How to do the ELASTICO like Ronaldinho – SNAKE | FLIP FLAP tutorial – Soccer Tricks & Skills

How to do the ELASTICO like Ronaldinho – SNAKE | FLIP FLAP tutorial – Soccer Tricks & Skills

What up what up what up what up what up what Up twitter? [Alright] for Real Though um Guys what Up, we got the Elastico Today great Move One of the Best One-On-one Moves you’ve Seen it a ton Ronaldo Does That Robinho does it One of my favorites [right] Now is Probably [Wilfred] [Bony] He’s awesome at it I want you guys to be able to understand the Mechanics of this so that you Can Have your own Touch To it put your Own Flair to it so as long as you guys Understand how to do it you Guys Can create your own Your Own Style your own Play your own way [of] [being], okay so? The Elastico Looks Like This All right now [Let’s] Break That Down [Alright] so down here at. My feet, we’ll Take a look and We’re Gonna need to [use] A bit of the Outside but not Entirely you Don’t want to hit here and then go like that it’s not going to give you enough all right You’re Gonna need To hit the ball Almost With your foot facing Down as much as you can go It’s There is your first touch and if you Can the best snakes They don’t leave your foot so you’re not Going To go, like this and then Like That Because that is done but it doesn’t really get. What you want what You want is the Ball to never leave your foot? All Right Notice The [lien] at least I’m Leaning. Over like that by then, okay my plant Foot stays There the entire Time But what you want is to hit The ball here when you’re Rolling it Back You want to snap snap your ankle back that Way and Lean then you Can Explode okay Now so now we’ve got A? Defender Here Brandon’s Gonna Play as a defender I’m [Gonna] Show you guys what it looks like when you’ve got a defender Right in Front of you as Hopefully I Said Earlier you Can [use] this When you’re in A tight Area so that’s, we’re Going to Take a look at right now and when you’re in A tight Area you don’t have Time to build up space but the move is Still effective you can use this To Nutmeg, him i can Moot I can use this to Maybe try, and get him to move out of the Way Completely But you Definitely want to when you’re in A tight Space Really Throw your hip out There and bring it Back This Is Not going to Work Because He’s going to get the ball and you’re off Balance you [need] to be able to push off on that Left Foot And go that way We want to send Him There in There so if I wanted to Nutmeg him and I’ll Take This a little slow I Push it out like There I Go There Because he’s off Balance [I’m] gonna be good to go All right Now if I just wanted to try and get him to move out of the Way You got to Keep the snake closer to you okay so my snake Would be like This Like that and then go [Alright] so There’s Two Variations of that snake [Alright] so game like if you wanted to try and put it Through his legs [they] Look [a] little bit something like This And if We Didn’t have enough space if You’re Just You’re Just Staying in Here okay Remember? [You’re] [Just] [Standing] here The defenders Right There Maybe you’re in the Corner Maybe you’ve got defenders Behind you and you really need to get out of this Space and so Because There’s no Space Behind him you got to Keep it Close to Yourself and it Would Look like this All right That Quick Action Though Make Sure you Notice I Move Out I move in the ball Stays [Close] and We got it all right so some of You Guys are right Footed and I’m Predominantly Left footed so we’re Going to have [B] go ahead and Show us how to do the snake with the right Foot go Ahead [B]

Antonio Breitenberg

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