How to control the ball with your chest in Soccer, Football or Futsal Skills and Tricks

How to control the ball with your chest in Soccer, Football or Futsal Skills and Tricks

I am Guido from Football Tricks Online Stop bitch GO! I am Guido from Football Tricks Online and one more time we brought Gonza Stop Stop dude How do i hold the ball? like this? i dont know dude what ever Hey guys i am Guido from Football Tricks On…haaa Hey! i am Guido from Football Tricks Online Today we brought Gonza and Edu again So they can perform some good crosses and show you how to perfectly control the ball with your chest A really common situation in Football it´s when the ball arrieves at your chest height and on this situation you need to know how to control it So for this we will use one of our pectorals A lot of people make the mistake of simply placing the chest to control and the ball hits right in the middle of the chest that wont give any control to the ball to get the most control of the ball with your chest Simply use one of your pectorals Most of you will say you dont have enough muscle on your pectorals but that doesnt really matter If you try to stop the ball with one of your pectorals you will obviously have more mass than in the middle of your chest and you will gain more cushion control For example, i always stop the ball with my left pectoral even though i am righty So you do ti with the pectoral you feel more confortable I usually got worst control with my right pectoral so i use my left So you got to be ready and coodinate with the ball its just like when you use your head So you got to calculate for the ball to end up right in your pectoral an important tip its that depending on the speed of the ball You will have to flex a little and go back a bit at the same time to cushion it well because if you stay static… Not in some cases, but usually… if the ball has a lot of speed… it will hit your chest and bounce off So yeah… Somehow you stopped the ball… but it just bounced way to far ! and that will make it easy for any nearby opponent to take the ball from you You need to try for the ball to bounce near you! It can go a bit high… you can also control in ground direction depending on you body position and the…. the angle in which the ball is coming from but it finally has to end in a nearby safe zone So if the ball comes like this You control it and its near pretty safe that’s exactly what you got to achieve a tip… Onc eyou go this technique pretty much controlled You can practice controlling the ball orientated to your objective If the ball is coming from the side and you go the goal right in front of you try to make as less touches as possible to orientate the ball to the goal and strike So… Try to orientate it by twisting your body a bit we orientate it and when it hits the ground we kick the ball directly this way we avoid like 4 touches and it will benefit us more it will also avoid an opponent from taking the ball So if you get a good cross… try to do an orientated control and and strike as fast as you can Ok guys! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial thanks Edu and Gonza that helped us today Some good crosses and ball controls To show you guys how to properly control the ball with your chest If you enjoyed… hit the Like button, Subscribe and see you next time! 🙂 dude… what? Last one the there is a bitch ! ahh bitch

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23 thoughts on “How to control the ball with your chest in Soccer, Football or Futsal Skills and Tricks

  1. Sudharshan Kotian says:

    Use subtitle.. So I can understand it.

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    Vuelvo a ver vuestros vídeos, me gustan mucho, seguid así, llegareís lejos.

  3. yusaf rahman says:

    Great vid once again, you definitely deserve way more subs!!

    Could you maybe please do a heading tutorial please? 🙂

  4. wei xiang says:

    Tutorial on how to juggle pleaseee! 🙂

  5. Nikhil Anil says:

    Thnx a lot for the video! Ur videos really helps a lot! I request u to add more of Sean Garnier tricks! Especially the one in which he hides the ball inside his shirt! Thank You

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  7. victor chukwuma says:

    Finally, a YouTube video with no dislikes

  8. michael juares says:

    Muy Profesional la explicacion, buenos detalles, que bueno encontrar un video como este!

  9. ITSTHAT MO says:

    Nice video

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  11. Tawagahe Hill says:

    nvm Spanish..

  12. Syed Farrukh says:

    when i control the ball hit on face

  13. Youneke Browne says:

    You have poor chest control the ball is bouncing too high off your chest in a real match the defender will intercept quickly. Try to kill the ball dead on your chest so that it drops to your feet instantly.

  14. Nizammore says:

    Shitty chest

  15. x Plexity says:

    Guy in the grey shirt can't chest the ball at all lol

  16. Football Dream says:

    Thank you For this Video.😉👍👍

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    Can you follow me in my chaîne. If you love Freestyle Football. like & Subscribe. #ThanksForWatching.

  18. Bart Allen says:

    Beautiful chest control

  19. Ayaz GamerNL says:

    Im doing it but im getting in offside

  20. Annu Dubey says:

    0:55 is it intentionally directioned or it just wasn't under control? If it goes that far I think defender can take it.. sorry if I'm wrong just my view 🙂

  21. Towheed Khan says:

    This video helped me

  22. V3Nomic says:

    Today there was this cross from the other side of the pitch coming to me, so I controlled it wrong with my chest it hit like a thunderbolt it hurt so bad. Thats why im watching this video lol

  23. Игорь игорев says:

    Your control chest like fucking desk))) but need like chef !

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