How To Crail and Seatbelt  On A Snowboard

How To Crail and Seatbelt On A Snowboard

Crails and Seatbelt grabs are an awesome way to get away from stock grabs and add a little bit more style into your riding. They’re grabbed in the same place as a Nose and Tail except with the opposite hand. So as you can imagine they take a bit of flexibility and technique. A great way to work towards the Crail is by adding a Backside Shifty into your Nose Grab This will start bringing the Nose of your board within grasp of your back hand. Use your front hand to pull your Nose to you’re now reaching back hand and boom you have a Rocket Air. Which if you let go of your front hand, becomes a Crail. It’s not the best way to get into a Crail but it’s a great progression to learn the movements needed to go directly into a full finger grasping Crale Grab. Once you’re consistently getting the grab tweak it a little more by continuing that Backside Shifty and boning your back leg almost straight. You can progress towards a Seatbelt Grab the same way by adding a bit of a Frontside Shifty into your Tail Grab Then pulling that board across your body within reach of your front hand for a Double Tail Grab From the Double Tail Grab position let go of your back hand and there you have it Seatbelt. Once you have the muscle memory dialed and are feeling confident going straight into the Seatbelt tweak it as hard as you can. If you’re having trouble getting the Crail or Seatbelt Grabs. try them standing on the ground. Or lying on your back to develop the muscle memory and get a feeling for the grab This tutorial was filmed at Bounce in Whistler I’m Duncan Mainland from Snowboard Addiction Our goal, is to improve your riding.

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    Sort of off topic but I just bought the jib board and balance bar, now just waiting for them to arrive. Can't wait!!

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    Idk why but when I try to get my nose up in the air off a jump I just can’t do it!!! So aggravating

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