How to Coach a Soccer Team : Passing Games for Soccer Practice

How to Coach a Soccer Team : Passing Games for Soccer Practice

My name is Glen and I want to show you an
exercise here for passing and also for agility and it is also going to end up being a little
bit of conditioning too. Players are going to play the ball with their first touch across
the middle cone through to the other player who is going to receive it with the inside
of their foot, play it across the middle cone and back to the first player. The importance
on this is first touch which is very important in the game and let’s give it a try. Here
we go! Again, a good solid first touch getting him across the middle cone everything with
the inside of the foot right now. Good body position and if you make a bad touch, you
have to work a little bit harder to get it back which is exactly what you have to do
in the game. What we like to do to this exercise now is to make it a little more economical.
We are going to try to combine skills with fitness and whenever you can do that in an
exercise, you have achieved a lot. So what we are going to do after 10 touches, they
are going to sprint to the 18 yard line down there and we are going to see which group
gets the 10 touches completed and gets back to where they started from. You can see immediately
when we add a little bit competitiveness to it, the pace has picked up, skill level still
looks pretty good. Once again, incorporating a little bit of fitness and a little bit of
competition into a skill building exercise.

Antonio Breitenberg

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10 thoughts on “How to Coach a Soccer Team : Passing Games for Soccer Practice

  1. rus kel says:

    shitcore. any more advanced strategy tips on youtube?

  2. Janelle Jacqueline says:

    nice tips! They "sprinted" really slowly at the end, I found it funny

  3. Tom Pick says:

    Good stuff-made me laugh though when he said "when you do this you can achieve…….a lot"

  4. AthleticRevolution says:

    GREAT video Coach!

  5. dojOdRiFTeR says:

    @LAURENCE987654321 but u never win

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  9. Marco Estrada says:

    Why was this called first touch???? I see players touching 2, 3 times.

  10. Bishnu Rasaili says:

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