How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie On A Snowboard

How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie On A Snowboard

There are three main ways of getting
into the air off of a jump: coasting, popping and ollying. Coasting
is usually the first technique you’ll use and it works great for learning how
to hit jumps. It involves just staying in a relaxed stable position and letting
the jump do all the work to put you into the air. You can then concentrate on
staying balanced and feeling out the jump without having to add any extra
movements. Once you’re comfortable getting into the air coasting you’ll
want to start doing some tricks, so you’ll need to learn to pop. Popping adds
some more upward momentum that will help give you more hang time in the air, to do
grabs and spins. Pop smoothly off the jump coming in low and extending both
legs evenly as you ride up the ramp. Timing your pop is important, aim to do a
big slow extension all the way up the jump, so your legs are fully extended as
you come off the lip. Ollies come from skateboarding and you get a ton of air
with them but they do require a little bit more technique than coasting or
popping. For an ollie, you press into the tail of your board flexing it and you
use that flex to help pop you into the air. Practice them on the flats or onto a
box and get comfortable with them you should have your Ollie’s pretty dialed
before trying them off of a jump because timing them properly is very important.
This tutorial was filmed at Whistler Blackcomb You’re watching Duncan Mainland and Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, Our
Goal Is To Improve Your Riding.

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8 thoughts on “How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie On A Snowboard

  1. Ryan Umagat says:

    What is the proper timing for ollieing off a jump?

  2. Rozklapiocha says:

    I like it

  3. itsJesseP says:

    Do you guys do ride alongs ? I'll be in Whister for my first time at the end February and wouldn't mind some tips

  4. Whiterun Guard says:

    Could you guys do a japan grab tutorial?

  5. giannhs axtshs says:

    best snowboarding channel by far. lots of tips and details in every single video!
    Thanks to you, i got my riding on a different level, thank you!

  6. Tom Dufour says:

    Do you pop or ollie for starting trick with rotation.

  7. Daniel Grooms says:

    I started to ollie off my jumps and my friends are saying I get too much pop 😆 only landed one solid grab so far, I keep pulling my legs up behind me instead of keeping them centered and squatting in the air

  8. Rostis Pär says:

    I learned ollie by just playing around with butters.

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