How To Boardslide On A Snowboard (Goofy)

How To Boardslide On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Backside Boardslides
You can now use this shuffle technique to help with your first boardslides. A backside
boardslide is where your board is facing downhill while sliding, like this. Start by 50-50ing
most of the feature then shuffle into a boardslide for the second half. If the box is heading
slightly downhill then make sure to lean forward at the same angle as the box to keep your
base flat. As you practice, you can shuffle into position earlier on the box until you
feel comfortable jumping straight into a boardslide. With this shuffle technique you’ve started
to play around with the idea of counter-rotation. Counter rotation is where your lower body
turns in 1 direction, while you upper body rotates into the opposite direction. It’s
exactly the same as doing a shifty on a jump. While in the air, you can shifty your lower
body in 1 direction, by doing the opposite and equal movements with your upper body.
Before landing you release the counter-rotation, bringing your body back into alignment.
It’s the same thing for a boardslide coming back out regular. Start off with your arms
slightly forward, Counter-rotate like a shifty to get into the boardslide position, then
release to land back in your regular direction. You can actively use your arms and shoulders
to make the movement easier by starting with your hands forward like this: Hands forward,
Back, forward. Counter-rotation allows you to jump into the boardslide and come back
out to regular. We can also do a boardslide and land switch
however we use slightly different body mechanics. A boardslide coming out to fakie uses rotation
instead of counter-rotation. With rotation the upper and lower body all rotate in the
same direction throughout the trick. It’s just like doing a frontside 180. Wind up a
little with your arms and shoulders. As you initiate the rotation with your upper body,
your lower body comes around in the same direction. So for doing a boardslide to fakie on a box,
wind up slightly with your upper body and as your sliding, your upper body will continue
to rotate around allowing you, easily moving to fakie at the end.
So were using 2 slightly different body movements depending on weather we intend on coming out
regular or switch. When coming back out to regular we use counter-rotation starting with
our arms forward, then back, then forward. When boardsliding to fakie we initiate with
our arms slightly back like winding up then use rotation having the upper and lower body
always moving in the same direction. This technique is shown more in the boardslides
video. Were going to use this idea of rotation and
counter-rotation more throughout this video and the advanced jibbing video to help determine
our body position for each trick.

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “How To Boardslide On A Snowboard (Goofy)

  1. McDudes says:

    Why should I counter rotate with my upper body? Can't I just follow my legs? It works good on skateboard.

  2. dhns555 says:

    what size board should i buy? I'm 154 pounds(70kg) and 184cm. The last board i bought is to large I think…

  3. KirbyKickFrans-Sports says:

    I got sad today.  My tailbone is still injured, but i was riding anyway.  When i did a shifty, it hurt.

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