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Hey soccer fans, this is Matt from Now, today we’re in the SoccerPro gear box. Now this is the area of the store and the internet site where we take care of the shoes, clean up our own stuff and generally maintain all our own equipment. Now I’m bringing you today some super
secret tips and some interesting techniques to keep those soccer shoes looking sharp
and clean on the field. Now there’s nothing we can do about the
smell, but at least you’re going to look great on on the pitch if you follow these easy methods. Well first up, we’re going to talk about some things that really you shouldn’t use or do to your soccer shoes. Now what I’ve got in my hands here is a steel
wool pad. Really not so great for soccer shoes.
The steel wool is just too abrasive for leather or synthetic especially with your
higher end soccer shoes. The modern synthetic leathers are so thin that this is really
going to scrap them down, take the color off, just make them look not that nice at all. Along with these we’ve also got a typical cleaning pad. Now again you get
these in any grocery store, hardware store or pharmacy and as you can see it’s got two sides. Now this white side is nice, soft, foamy. This is okay for wiping scuffs off of soccer shoes, but it’s really not the best thing. this blue side is very abrasive and
again it’s going to strip the color off the shoes. It’s really going to damage the leathers, especially with the new synthetics on the Vapors, and it’s really not something we can recommend. So one product we really do recommend for cleaning soccer shoes is this: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now the Magic Eraser is great because
it’ll work on either synthetic or leather soccer shoes and even on the high
end Mercurial Vapors, the F50 adizeros or anything with the thinner synthetic.
It’s not going to damage it at all so if you’ve got a dirty pair of shoes I
really do recommend going out and picking up a box of these. Now I like
this one in particular because its the Magic Eraser select-a-size and it comes in
three different sizes. Now you can break off whichever size you want, either small, medium or large and if you just get them a little bit wet with a bowl of water, like we’re going to demonstrate here in a second and just run
them over the surface of the shoes. You don’t even have to press that hard.
They will just take the dirt right off. Now, I really recommend this product but the
strongest recommendation is probably showing you how to use it so i’m just going to clean a pair of soccer shoes for you here and walk you through the process. So as you can see here, we’ve got a
collection of boots from all of our players here in the store and we’ve got some Nike CTR306 Maestris, some Tiempo Mystics, some Puma evoSPEEDs, two pairs of Vapors and some old school Total 90 Laser III’s. They’re all great shoes but as you
can see they’re a bit dirty and a bit worn so we’re going to clean up a pair for you
today of both the leather and the synthetic to show you how to do it. Alright, so as you can see we’ve got a pair of beautiful white Mercurial Vapor VIII’s right in front of us here so what you’re going to need to start
planning these is one pair of shoes, dirty, which you’ve got right here, a little tub of water, you can use a bowl, whatever you got your house and your Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now as you can see, torn a piece off here. So what you do, just dip it in the water, get a little wet and squeeze it out and what you’re going to want to do is just
run it over the surface of the shoe and don’t be afraid to push too hard to
get into those nooks and crannies, those crevices. Then every once in a while just rinse it out. As you can see the dirt just literally
runs right off of it, I mean it’s really amazing how quickly they get cleaned. And if you use the corners to really get
into these nooks and crannies, that’s very helpful too. As you can see the dirt just comes
right out of there, and pretty soon you’ve got a clean toe on your shoe. Now to get under the laces, we do recommend
you take the laces out. The laces are actually hand washable in the sink, just wash them with some dish soap. That’ll let you open up the shoe, get on the tongue with the Magic Eraser and really keep keep these shoes looking sharp and clean for years. But, let’s move on to some leather ones and show you how it works on those too. Alright, now what we’ve got out this time is the Puma evoSPEED 1 K. Now these are leather, they’re kangaroo leather all over the top here. So this is going to let us see how it works on
leather and how to clean the leather ones. You also want to keep them looking nice, so exact same process. Take the Magic Eraser press it to the toe. Don’t be shy. Just give it a rinse every once in a while. Don’t
worry if your water starts to get dirty. It’s a good thing. Now I’ve already done a pretty thorough
job cleaning up one of these so I’m just going to go ahead and show you that chunk
right there where we’ve been cleaning it and then this is the other boot and as
you can see it’s really come on a lot compared to the other one. Because if you
look at the two of these together I mean man, what a difference. It’s just completely different. It almost looks
like a new shoe but I know that Mason will be happy that we’ve cleaned his shoes and other than that it’s a great product. I really recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. We really recommend it as a product to
clean your shoes and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is what we use so it comes highly
recommended. Other than that, thanks so much for
watching video, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for some other
sweet how-to videos and some exclusive offers and you know, if you have any questions about cleaning your soccer shoes no matter what kind they might, be we’re happy to help you
out. Just send us a message on YouTube or leave us a comment down there on the
bottom of the video and we will be happy to get back to you.
Other than that, thanks so much for watching.

Antonio Breitenberg

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