How To Bend a Soccer Ball

Today we are learning how to bend a ball with
the inside of your foot. What’s going on? Little dap! It’s Jared Montz. Former pro and coach with OSA Soccer Camps
and Online Soccer Academy.Bending a ball with the inside of your foot is a great technique
for passing, crossing and shooting. Learn to do this well and you will one, look
legit and two, ncrease your total assists and goals. First we will learn the technique of bending
and then I’ll show you an exercise called the Becks on how to practice bending using
the statUP skill tracking app. Key Points. Key point one. Stand at a 45 degree angle. Stand about 5-7 steps behind the ball to the
side of your non dominant foot. Your body should be angled at 45 degrees from
your target. Not 90 degrees. Key point two. Take a mental photo of your target. Take a picture of your target then look at
the ball. Once you start your run up focus 100 percent
on the ball, don’t look up again at your target. Key point three. Place your plant foot slightly behind the
ball. Un like a pass where you want your plant foot
right next to the ball for bending you want your plant foot slightly behind the ball. Key point four. Make contact with the base of your big toe. Start low on the ball and wrap your foot around
the ball from low to high as you make contact. Your toe should be up and your foot should
look like this, not this. The wrapping of your foot is very important. This causes the ball to go up, dip and curve. If you don’t wrap your foot around the ball
as you are making contact the ball will go straight and not have much curve and dip. If you were to draw a line on the ball it
would start here and end here. This where your foot makes contact and wraps
around the ball. Key Point five. Have a low back swing and follow through high. Your back swing should be low so you can come
high on the ball for your follow through. What most players do wrong is they have a
high back swing and come down on the ball, making it hard for them to follow through
high. Key Point six. Rotate your body to your target and lean back. On your follow through rotate your body to
your target. Your shoulders should be facing your target
at the end of your follow through and you should be leaning back. If you over rotate your ball will miss your
target. Don’t rotate too early. Keep your body at a 45 degree angle of your
target and then as you make contact with the ball rotate to your target. If you don’t lean back it will be hard to
get the ball in the air on your swing. Make sure you lean back. Key Point seven. Think technique not power. I’d rather see your ball barely go anywhere
and you have great technique then you focus on raw power and try to beast the ball with
no technique. Exercise to practice. An exercise to practice is a statUP test called
the Becks. Download the statUP test on iOS or Android
or sign up at statUP dot com and search for their test called the Becks. Here is how it works. Set up a cone 25 yards on the end line from
the middle of the goal. If you are younger player have the distance
be 15 yards and do the Becks Jr test on statUP instead of the Becks. Then take 3 strikes trying to bend the ball
in the goal. If it goes in, it’s a hit. If you miss, it’s a miss. Keep taking the Becks statUP test over and
over again so you can track your improvement over time. Remember small improvements daily equal big
improvements over time. statUP helps you see those small improvements
daily. What’s Wrong! If your ball isn’t curving much you are
probably not wrapping your foot or you are not rotating your body. If your foot makes contact with the ball,
but you don’t wrap your foot until after the ball has left your foot then it’s too
late. It’s too late! Wrap your foot as you are making contact with
the ball. Bonus Tip! Film yourself in slo motion. Set up a camera to film your swing and then
critique yourself. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Watch our incredibly helpful 200+ free videos
at Online Soccer Academy dot com, shop for a Believe in it shirt at Believe in it Apparel
dot com and if you are a coach and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp visit the “Camps”
page at Online Soccer Academy dot com. My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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