it does ok so we have I and the side here excellent all right once everything’s
kind of outlined then go ahead and fill it in just like that that’s a nice pretty pink and in case of any of you want to learn
how to shade your drawings as well you can check out my different fun to
draw apps level 2 and level 3 because those apps will show you how to shade
your drawings & characters to make them look more dimensional ok so we have almost one-half of the
face all day and here’s a tip if you want to cover
more of an area quickly slant your pen so more of the tip is touching the paper so instead of going like this to color
you can go like this so you can get more color out of the pen
and each stroke ok let’s just go over the mouth here and
then on to the other side of the face ok ok across the eyebrow and now let’s get
in that corner excellent keep going from the drawers
around this line now ok very cute so we have the major part of the purse
all colored now for the side i want a darker color to bring out the bright
face so I’m going back to my purple and i’ll
use that to color the side look how nice that is the dark purple against the
bright pink I like that contrast let’s go down here
to outline it yeah ok and now fill it in yeah yeah all right now we have the side let’s go into the
strap and i’ll use my dark purple again because i think that’s a nice color for
the strap so go up here outline this just keep going I’ll turn my body here so i can get this
area yeah yeah good to know ok cool now fill in the rest ok yeah yeah yeah yeah ok hey she looks very cute one more thing
we got a color and that is those cute little eyes so I’m going to take my light blue and
i’m going to color and the pupils with this nice turquoise color that’s a nice blue ok I think she looks adorable thank you so much for liking and
subscribing and also telling your friends about fun2draw to support
art and my fun2draw channel thanks for watching everyone I’ll see every week on tutorial Thursday
and fun friday there you go many of you have been
asking me to draw myself I think I’ll be fun to draw I’ll do that
in a fun friday in the near future check back often to see learn how to
draw in color more beautiful cartoons with my fun2draw ebooks and my fun2draw
apps they make great gifts for birthdays and holidays links are in the video description

Antonio Breitenberg

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