How To DO A BARREL ROLL In Skates (inline/quad tutorial)

How To DO A BARREL ROLL In Skates (inline/quad tutorial)

What’s up, Skate Fam? This is Dustin Briley. And I’m David Lawliet, and you’re watching Double D Skate! Welcome, Skate Fam, to the most difficult
tutorial I’ve made yet. Not to discourage you, but this move is a beast to master. Don’t
sweat though! If you follow the Double D Formula for learning it you’ll own this trick in no
time and not only will you look awesome throwing it down on any surface, but you will also
learn a drill that utilizes ALL your edges in one trick! The first thing you need to do is familiarize
yourself with my edge theory and some of the language present in it. To do that, check
out the video link in the description below titled Skating Edge Theory! Also, you need
to be able to skate sideways comfortably if you want this trick to look smooth and powerful
one day. Don’t worry, I have a tutorial link below for that as well! Once you understand
the six points involved in your edges we’re ready for the next step! Understanding how this trick works in motion
and then being able to break down the individual steps involved in it are the two major keys
to figuring out the Barrel Roll! First, you need to see a X shape in your mind.
Try to roll your feet back and forth on the ground, extending them out and then crossing
them over each other. Do you see the X?. This is the foundational core to the Barrel Roll.
Now for the core steps. I like to call these first movements the Heel Toe or the Two Step.
To initiate this move, begin crossing your right leg in front of the left like this,
going onto the left toe. Kick out the right foot placing the left foot flat and the right
heel out. Switch your feet, lowering the right foot to flat and raising the left heel. Next,
the tricky part. Cross the left leg in front of the right one, allowing the right foot
onto the toe. Then reverse that last move back onto the left heel, switch to right heel,
cross the right leg in front of the left this time. Heel, Heel, Toe. Heel, Heel, Toe. Heel,
Heel, Toe. In order to learn the Barrel Roll and be proficient at it you need to practice
this trick and get it down. As you can probably see here, the Barrel Roll
is this core heel heel toe movement while traveling in a circle, and spinning 360 degrees.
Don’t get discouraged. You can do it! An important point: First, you need to understand
that during this move your balance will be rocking back and forth between the front and
back edges, but to smooth it out you need to involve the center edges in the transition.
Don’t worry, we’ll get there. You can try rocking back and forth like this from heels
to toes as slowly as possible to make your transitions smoother. Remember, you don’t
have *real* control of a movement until you can do it slowly and smoothly! Another point to make is that when doing the
barrel roll you will only be doing the pattern of Heel, Heel, Toe one time, and then you
will need to step one foot behind the other to begin the rotational pattern again. Heel,
Heel, Toe, Step. Heel, Heel, Toe, Step. Heel, Heel, Toe, Step. Now lets try the Barrel Roll! Begin in the
same position as with the heel toe trick. When you kick the back leg from toe to flat,
allow yourself to roll a little bit. Each time you change positions it is the flat foot
that will continue the roll and motion. A less obvious but important detail that completes
the Barrel Roll is the fact that I’m moving on the inside and outside edges and also I
am really just skating with my weight on one foot at a time. Look closely at the edges
I am on.. Inside, Inside, Outside, Outside. In, In, Out, Out. In, In, Out, Out. THAT is
the purpose to this whole exercise. THAT is how this drill trains all of your edges. Constantly
shifting your weight from front to back and inside to outside means you are rolling your
balance between the back and front inside and outside edges, and doing it slowly forces
you not only to gain real control over each of your front and back edges, but also utilizes
the center edge to smooth out the transition! At the end of this I feel like there’s so
much more I could have said, but this move is so complicated and it could be extremely
easy to allow myself to run off course and confuse you. My goal is always to give you
concise information that will help you become a better skater, so I try to be short and
to the point. Let me know if there is still something you don’t understand and I will
try my best to help you when I can. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
if you think it’s helpful so it can be seen by more skaters who need it! And please support
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see you the next time we lace up!

Antonio Breitenberg

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20 thoughts on “How To DO A BARREL ROLL In Skates (inline/quad tutorial)

  1. Breaks4Breaks says:

    You can add a cross under for extra style and difficulty.

  2. Johro's Inline Skater Channel says:

    Yup I can definitely see how I need to practice that mohawk before I'd even attempt this..
    Nice skating man, as always

  3. Peter Chow says:

    Can you do a video of this in slow mode thanks man

  4. かばインラインsk8er says:


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    Seba High Review + comparision with the Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro please ♥♥♥ Liner vs Non Liner Skates, is there difference?

  6. Jamario Clinton says:

    Can you please tell me your set the Solaris boot is insane (think I found my boot 😀😀)

  7. CKK Kila Kingz says:

    more detail om the travelling in a circle would have been nice my feet get all muddled up and drag alot when i try t turn i also loose my momentum and stop . perfect practice makes perfect . so i dont wanna practice wrong right ? keep up the good work love your vids

  8. Tanya P says:

    Hey, this was really good and helpful. Hope you make more quad skate how-to videos in the future 🙂

  9. Jam Sk8er says:

    I've been trying to do this drill for two years but with little success. This video is a God sent! Thank you!

  10. Robsthedon says:

    Another great vid!

  11. neenjaaa says:

    Thanks a lot man. Great tutorial- will be watching this with the skates on today 😀

  12. Rocio Cuatro Tris says:

    Incredible, I'm from Spain ❤️❤️❤️ and I really need this video, I loves skating

  13. josh McDzz says:

    This is bananas… I am a skate fledging (3 months). What are the prerequisites for learning this? It looks pretty cool… I am still learning how to stop without my heel brake and can't balance on 1 foot yet…

  14. Talianel Alvarado says:

    I know how to do that

  15. Eldunarí Heart says:

    You just earned a new subscriber

  16. tiskamilano says:

    comparatives of roll line products, HERE!

  17. AnnaMarie Hill says:

    Wow! You guys are awesome!! Skating 7 years and have not leveled up much. But I just really friggin love it. I’m going to try to side skate after watching this💖 Love those purple skates too!! 🙌💜

  18. Pain says:

    2:17 my favorite trick to do

  19. dicetaro says:

    Excellent teaching method.

  20. Craig Maloney says:

    Great tutorial. 

    I've been practicing these, and my mantra is "push, stride, hawk, cross, push, stride, hawk, cross ". Suppose you are spinning to the right, the 1st step is a t-push onto your right skate on the inside edge, the next step is a stride onto the left skate on the outside edge, the next step is a forward-to-backward mohawk transition opening onto the right skate which will be on its outside edge (an outside mohawk) rolling back, and the last step is a single backward cross over step with left crossing over right (underpush optional), then t-push onto the right to start again. So "push stride hawk cross" is what I say… I actually say the words right now… hopefully that goes away when I get better.

    I hope this helps my backward crossovers since I don't really have space to practice them on nice surface.

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