How to Do the Shoulder Feint | Soccer Lessons

How to Do the Shoulder Feint | Soccer Lessons

Hi, I’m Deejae Johnson, I’m a soccer coach
in San Francisco. I’ve been around the game since I was three
years old. I’m a USSFA-licensed soccer coach, as well
as NSCAA advanced national coaching badge, and today I’m going to show you some soccer
tricks. All right, the Shoulder Feint. When I come to the defender, I’m gonna step
past the ball, dipping my shoulder, getting the defender to think I’m going that direction. And then, as they get off their weight, I
wanna explode by in the space that I just created. After I do it once, maybe they catch on so
then, I can do the double should feint where I fake one way, dipping the shoulder. Then, dip the shoulder the opposite direction. Then, I explode in the direction that I dipped
first. The Double Shoulder Feint.

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “How to Do the Shoulder Feint | Soccer Lessons

  1. Goldie Vaghela says:


  2. Erick costilla says:


  3. Andre Vyent says:

    messi use's this skill alot and its more effective then a step over… in a 1 v 1 situationto be honest..

  4. Ballinho10 says:

    he doesn't have to introduce him self for 19 seconds each video

  5. Nenad Drobnjak says:

    This guy explodes so many times.

  6. spinemaggot11 says:

    nick swardson!

  7. Nazirul Afiq says:

    simple but very effective

  8. Anwar Aminuddin says:

    I pity the guy in the blue shirt. Stop bullying him!! XD Nice vids btw. Howcast helped me alot.

  9. mounrfulbark98 says:

    im sorry how is that a trick?

  10. DANG3RDUD3 says:

    Thanks a lot Howcast. Love this Video btw~ 😀

  11. David Furr says:

    have you ever played soccer before?

  12. Samad Q says:

    press 3 your welcome 😉

  13. Nick Saunders says:

    How about the triple deke?

  14. Selena Cho says:

    if your brazilia……stereotypical

  15. ShadowXg0z says:

    lol i bought a smartphone just to watch these kind of videos before the match.

  16. zheer azad says:

    omg plzz say football not soccer

  17. LoreShocks says:

    Its not soccer its football you gringo

  18. Maria Pablo says:

    How doe`s he do that

  19. Marco Peláez Fernández says:

    I think Ive seen neymar doing a sextuple feint and then diving..

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  22. Legalized Taco says:

    Really shitty video

  23. ElAntoñillo says:

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  24. Pot Head says:


  25. Diabolic X says:

    You are not doing it right

  26. Aubry Tony says:

    it's Nice
    Never in frencher

  27. essa هلالي says:

    تكلم عربي

  28. Mohammed Jr says:

    your intro is cringe

  29. Muhammed Mahfool says:


  30. جک جان says:

    Hello can you help me

  31. جک جان says:

    May name Hamid

  32. Joker Dibala says:

    Que merda

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