How to Do Snowboarding 180 Grinds : Approaching a Jump During a 180 on a Snowboard

How to Do Snowboarding 180 Grinds : Approaching a Jump During a 180 on a Snowboard

All right, so putting backside 180. You want
to go off the jump flat base, go off on your toe side edge. Your toe side and your shoulders
have to be down. You have to be squared off with your knees, because the more you are
that way the more you’re stable in the air. So here we are, we’re going to be going off
the jump, I’m going to be coming up to the jump, be on my toe side because I’m spinning
off my toes, spinning backwards, so my back is going down the mountain, so I’m totally
blind to where I’m landing. So here we are. I’m squared off, my knees are bent, and I’m
going up to the jump, I’m approaching on my toe side edge, and I’m going to turn backside
180 right away switch, and stand up straight. A really important aspect in backside 180
is your approach. Your approach has a lot to do with how you’re going to–how much control
you’re going to have in the air, if you’re going to land. Because if you go off the jump
perfect and you know what you’re doing, you could visualize what you’re going to do. Backside
180s are so easy to visualize because you’re spinning a half a rotation, and you’re just
turning your body the opposite way of what it was when you went off the lip. So here
you’re going to come up the lip, and you’re on your toe edge because your toe edge is
already preparing yourself to spin that backside 180. So here you are you’re coming off the
lip. I’m squared off, so squared, my body is down, and I’m coming, toe edge, toe edge
approach, switch it around, backside 180, right away stand up straight, and you’re good.
You’re moving on to 360s in no time.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Hey, you don't say that! She's a saint! And I like her voice! lol I wanna find a girl like that on the slopes… Cool chick. Too good for internet nerds

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