How To Bend A Soccer Ball – Tips To Help You Bend A Soccer Ball

How To Bend A Soccer Ball – Tips To Help You Bend A Soccer Ball

Hey guys. It’s Matt here from Epic Soccer
Training. I want to take you through the basics of how to bend a soccer ball. A lot of people ask me how can you bend a
soccer ball. What are the exact fundamentals? Is it different than curving a soccer ball?
And I would say yes. Curving the soccer ball is just more going from side to side spin
where the ball is just kind of going like this. What you want with a bend is you actually
want it to kind of spin up top and go down. That’s where you see David Beckham a lot of
times get that great spin that kind of just tucks over the wall and hits upper 90 or Cristiano
Ronaldo. So again, one of the basics of bending a ball
is knowing the correct fundamentals. So I want to kind of take you through the basics
of that. When you’re doing a bend, what you want to
do that’s a little bit different than a curve, if you saw how to curve a ball video, what
you’re doing is you’re just kind of coming around pretty even as far as height. You’re
just kind of coming pretty even and you’re just curving the ball and you’re not really
doing anything with your actual foot with the follow-through. When you curve, you’re just getting that side
spin. What you’re doing when you’re bending is you’re getting the ball to kind of dip.
So again what you want to do for that is you want to go from think of it in terms of like
I don’t know if any of you guys play tennis. I did when I was growing up too and then I
was like screw that. Soccer is better. So what you want to do is you want to come
from the bottom of the ball and lift up more so up to the top. So that’s your follow-through
is you’re kind of going up and over. So again just practice coming up and over and if you
see my leg, it’s going kind of this way and again if you’re doing it from your righty
is you’re going to see it come up and over and it will have that top spin that you want. So again, let me kind of show you and here
you go. So if I’m kicking to Chas here, what I also like to do which is a great little
training thing is I actually this is what I did when I was really young and you can
try it too. It really works for helping get placement which is one of the reasons why
you want to bend the ball. Like I said in some of the other videos, 65
percent of your goals are all placing the goal. You don’t need to just blast it. You
just need to get it around the last guy which is the goalie. So one of the ways I did that
is I would start the six-yard box and I would just you know, up there and I would just work
on just kind of having this bend. Thanks Chas. See, and the goalie will hit
it in too. So again what you want to do is I try and get it in between both of these
and then as I make them both, I just move back a couple of yards. I will go from the
6 and move to the right in between the PK which is 12 out and then I go to the 18 and
the 22. So again, what you want to do, is kind of
come at it on a 45-degree angle and then you want to hook your leg around. See? That’s
what’s going to give you that top curve is hook your leg around and you’re going to see.
That was more like a curve but you want to get more of the bend. It’s hard for me to
go slow but here I will show you. So again, and then you have your aiming spot.
So follow through and you will see how that has just a little bit of top spin. That’s
exactly what you want and the farther out that you get, the easier it is to get lift
where it will dip down. Obviously if you’re this close, you’re not going to get that insane
lift that’s going to go from here, over top of the crossbar and dip it underneath. It’s
kind of hard. So again, work on both sides. Work on both feet as well. But yeah, that’s the basic fundamentals is
you want to come on the ball to a 45-degree angle. Lock your ankle and again, you want
to just kind of have your foot flat. You want to have your foot parallel. So if I’m going
this way, just so you can see, you have your foot going completely parallel. You’re hitting
it more on the ball of your foot right here and you’re just kind of lifting up and over. So go ahead and practice that and again this
was one of the drills that I did which I thought really worked. Again you can kind of see it
spin a little bit. So that’s the basic fundamentals of how to bend a soccer ball and there’s even
other techniques that you can do as far as your follow through that’s going to give it
like that insane dip curve which you will see a lot of Cristiano Ronaldo I think does
it one of the best. Maybe let me know who you think does it best. I will check out their
video. Leave a video response or something. But again, don’t forget to comment, like,
subscribe up here. I will be happy to answer any questions. I do this page for you guys
and I like to be interactive a little bit. So if you have any questions, tips, stuff
you would like to see, let me know. I will be more than happy to help you out
and again if you want to see how I went from being just basically an average player, below
average player and I was a small guy as well to playing All-American in high school and
college and eventually getting a contract to play professional, click the link below
the video and check that out now. So thanks for checking out how to bend a soccer
ball and I will see you guys in the next lesson. Take care.

Antonio Breitenberg

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